Whats The Best Way To Get Suboxone Out Of Your System

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big l Says:
i took half a strip of suboxone on friday and i have to take a drug test soon what is the best way to get it out of my system?

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drugtestsare4dummies Says:
Don't take it in the first place..... in all honesty, depending on the type of drug screening you are submitting to, you may be screwed no matter what you do, but drink LOTS of water and stay away from ALL narcotics until your screening....

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Verwon Says:
There is really no guaranteed way to make sure it isn't in your system and won't be detected by a drug test, other than the one already stated, which is to not take it.

One of the active ingredients in Suboxone is the opiate narcotic Buprenorphine and it can be detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing.

There is no precise time frame that can be given, however, because individuating factors are always going to come into play, such as your overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and etc.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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jack boexe Says:
No you are incorrect there currently is no known test to detect suboxone. It is undetectable. Do your research never take anybody's word for anything. But this true. Most people who are on suboxone want it out of there system so they can get high. Stay on one side or the other until you make up your mind what type of life you want.

Editor's note: this statement has been deemed inaccurate.

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NoGroovin Says:
Don't listen to jack boexe. He's 100% WRONG! There is a specific test for suboxone. It will show up as buprenorphine- or bupe for short. Every suboxone dr in America tests their patients for it. Most sub drs test their patients monthly to make sure they're taking it

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slushy84 Says:
"LIE" there is a drug screen that can detect suboxone, i have taken a few...

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Jack Boexe Says:
Dont Listent to NOGroovin. No known ten panel drug (that highest panel) will detect suboxone. Wheres your proof NOGROOVIN? Know it all but can't substantiate.

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NoGroovin Says:
Jack do some research. You can find suboxone tests online for as little as $1.50. Like I said, EVERY sub dr in America tests their patients to make sure they're taking the meds. You have to be specifically testing for buprenorphine, but there is absolutely, 100% without a doubt, affordable tests for suboxone

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NoGroovin Says:
Jack it's not a matter of whether its on a 10 panel or 6 panel or any other type of test. You said there's no test for it and said its undetectable. That's just flat out wrong. You can get a test for it in 2 minutes online for under $1.50. Most people don't test for it, yet, but that could change soon. This is just a fact.

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Nuch Says:
I took a drug screening and suboxone did not show up on it even though I took suboxone the same day.

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Jackn Says:
NO GROOVIN you dont say where do you. I know Ive been on suboxone for 9 years. Show me your source and the link and then dont listen to me. I posted my source, you dont post yours so whos credble?

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Jack Says:

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NoGroovin Says:

Are you really serious? You honestly think suboxone is undetectable? There's an option to have it put on a 10 panel or 12 panel test. Buprenorphine is totally detectable. Just because most standard tests don't include it yet does not mean its undetectable. All the person requesting the test has to do is ask to have buprenorphine included.

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NoGroovin Says:

This website doesn't allow you to post specific web addresses . Just google drug tests for buprenorphine and you'll have your proof. I'm glad you're happy on subs for 9 years- but to say its undetectable is just wrong. Detecting suboxone is as simple as the tester requesting buprenorphine be tested for. Just because it isn't on a standard test yet doesn't mean it's undetectable.

Anyway, we can go round & round on this but it's a waste of time- just google it and you'll see that for $1.75 you could have a buprenorphine test in your hands.

Have a good day.

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queen city builder Says:
There is absolutely a test for suboxone, and I know for a fact. I am on maintenance currently and I have to take a test every week to prove I am taking suboxone, so you should do YOUR research before you post false information.

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Joseph Says:
My suboxone Dr. tests me once a month for opiates. Since I'm always clean, he just says, "ok no opiates, and positive for buprenorphine, which is normal, ok good job". It's the same line he says monthly. So the bupe shows up in the pee test I take. Maybe others are taking different types of pee tests I don't know, but my Dr. Wants to make sure I'm taking it, and not selling it r something like some do. Believe it or not I read it goes for ten bux for an 8mg strip...crazy. The script of 60 shoud be 5 bucks. If these poor people really want off drugs they'll never be able to afford the cost of 60 strips which is between $450.00-$500.00. Just nuts.

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jessiwoo Says:
Y'all are both wrong . It shows up on the 12 panel drug test . I took one 5 days ago and almost went to jail today for failing it BECAUSE Aof suboxyn . They do have specific tests for it if you go to the doctor for it but it will show up on a regular test as well . My question is, how the hell do you get it out of your system FAST ???

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dc-all-is-on-nw Says:
Its a 12 panel test for subs so just shut the hell up I'm on probation I no I failed for suboxen. So just stop talking.

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curious GEORGE Says:
Is or can ANYBODY answer the question,.. HOW LONG DOES SUBS STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM?.. Since there seems to be no way to get it out of your system except time.

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Tea Rolls Says:

Just make sure you flush your kidneys, bladder, etc, out good, and that your urine is as diluted as possible. There is a cut off point/threshold for every drug that makes the difference between a negative and positive result. It is possible to smoke marijuana (one of the drugs that stays in system the longest and is hardest to pass after using recently) and pass the THC part of test, if your urine is diluted enough.

Get up early on the day of the test, and start slamming water and iced tea- aside from not being quite as boring as drinking just water, the caffeine in the tea will act as a diuretic, which is a substance that makes you urinate faster. Or you can drink coffee and bunchs of gatorade. The importance is continuous intake of lots fluids (and some vitamins, as I will explain. Slam fluids until you feel bloated, then keep going some more. Some OTC products that women use for menstrual cramps contain a diuretic also, that's different than caffeine (it is in Pamperin and is called "pamabrom". The diuretics will help flush out the metabolites that might be stored up. I recommend you get Pamperin even if you are male..swallow your pride and pic some up for your wife, loll

Its also VERY important to eat a multivitamin, and vitamin B complex, and vitamin C, like they are candy, to give your urine as color. Clear urine is often considered suspicious. Pop the vitamins frequently, especially in the 2-3 hours leading up to test. Get the cheap store brand of the vitamins (since you just want them for color and will be pissing most of them away). Limit the multi vitamin somewhat, maybe once or twice an hour, but go crazy with the C and B's, they are water soluble so too much won't hurt you (some of the fat soluble vitamins and minerals in a multivitamin can be toxic if one takes too much of them). I've also heard of people drinking food coloring in hours before test, but I think vitamins are better. Perfect yellow seems like it would look weird. Could freak them out and drink a bottle of red, it would look like you're pissing blood, lol, j/k

It wouldn't hurt to drink extra fluids the night before, but than you'll be up all night pissing. Better just to get up early.

If you arrive at the clinic and have to wait until your test in a reception area, and feel like you'll piss your pants after all of your "studying" for the test, and they say something like, "we need you to wait so you can give a sample...blah blah", tell them you "drank a lot of coffee that morning" and don't think you can hold it, lol

I've read its best to give "midstream" urine as well. That is, if you can pee into a toilet or urinal before the cup, do that for a couple seconds before switching to collection cup.


If you know somebody you can trust to be 100%, and you aren't observed too closely (as in, standing around the corner, or even behind you, as opposed to staring at end of your penis or face in your vagina), then, get a sample from trusted person and put in fridge. Then get one of those thin vunyl enema bags that has a tube with a clip. A couple hours before test, pour urine into enema bag. Open clip until pee reaches end of tube, than close clip,Tape the bag to your body under a thick T-shirt or thermal, dress as warmly as you can stand for your region. Since most tests test temp to make sure its not a fake sample, this will warm it up to the desired range. Got keep it in fridge tho so it doesn't get rancid, unless he donates directly into the bag, on the way to the clinic. Its best to practice with the bag using water before hand, so you feel confident you won't make a fumble and have the tube fly loose or something, heh. With just a little practice, its possible to have end of tube hidden under your penis (assuming you are male), so when you undo the clip, it appears to becoming from your peehole; assuming sample collector/observer isn't the type who loves his job a little too much and is invading your personal space. In that case, claim you have "blushing kidneys" (a legitimate medical term) and can't go unless he backs off.

Whatever you route you choose (one of my suggestions or something different), best of luck! Post back and let us know how it went.


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Tea Rolls Says:

Oh well, if the moderators let the comment through, maybe somebody else will find the info even helpful, even if its not what the the op/thread starter is looking for. By providing tips on how to beat typical urinalysis tests (regardless of how many panels), my intention isn't to enable addicts to continue a destructive lifestyle (seeking medical help when ready - discreetly if possible - seems the ideal option in that case) he or so might be a recreational user, and addict or not, loss of livelihood can destroy one's life (as well as the lives of dependents, of somebody who fails a test) just as quickly if not quicker then use of an illicit substance.

As an aside, in the "Plan/Option B" (urine substitution) portion of my previous post/comment? Maybe its obvious that it is best to do so, but, I'm not sure if I mentioned that taping the urine containing enema bladder with medical bandage tape should be sufficient if skin is dry and not oily; only use duct-tape if you're a masochist) and position the enema bladder to the body so its flat (and covers as much skin area as possible) for expediting warming of the urine), and of course high enough for gravity to do it's trick.

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