What Pharmacies More Likely Will Have Oxycodone In Jacksonville Fl As Of March 2012

Doogie Says:

I am a legit patient with many issues some including 2 surgerys on my spine.. 3 disc bulges, 5 herniated disc and more.. I have been on medicaid for 3 years now and they have paid for all of my oxycodone.. if that isnt legit enough i dont know what is.. when the state gov is actually paying and keeping track of your scripts what more proof could i offer.. but now it seems i can not find a pharmacy that will fill any oxycodone.. I am a local in Jacksonville also.. please if anyone can help please.. i do not abuse or distribute i just take what i need to help me be active with my 3 children and live a normal life.. now im going through withdrawls and beyond that if i beat the withdrawls then im having trouble getting out the bed or walking or even sitting too long.. its not a good life .. the medicine really does help me live a normal productive life.. please if anyone can help.. any ideas at all my family and I would be more then grateful thank you

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Freddy Says:

Man, I feel your pain.I have some of the same pain issues as you do but can NOT seem to be able to find the oxycodone 30mg or the 15 mg anywhere.I have been out of my meds since December 2011.I live near Brunswick Ga and I have gone everywhere in Ga and Fl looking for my medication.I have found one drug store that is price gauging and is charging about four dollars a pill.The sickening thing about it is that they tell me they get it EVERY morning, to be there at 9.00am.This makes me furious that someone like them can get the oxycodone but the legitimate pharmacies like wall Mart, cvs, rite aid etc say they dont have it and it is always on back order.I am like you man, I have had several surgeries and I am in terrible pain and dont know what to do. Also, by me living just across the Ga line the ones that have it say they cant sell it to me.If you find the medication ,I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Thanks man........Freddy

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Verwon Says:

My main question for you is...how are you checking with the pharmacies to see if they have it in stock?

If you are calling them, then it isn't likely that you will get a straight, honest answer, because they have no way of knowing if the person on the phone is a legitimate customer with a need, or a potential thief.

Therefore, the only way you can really find out is by actually going into the pharmacy, with your prescription in hand.


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Doogie Says:

I was calling but stopped as i know by many responses i have seen to similar questions.. but then as i read more it seems everyone is having trouble regardless of going there or not.. so i was just checking to see what pharmacies are more likely to carry what i need.. I have been to the hospital many times and they told me to see a pain mngmnt doc so i did.. now i am being prescribed this and its like im looked at so bad and cant seem to find it.. why is this? Im told by doctors to do something and i do it.. then i cant get it and its back to the hospital..
I just wanted to see if anyone knew what pharmacies would be more likely to have it in stock in jacksonville fl.. please if you can help at all it would be greatly appreciated please

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Doogie Says:

I have called but also went to see them.. I started off going to the hospital which told me to see pain mngmnt.. so i did.. then when i received prescriptions i go to fill and cant fill.. then im back at the hospital and with multiple MRI and Xrays and all the legit paperwork even the state gov paying for all my work I still cant find what i need or get what is supposed to help me.. please i just wanted to know what pharmacies in jacksonville fl are more likely to have Oxycodone in stock.. i know there is no way to tell exactly who has what and when but just need to know who usually or more then likely would have them in stock.. please help.. please i have children i can barely play with and take care of because i cant move most of the time without some sort of help and the hospital just tells me to do what im doing but thats even a problem now.. please help

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danielson357 Says:

I got sick and tired of hunting oxycodone down myself and just had Dr change me to MScontin ER & morphine IR andabout half the price of oxy,products

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danielson357 Says:

I dont know if you've tried Medicine Shoppes Pharmacy???They were the only place I could find it at,and they also were selling them by prce hike and to people with no insurance.So they could pocket the cash!!!Greed!!!

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MD Says:

Hello Doogie;
I know exactly how it fills to be turned away by every pharmacy in town. I am like you, true patient and I'm sick and tired of being treated like a junkie everytime i go and get my prescription filled. The Pharmacist is not a Doctor, but they think that they have a right to look at you and judge if you really need the medecation or not. I find that out one day when i went to get it filled at one of the most well known pharmacies and he looked at me from head to toe and said;" Your pretty young to be prescribed this medication, what is wrong with you for the doctor to give you this?" This was 7 years ago and i never went back to that Pharmacy again.

I put $130.00 in gas in my car just driving around looking for Oxycodone IR 30mg one month. They can not tell you on the phone but I dont know why one cant tell you buy looking on the computer or something if another one as it or not after they have seen your script especially if i get them at that pharmacy every single month. Anyway, it seems that I have always found them at a big chain Pharmacy, and away from the highway exits. I think that alot of people, especially in J-ville, get on the highway, get off at every exit and try those pharmacies and so on til they find them. So stay away from those. And the little pharmacies r just serving their regular patiences most of the time so that is a waste of time also. Here are some pharmacies that carry them but cant promise if they will have them when you go. Walgreens (get their shipments on Thursdays they said), Winn-dixie, Publix, Target and Wal-mart. I heard CVS does not carry them at all anymore so I have'nt tried them.

Well good luck to you and hope this problem is solved soon.

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Carol Says:

I live in West Central Florida and my husband who is 67 and has been on oxycodone for many years for a host of pain issues went to Walgreens to fill his script, which he did for years and they told hi that they did not have any( 30's or 15's) and wouldn't be getting them in until March. This was in January. His Dr had to switch him to morphene. Then a few days later he overheard a pharmacy Tech saying that they did have the oxy's but were giving them out only to those patients that they knew. My husband went to the Manager and the following month, he had them filled, no problem. I had just had surgery in December and in January but was on 10mg 2x a day and I had no problem filling mine. It is now March, so I hope that the poor people who really need this medication for moderate to severe pain are finally being helped. The problem comes from some people who go to Doctors who write scripts so freely for any reason here in Florida and they run out and the companies that supply them will not give them any more. Things were bad here for a long time. It didn't matter what Pharmacy you went to, they all said they were out. I am getting off of them, even though I still have pain because I envision a day when this will happen again and the people that really need them will not be able to get them at all. God Bless You all, Carol

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Carol Says:

Verwon and Doogie, It dosen't even matter if you wentin person. When my husband handed them his 30 mg script and they said that they didn't have it, he asked about 15's so he could go back to his Pain Management Dr to change his script. The wouldn't even tell him if they had the 15's or not and said it was a Federal Law and could not tell him. They also, as others here have said, wouldn't try and help by calling other stores in their chain. The only reason that I got mine is I walked in with a script for 10 mg and they just filled it. Again, God Bless You all, Carol

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Noel Says:

Doogie...I am a reporter at CBS 47 in Jacksonville...I think this must be very frustrating for people who are really suffering and in pain like you bc some people abuse it. I would love to hear your story tomorrow. Please post a reply to me (you) or anyone else in the Jacksonville area, with this problem.

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Ella Says:

I can not believe how diificult it is to find the oxycodones, its seems like it has gotten so much harder to find this year, 2012, than ever before. Which to me doesnt add up because they have closed most of the "pill mills" in J-ville.
My advice is to be consistent and try to go to the same pharmacy EVERY month, on the same day of the week around the same time of day. This way you start to look familar to the tech or pharmists on duty and eventually they will start to be honest about whether they have them or not.
Also, try to stay in your zip code, some pharmicist will only fill if your drivers license has the same zip code as the pharmacy.
My usual spots are, Winn Dixie, Walgreens, Publix...in that order.
Few tips Ive learned over the years:
1.Dress Nice, they dont want a bunch of underdressed trashy looking people in their pharmacy
2.If you have tried all the chain stores, try mom and pops starting with the cheaper ones. Premier is like $2.50 a pill (THEY GET SHIPMENT ON TUESDAYS, GONE BY WEDNESDAY), Prestons just went up to $3.50, Smart is $5, Watson is $5 or $6.
3.Try areas that have a large retirement community or the "richer" neighborhoods.
Good Luck, I go to Dr. today and all the stories are making me nervous!

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MD Says:

Hey Doogie;
Me again, my mom works at the hospital and her roomate just had her hip replaced. She was sent home with Roxy 30s and got them right away at Target. My mom said that she asked around at work and a lot of peeps told her Target. So i would try Target if i were you. Good Luck!

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Doogie Says:

Hey there i would love to give you my story and much more.. i have an even greater story i was thinking of calling a station to talk to about.. please reply to me. thank you so much

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Doogie Says:

I would love to give you my story.. i have an even better story that i was planning on contacting a station about but would love to talk to you.. i tried posting my email but it wouldnt let me..hope to hear from you soon and ill give you my phone number from there

Editor's note - In order to protect privacy, we do not allow individuals to post their personal contact information on our discussion threads (except in some very rare cases).

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Doogie Says:

I would love to give you my story but it will not let me post my email

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Jen Says:

I have SLE Lupus and CANNOT get the medication that my body has been on for years! I am in tears and very frustrated!!

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jennifer Says:

please call me at 904-xxx-xxxx, I have the same problem every month.

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chronic pains Says:

Noel, plz reply to me, in re guards to your post on 3/13/2012.

I am a reporter at CBS 47 in Jacksonville...I think this must be very frustrating for people who are really suffering and in pain like you bc some people abuse it. I would love to hear your story tomorrow. Please post a reply to me (you) or anyone else in the Jacksonville area, with this problem.

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homer Says:

I just moved to texas and have been in pain for years and impossible to find them here. If there're any good people looking to help me, please respond to this with a number or some kind of contact i would be glad to get in touch. thanks

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Jen Says:

I have SLE Lupus which causes me to be in chronic pain on a daily basis. I have a child with ADHD and a child with cystic fibrosis so needless to say life must go on for me. I am on this medication because I don't want to be on anything stronger and I have been on this medication for years for legitimate pain reasons not to abuse or sell my medicine. It's gonna be an ongoing problem until a lot of the "pill mill" doctors are shut down. The problem got significantly worse once they made oxycontin into a safety pill. That being said it shows just how many people truly abuse the medicine now that they cannot misuse the oxycontin. I truly pray that this problem will get better soon. This month I had to physically visit about 50 pharmacies which caused my lupus flare and I have been in horrible pain due to driving all over town when I prefer to fill all of my monthly medications at one pharmacy. I would be willing to allow you to interview me and would love to share some of my medical records and reasons for needing this as well as share the struggle so you can get a first hand look at this epidemic.

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