What Is The Generic Equivalent Of "brand Xanax"?

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Verwon Says:

What you may be running into is just the FDA's allowable difference for generic medications. They are allowed to differ from the name brand, in the active ingredient, by as much as plus or minus 20% and, for some people, this does create a problem if they take ones that have a lower amount of the medication in them.

That said, since they are not, however, required to publicly publish how close they are to the name brand in the amount of the active ingredient, they only have to prove to the FDA that they are within that allowable difference, I also can't answer your question on what would be the better one to purchase.

However, glancing over the other generics that you can try to see if your pharmacist can obtain for you, some other manufacturers of 1mg tablets are:

Amneal, IP 10, yellow, round, this is an extended release, though.

Barr Laboratories, B492, yellow, round

CorePharma, Cor188, yellow, round, also an extended release.

Dava Pharmaceuticals, S902, green oval

Mylan Pharmaceuticals, MYLAN A1, blue, round

Par Pharmaceutical, 213, white, round, orally disintigrating

Qualitest, 2089V, blue, oval

Schwarz Pharma, SP323 1, white round, orally disintigrating

Teva Pharmaceuticals, 935451, yellow, round, extended release

Zydus Pharmaceuticals, EM104, yellow, round, extended release.


I hope this list helps and gives you an idea of what others you can try.

Are there any comments or questions?

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Theresa Says:

First-Thank You So Very Much for Your Time & Trouble!

I just began to alternate every 4 hrs 1.5mg of Pfizer THEN Sandoz Generic, then REPEAT, so my body can get used to it; either that or Pharmacist recommended cutting each in 1/2 and taking at same time-MAYBE?! Same dosage and same times as normal. WHAT DO U THINK OF THAT SUGGESTION? Starting Day 4...Not Easy - Have boughts of Extreme Anger with WAVES of ANXIETY - then if I can't lay down and calm down - on come the PANIC ATTACKS! Taking just 1 mg of Pfizer stops it cold w/i 10 minutes-THAT'S HOW SENSITIVE I AM; DOCS HAVE to cut the normal dosages by 1/4 for all new meds - so WHY CAN'T I FIND A XANAX THAT WORKS FOR ME???

Sandoz doesn't touch Panic or Anxiety-seems to make me sleepy, and my head feels woozy...but Pharmacist said that should go away..?! Even tried 2mgs of Sandoz to stop Panic - and I had been taking Sandoz off and on for a couple weeks skipping 1 or 2/day of my Brand. But it still isn't working Alone....HOW LONG Should I have to Alternate? Will THIS EVER work?

When I was on large dosages of RX pain meds - chronic pain w/Acute Pain Episodes - and had to change meds - again 20 yrs - both things happened at the same time - and most pain meds narcotics - I noticed that it would take 30 days for the new pills to work - going UP or going DOWN - only the side effects would be less depending on what I went to next..I understand the body makes new neuropathways - even if it's still, say Oxycodone and you're going to oxycontin-BIG DIFFERENCE AND 30 DAYS OUT OF IT; had to stop Oxycontin-but that's not what this is about - it's about GENERIC XANAX AND FINDING ONE THAT'S AS GOOD AS BRAND FOR MY BODY & MIND! HOW CAN YOU TELL IF A DRUG WILL EVER EVEN WORK FOR PANIC ATTACKS & ANXIETY? I MEAN HOW LONG WILL THAT PROCESS TAKE DOING WHAT I'VE BEEN RECOMMENDED TO DO??? (I was left undiagnosed for 5 yrs w/Panic & Anxiety Disorder, by my Primary Physician - then I found a Nurse who sent me to a Nurse who w/i 10 min diagnosed me and gave me.75mgs and THEY STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!

I JUST FINISHED GOING DOWN ON MY PAIN MEDS BY 75% IN 45 DAYS; my brain just comin' back; but my Endo put me on 5HTP during that time because my whole body was inflammed - inside & outside - and it caused me so much trouble and i couldn't just stop - had so many panic attacks - So I just tapered that! NOW THIS! This is ALL Too Much!

I will look into every single one you mentioned! I hope I can find info on it. My Pharmacy is a large chain and they have been very helpful - But I have had to ask them to pls order X Generic for me...Though both thought Sandoz was an excellent Generic. I have been searching since before January; then went through the pain med "change" and now just coming into harsh reality......

SO THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for your compassion, understanding AND your Information. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! XOXOXOXOX

I'm beginning to feel the "fogginess" of the Sandoz now which is what stopped me the first time - so getting on your list RIGHT NOW!

P.S. Would you know what type of Doc who might know more about this and how the brain works w/med changes?

Grateful Beyond Words

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Laura Says:

Check out valerian root

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Verwon Says:

Theresa, for a doctor that would know about the brain and how medications affect it, your best bet would probably be a well-schooled psychiatrist, since they really study that sort of thing.

I've been there with you on being misdagnosed, so I understand, it caused my a lot of health problems over the years. It took a long time for me to find doctor's the were able to make the correct diagnosis and thankfully things have greatly improved for me, since then.

Although it is rare, some people are also sensitive to the fillers that are used in different medications. While the FDA considers them inactive metabolically, this doesn't hold true for everyone, they have been known to affect how some people metabolize different medications, so this could also be affecting you and how they are working.

I know years ago, when I was on pain management, my doctor has prescribed a 5mg Oxycodone immediate release tablet for breakthrough pain and it never did anything, until the day my pharmacy had a different one in stock, that was manufactured by a different company. The new one worked great and, thankfully, I was able to get them to keep getting it in for me.

As to how long these side effects can last, it can be similar to the pain medications you were on, it will take at least 30 days for it to reach its full efficacy and for those effects to peak and as long as 6 weeks.

When I was in the hospital, last year, since I tend to get anxious about it and they wanted to keep me calm, they gave me Ativan and I had a very similar experience to yours. The name brand worked fine and I had no real problems with it, but when they ran out and gave me a generic, it was awful and after 2 doses, I refused to take anymore, until they got a new stock of the name brand. It gave me such a fuzzy headed feeling that I couldn't even think straight.

And you are welcome for the assistance, if there is anything else I can do, feel free to post back and I wish you the best of luck!

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Theresa Says:

LOVE TO! Used it before & Kava Kava Drops! Kava Kava from PRL worked great 4 anxiety...but Valerian was too sedating; more 4 bedtime.

Unfortunately, The Kinesiologist who GAVE ME THESE - All Doc RX's - are NOT to be mixed w/Xanax...Caused me a great deal of problems-I was a crazed maniac! I was using Kava Kava+ Valerian+ hormones (pre-menopaulsal)+ a differnent X every time; he doesn't use HIPPA; won't release my records - and it's too late now.

All I can say is ALL my docs were very concerned. When they found out I had mixed them..... Also, I've tried Herbal Teas - IF U do, be CAREFUL ! Some will increase the efficacy of the Xanax, Valium or any Benzo and you'll end up REBOUDING - which was what happened to me. Only thing U can do for that Is Ride It Out - and Hope You Get Your Mind Back...

But I WILL go back to the Herbal Solutions once I get off 2 RX's! Went down from 12-10 RX's and have dropped my pain med down 75% in 1 month and it was Opana-2x's as strong as Oxycontin-NO PICNIC! Took months to get my mind back..

I can't WAIT to get back to herbs...Only problem is that there is really nothing out there for pain...That, I'm gonna have to deal with.

Thank You For Your Insight-For That Is Where I'm Headed AND Why I'm Headed There! Only eat Organic and Natural Is Always Best! And I can Drink My Teas Again!! Hurray!! Bye Bye RX's!! Be Well !!

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Theresa Says:

P.S. Both "Upjohn" AND "Pharmacia" have been taken under the wing of Pfizer...Pfizer makes Brand Xanax & Generic - Greenstone - Gxxx - football; same color.

According to 1 Pharm "recipe" is same; but "Active" Ingredient is LESS as I noted 0 change - and I tried many times; even purchased 1 mos supply! Dumped them!

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Theresa Says:

You are so Kind.....Had to drop the Sandoz-lost the functioning of my mind - couldn't recall anything for 10 seconds! So back on straight brand until I go through all the ones you so kindly provided. MONDAY I SEE MY PSYCHIATRIST - WHO does Med Mgmt... Not sure what he's going to say; NO SSRI's 4 me and Docs just don't get all the feedback from their pts - as most already start on generics from the beginning and he had nothing to offer "Generic" wise - I had to call in Every Generic RX for his approval! Where did just Tylenol or Aspirin go? Or w/a cold have a Hot Toddy? How Did I Get So Mixed Up In All This??

w/the Alternating, It got really REALLY bad w/ANGER - and when I read that on the link you provided, I saw it was an actual withdrawal symptom! So I stopped right then! Now I'm trying to rest and be on as even Keel as I can be when I meet w/my Doc on Monday.

Do You Think Alternating is a Good Way to Go? I've never had to do something like this - and whether you divide the dosage in 1/2 with Reg and New OR go Brand, then Generic - IT MAY EVEN TAKE LONGER - I hope he sees....Just looked at all my bills and am looking at a "slim" month....Even if I just get 1/2 now and 1/2 later...

Wish there were Coupons; heard there were, but never could find any from Pfizer...Sure could use a few - Had to ask the Doc, but w/ALL BRAND DRUGS, you can get a card - I saved $60/month for 3 separate RXs of Opana - but that was the last yr I was on it - So No Thanks To Them! (Dr. Oz Show!)

Also, I have read about the auto dissolves before-but the LAST THING I have to do is stop smoking; and the one I saw said NO SMOKING PERIOD. So I didin't pursue it; plus it was new and brand - maybe the ones on the link are different; and I did notice many long lasting - which Doc says the pts have to take as much as before and I can't always tell when I have a Panic Attack coming until it's here-But IF the "instantly dissolved" last 4-6 hrs and I can smoke - And are generic, I will try for certain; and any of the extended release that are 6 hrs or thereabouts....I have stopped smoking many many times-someone gave me one on my bday and that was it! Nice friend huh?! Anyway, about 10/day; stressed 20. & they will help w/tapering and getting off EVERYTHING! Maybe I SHOULD do that First....I'd sure feel better....Hmmmm..

Do You Think Mixing Alternating is a good idea? Found out day 4 that Sandoz (2nd time tried for over 2 days-1st time was just Sandoz) THICK HEAD - THEY DO NOT WORK! Once I feel up to it again - I'll try try again.....

THANK YOU so much for your true professionalism and compassion. I am so appreciative... Keep U updated!

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mark Says:

greenstone is the best in my opinion

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Rchhoward Says:

Xanex bars
YELLOW 2.5mg
Seems like everyone else dumb
.5mg foot ball come orange and yellow
1mg are blue and, white bluetint mylan bramd

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Rchhoward Says:

Xanex bars
YELLOW 2.5mg
Seems like everyone else dumb
.5mg foot ball come orange and yellow
1mg are blue and, white bluetint mylan brand

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nana Says:

what are the side effect of sandox

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Tender Says:

Has anyone tried the Generic Brand of Xanax made by Watson?

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RABAIL DEAN from houlihans the anniversary dinner Says:

Bismillah, give shaha'da and all will go away.

I am a health professional, and will brief you on the psychological ailments that you are unaware of. What you do know is the extensive use of the benzodiazapam . I'm sure abuse has also been a part of your routine. It's ok. If you're concerns and problems are sincere , your earnest quest will land you success. The physicians, hopefully psychiatrists, are allowing you to carry an unnecessarily extensive treatment for your anxiety and other related issues, such as panic attacks and others perhaps you need not mention.

After a prolonged used of tranquilizers , Xanax etc, in your case- the psychological genius (your unconscious brain) puts your body on auto pilot: that is, you become dependent and don't even recognize it. I can tell in your text, and writing style: have you noticed? However besides the point: your best approach to treatment is already there: your dependency. You've mastered it . Asking for different brand names ETC ; convicted that alprazolam is the only way. I am not discounting your problem, I give you reasonable doubt. But you have to ask yourself one thing: am I searching to cure myself ? Or to look for treatment ? Treatment is life long. You will find an endless supply of brand names and will follow the advice of others and try them all, just as you commented that you were happy to learn about the different brand names. UPJOHN is one of the leading ones, but alprazolam is alprazolam . Brand names matter not too much. Your exposure has desensitized your reward pathways and seizures and panic attacks; let alone anxiety and mood swings, have become hypersensitive and dangerous.

extended release 3mg or 2mg , daily for a few weeks(GIVEN IF you truly have been taking this for a long time) would be a good way to taper out. XR will help the chemical in your blood to become stabilized . And gradually inshallah you will have a clear level of consciousness. Remember to NEVER abruptly stop (the dependency is there I know you most likely will never give this up), but immediate cessation will create your electro-chemistry to seize. And brain to falsify memory and increase anxiety.

What now?

it's your decision. If indeed your genetically or otherwise prone to a lifelong use. Then generic Alprazolam would work fine. However, may you wish to stop. You will have no problem in doing so. Tapering off might take weeks, months, but a year or two is an addiction problem. Oxy/hydro are narcotics and are not benzodiazapams (Xanax family). Mostly for pain, especially the opioids . Sensitize yourself again. And gradually slow it all down, you need not to stop all the way, but control the chemical , let it not control you. "Ashraf'l Mak'h looooQ" use it. That's the best.

And remember mixing opioids with benzodiazapams will shake the the tectonic plates of your equilibrium . Steadfast, gradual, and with calm nerves- you can have this all. Peace is within your soul, not in Xanax

DR. RABAIL DEAN (Colombia, MO)
Halloweens eve. A night to remember, but no memories to share.

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Whodat Says:

I don't believe you are a health professional and if you are you need to rethink your profession and your treatment of people. You've hit a nerve, my doctor says your probably an a**hole college kid but regardless, you think you are Sherlock Holmes and discovered certain things from her text and you are looking for fire where there is no smoke. She spoke in the way she did because she wasn't ashamed or embarrassed to be on those medications and you seem to feel she should be and they are only fit for short term use, get over yourself, obviously the preference is to me on no meds, I'm the same as her except it doesn't matter to me what brands I am on, I also take opioids and benzodiazepines as do many people who aren't going crazy, the key is to take as prescribed and only when necessary, if its necessary every day that sucks but its better to be on medicines and function than to be off and in misery just so u can say I'm off all meds, believe me I'd love to be off all the meds, I tried recently, getting off the meds are easy, it's the months and months of daily pain and anxiety keeping me bedridden that make the trade off worth it, I am a functional human when I'm treated and I'm not when I am not treated, not everyone has the prospect of a cure over a treatment available to them, and you sir are an as hole (misspelled to be sure no it wasn't censored) and should be embarrassed to be a Dr. And preaching to a patient as if you are certain that what you propose is even an option for her, I hate that I can't be the me I am on no meds mentally, but the list of positives and negatives the positives outweigh the potential negatives by far and that's all that matters

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Alana Says:

I'm actually doing a print out (V, thank you for the information provided) b/c I have to order out and pay out of pocket, for a better version of alprazolam because the hospital quality is terrible! Like Theresa, I had to take THREE and it didn't do a thing...No wonder it only cost me 3.00 for a bottle of 60.

However, because my insurance carrier is difficult to say the least, when I was initially told by the pharmacy at the hospital, that all I needed was a piece of paperwork signed by the doctor, stating I couldn't take the generic offered and needed to take a diff. version (Sandoz seems to work for me just fine btw, as my attacks are mild enough and not taken more than a couple a day at most as needed if in a 'situation' that I notice I need it or something), I was later denied by my carrier, saying I DO HAVE TO PAY OUT OF POCKET!!! I am so floored. I already pay 400.00 a mth for insurance (pre existing condition, kidney stones), you'd THINK that I could get that paperwork to go thru so I don't have to spend so much. Fortunately, I have the money, do I want to spend it? NO, of course NOT...I will mention however that I am undiagnosed GAD/SAD disorders and did my undergraduate speeches on this topic as I had to research on my own during the college years. I also do NOT DRINK ANY alcohol...I hope NOBODY DOES THIS, very dangerous, but apparently, people (and teens who take from parents' cabinets) DO IT, and it should be extremely controlled. On the flip side, I used to be able to order Soma online and for some reason, it's been upgraded to a hard core narcotic,which I never had a problem with...POLITICS PEOPLE IT IS ALL ABOUT POLITICS....Someone should form a GROUP to FORCE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY TO LABEL EXACTLY WHAT IS IN YOUR GENERIC/BRAND so as to compare, only seems fair, since most of us are paying one way or the other....Just saying.

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Eddy Says:

If you want the Brand Name product then yes you will have to pay for it. You can print out one of those Discount Cards that can save you Tons. My Soma costs me $2 with Insurance, $100 without. Soma by the way was changed to a Federal Schedule IV (4) Medicine (like Xanax) after years of attempts. Even with it highly controlled I was able to get 720 Soma off of them in the last year along with Alprazolam. While I have no doubt these meds are being watched, they are very inexpensive so the insurance company does not mind paying for these type of generic medicines. Personally the perceived difference might just be in your mind? I have only been unhappy one time with a generic brand over 25 years of Alprazolam use . Even then they still cost about a buck for a 1 mg dose.

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dave Says:

why are most drug stores not selling xanax made by greenstone.when I go in a drug store I ask if they have greenstone xanax and they say no, at least 6 out of 10 stores and the one who say yes give me sandoz lookalikes in stead and it doesnt control my panaic attacks or aniexty at all. How can you tell if you really gettingngreenstone before you take it and nothin happems?

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7 year user Says:

Mylan worked best for me once i wasn't able to afford brand name

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JohnnyG Says:

Brand Names vs. Generic
that is a hard one. Some generic meds are better then brand name but not many. Ever think why a Brand name may cost say for example $90 vs the generic brand at say $17,50? The government should look out for the patient rather then the drug company. Also when it comes to Narcotic medications I think the DEA have a big part in the formulation of ie Pain Meds. Apparently they think we are all hooked on drugs but maybe they should feel the pain that some of us go through.

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Eddy Says:

1 MG for $2.80?. It did not cost that in the 90s. I pay $1.80 for 180 1 MG generic pills? Why not?

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