What Is Stronger Teva Clonazepam Green 833 Or Teva Clonazepam White 834?

Bob Says:

Is the Clonazepam TEVA 833 brand (green), stronger than the Clonazepam TEVA 834 brand (white)? Which one is stronger and what are there milligrams? Please someone give me an answer!

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Verwon Says:

The tablet with the TEVA 833 marking contains 1mg of Clonazepam and the tablet with the TEVA 834 marking contains 2mgs of Clonazepam.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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Bob Thomattaker Says:

Yeah, is there any difference if the green 833 is stronger or the white 834, or is there any difference?

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Hotgirl29 Says:

Dude, 2mg is stronger than 1 mg...

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Karen Says:

I currently take 2 doses of clonazaepam everyday for at least the 3 years. My question is about my dose. Is it stronger taking 1mg or 2mg? I take 0.5. Thanks for the help and also I am bi-polar. Honestly I do not know how to be more specific, just want to know which is stronger, 1mg, 2mg, or 0.5 that I take?

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Hotgirl29 Says:

The Teva green 833 is 1mg which is less strong than the Teva white 834 cuz that's 2mg but it's hard to get 2mg unless you have a very severe panic disorder. I take 1mg Klonipin and I think they work better than any other benzo I've tried for my anxiety

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NelsonB Says:

Wow man. There's no more simple of an explanation. 1mg OBVIOUSLY is not stronger or equivelant to 2mg... I do believe this is math I learned in preschool.

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NelsonB Says:

Also, you can try and chance buying supposed klonopin through the Internet; however, you'll more then likely either get sold something that's not what you want or you'll get arrested. So think twice buddy.

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NelsonB Says:

Karen, 2mg is strongest dose, 1mg is half the strength/active chemical of the 2mg, and 0.5mg is once again half the strength/active chemical of a 1mg kpin.

If you can't figure it out I have no way of explaining it any more obvious and straight forward.

I hope HOPE this helps you.

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levo Says:

Is there aumoxacillin in teva 833

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nina ross Says:

No amoxicillin is a antibiotic and clonazepam is antianxiety. If youhave a infection amoxicillin and if you panickin clonazepam

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Barbara Says:

i am prescribed TEVA 833 Clonazepam and i don't feel anything. I don't know why?

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bdrizzle Says:

Dude for real. 2mg is stronger than 1mg idk how hard it is to determine which is stronger when the milligrams are higher. Maybe you should not be taking pills period if u are not smart enough to know your doses and info about your meds.

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Chris E Says:

HAhaha, the difference between 2mg and 1mg is astounding I would say, the green TEVA 833 1mg tablets helps many patients socialize and carry on with a good mood when diagnosed with minor anxiety issues, but 2mg of Klonopin (or clonazepam) could nearly have the much bolder effects of one 2mg xanax (alprazolam), which I feel puts many a step or two closer to a vegetative state of mind and being (considering they have no substancial chemical history of alcohol and drug misuse/tolerance, of course.)

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cali grown Says:

i was always told on kilonipin the lower mg is the stronger...

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Harkay Says:

That is a lie

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Chris E Says:

Barbara, I know you posted a while ago, but clonazepam may be a treatment that you don't necessarily notice.

Clonazepam is one of the more common benzodiazepines involved in fatalities with more than one contributing drug, because one's perception of how their body is feeling may be drastically numb.

I cannot suggest taking any CNS depressants to increase or potentiate the anti-anxiety effects of the medication, as it can unknowingly lead one onto a fast track to addiction or respiratory failure.
Not even a drink, dude.

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Joey Says:

Honestly Barbara you should get off benzos entirely...When it comes to this kind of medicine you cannot notice the body effects. Basically You take anymore pills you will be mentally handicapped according to government standards. HOW CAN YOU NOT REALIZE 2MG IS MORE THEN 1MG!?

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sussuz Says:

Dude, I know my Mgs. perhaps the mgs are confusing her not the 1 and 2. I can take 2 1 mg tabs Teva green. However, if I take 1 2mg tab, white, with an M (I am guessing Merck) it has a much lessor effect on me and a much shorter shelf life than when I take 2 1mg Teva green. Any thoughts on the diference in effect?

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kevin Says:

Good math

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sussuz Says:

My friend got messed up on her meds because they were made by Mylan. Mylan Puerto Rico got busted from the FDA for not putting enough of the medicine in the tablets. She is now taking Teva and is back to normal. I did a bunch of research for her because I took one of her 2mg pills and I could barely tell I had taken anything. And, I love the response Dude...

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