What Is Stronger Dilaudid Or Oxycontin 40 Mg?

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Neil Says:

I have been on Dilaudid for over 2 years now and I can't seem to get off of it. I'm under a doctor's care, but anyone who is on it knows it's very addicting! I think like everybody else, it's no good if you take it orally. It's only effective other ways. I always run out of Dilaudid before my prescription is ready to refill and recently I filled a script for oxycontin 40 mg to see if they could replace my 4 mg Dilaudid. However, I took 1/2 of a 40 mg. and felt nothing. An hour later I took my 4 mg Dilaudid and it seems to have worked. But they are very short lived, that's why for chronic pain they like to give these stupid time release pain pills. How many mg.'s does equal the same amount of Dilaudid? I also would like to know if anyone has ever tapered off of Dilaudid? You get really sick when you try to get off of it, really intense vomiting and stomach pain that lasts forever. I have never stuck it out, I always end up in the emergency room. All they do is give me a pain shot of Dilaudid and a prescription for it as well and send me home. They think there is something wrong with something else. I have even tried to tell them but they either don't want to get involved because I'm under a Dr.'s care or they are just stupid. I hope someone has the best kicking advice, I'd rather be straight or just be one of those once in a while users (RIGHT)!!!

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Ty Says:

I have sickle cell disease so I am very familiar with the medications. Dilaudid is a short acting pain reliever and Oxycontin is a long acting pain med. Taking in conjunction with each other you should have great results but substituting one for another isn't feasible. What you should do is take the oxy once or twice a day depending on you tolerance and then take you dilaudid for break-through pain usually every 4-6 hours depending on your pain and tolerance. Hope this is helpful.

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Verwon Says:

Dilaudid contains that active ingredient Hydromorphone and Oxycontin contains Oxycodone. Both are strong narcotic pain relievers, but truthfully, most doctors and pharmacists will tell you that nothing compares to Oxycodone when it comes to pain management.

In most cases, as the other poster said, chronic pain is handled by combining both a short acting medication with a time released one, however only your doctor can really decide what is best for you.

Some of the most common side effects of narcotic medications include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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Ty Says:

After reading some of the other members posts I had to come back just to tell you that oxycodone is not as strong as dilaudid. Oxycodone is the is a short acting narcotic just like dilaudid so they can't be taken together. If you do take them together you will run the risk of over-dosing and possibly killing yourself. If you are already on dilaudid switching to oxycodone will be like taking a sugar pill, and you will probably go through horrible withdrawal. So you should stay taking dilaudid.

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Dulcinea Says:

I believe my pain specialist has tried me on every opiate possible and the only one that has helped is Dilaudid. However, I take the 8 mgs. not the 4 mgs. and due to my illness I'm on a very high dose considering what I'm living with. Please ask your doctor before breaking Oxycontin in half. That can kill you. It's a long acting drug and when you open it up and either gnaw on it or bite it or break it in half your heart can stop. Please talk with your doctor. Dilaudid is also an opiate just like Oxycontin. It's as potent as Oxycontin when given in the right amounts. But never try any of these meds unless they are coming from your doctor. It's not safe.

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yoyo Says:

Does anyone know if the 40mg oxycontin has a generic that is available?

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rhondarider Says:

I've tried so many opiods for my medical condition and I have found that opana 20 mg 3x's day works best for me, along with roxycodone 30mg 3x'd for break-through pain...opana is a newer, long-lasting opoid medicine for moderate to severe pain. (supposed to last up to 12 hrs, but I think it works up to 7 hrs), but when used with a short-acting opiod pain relieverworks wonders, at least it has for me!

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Glad2BAlive Says:

Obviously, any person that said you were all addicted has never dealt with long term severe pain. I have for over 15 years and its either lay in a bed for years naked because I can't stand my clothes to touch me or take pain medication. I tried the first for two years and decided I couldn't live that way for much longer. If I die from the medication thats fine, at least I had some kind of life before it ended. No one can judge until they been there and pain is different for anyone depending on their perception and how many nerve endings they have per square inch of skin. There are probably other factors, too. Bottom line is if you feel pain its specific to you not anyone else. Do not judge....

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floridadave Says:

I ,due to a severe injury,was on methadone for 8 yrs and got off that crap and on suboxone at the advice of a friend. I now am at 2 mgs of suboxone daily. My pain issues are mild to none and I want off subs .I went to my doctor who claims he has Much experience with this and has proven that to me...but his method is scaring me and from what I read online I am very hesitant. He prescribed me 2mg dilaudid and valium which I hate and plans to wean me off the subs. Is this right??? I can handle a mild w/d but not a heavy one due to my work. I am not looking for people tellin me to suck it up or give advice other than if the detox method described is reasonable or crazy?? Everytime I try to go below 2mg of subs I feel like hell will a dilaudid taper make it easier or start a new addiction and ultimate w/d??

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OpiateTexan Says:

Neither Dilaudid nor OxyContin is helpful in tablet form. {edited for safety} Everyone is different, and everyone has a different tolerance. I know people that can take a Lortab 5/500, and it practically puts them unconscious. I could take 15-20 Norco's (Hydrocodone/APAP 10/325), and I might feel some relief. For those of you who think you have all of the answers, and like to bash those of us who rely on pain medication.....I will say this to you. If you don't know what I or my fellow chronic pain sufferers are in pain from, keep your mouth shut until you walk in our footsteps!

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shelly1432 Says:

To FL Dave, I don't know anything personally about suboxone but I have seen first hand what taking then abusing Methadone has done to a good friend. He is not the same person he used to be and scares me he won't be here much more. I take Roxicodone 15mg 4xday plus 2 10mg Opana's and 4 5mg Valiums a day. Just had total right knee replacement so am on 30 mg Roxicodones for this first month and am barely surviving. I have been dealing with the pain since 1988 and my tolerance level is through the roof. To be honest, if I were to get through the day with a tolerable level of pain I would need to double the dose of what I am on now, taking the 30's. I am never going to be pain free and I admire you for your committment and for getting off the Methadone, especially if you were taking way more than prescribed. I have watched my friend snort 60 mg up each nostril at a time plus take whatever else he could get, usually the 15 Roxy's. If he doesn't stop soon he is going to od and die. As to your question. I think that as long as your doctor is going to put you through this for a short amount of time I think it might work but, you are taking two extremely addictive pills and Valiums themselves are a bitch to get off of. I quit taking Percocett and Valium cold turkey several years ago and it damn near killed me. I made it but my doctor told me later that going off the Valium cold turkey was the dumbest thing I ever did. But I was off the pills for five years until I was involved in another accident. There is now no part of my body that isn't messed up and I can't remember what it is like to not be in pain. I try eating dark chocolate, I know sounds stupid, but I eat that when I am running low on pain pills or when the pain isn't real bad and it does seem to help. It supposedly releases the same chemicals in your brain as an opiate. It's not the same, but it does seem to help. I would ask your doctor exactly how long this plan is going to take and I would be very careful if i were you. Like I said, you are going off of one pill and trading it for two very addictive pills. I hope it works for you and even though I don't know you, I'm really happy that you have come as far as you have and I hope you are able to make it the rest of the way. Good Luck to you. For those of you who think that people take these meds to get high I hope you never go through chronic pain. I don't get a buzz or anything near it. The pills I take allow me to talk and walk and that's about it. Without them I would probably take myself out because the pain is just too much. I have tried all the herbal remedies, the eastern medicine, homeopathics, all of it. Nothing helps. I take what I take so that I can simply survive. I just ask, don't judge. As for using needles, please be careful. That will never be me due to a fear of needles and having seen to many people go to hell using heroin. I hope you know what you are doing and hope you are careful

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Ezra Says:

I suffer from horrible upper back pain, 8 herniated discs, rotary scoliosis (spelled wrong), canal stinosis, and its all degenerating. I was on 8mg of Dilaudid, and 40mg of Oxy's, 5mgx4 Valiums in one shot, and shots of Toradol 2x a day. Now if your looking for no pain what so ever, there is a solution because it's what I take now. It's called Fentanyl. It is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine, with 100 micrograms of Fentanyl approximately equivalent to 10 mg of morphine and 75 mg of pethidine (meperidine) in analgesic activity. Now, I take it in a Fentanyl Transdermal Patch called DURAGESIC. They place it on my arm and I am good for 3 days. I feel no pain, I MEAN NO PAIN! It is the strongest pain killer on earth. Chances are a Dr will not give it to you unless you are in Pain Management and your condition is perminant. However I would recommend this if there is no other option.

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Denise Says:

wow! I am a suboxone coordinator and if you take suboxone then YOU CAN NOT take any opiates, that is the whole purpose of suboxone! please be very careful! also I have severe back and neck problems I was on oxycontin for 10 years and MSIR for breakthru pain. I am 22 days off the oxy's now I take Dilaudud 4 mg every 6 hours MSIR every 4-6 hours. Life is so much better off the oxy's they mess with your dopamine. it makes you not care, no energy. like you dont care if you dont pay your bills! people who do not live with severe chronic pain need to shut their mouths!

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blueeyedgirl Says:

what is a 4mg dilaudid compared to as far as other pain killers go.....like would one 4mg dilauded be like 30mg of morphine?

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Bruce,N.Y. Says:

I have been on suboxone for about two years now because i was addicted to pain killers and i am down to about 2mg per day but when i dont have it i get the withdrawals,2mg isn't alot so what can i do to end this i don't want to take these pills forever is there a way to get completely off,and if there is what is it?

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NeverMind Says:

The bottom line is that ANY narcotic agent used to treat chronic mental or biological suffering is inherent in the description: chronic pain plus short AND long- acting narcotics will ultimately fail if the illness itself is not mitigated. A.) The 'Rebound' Effect: This phenomena is well-documented as either the 'Boomerang' or the 'Rebound' Effect. If you've never heard the term in this context, essentially what it proves is that certain agents, including aspirin, used to address chronic pain are known to cause the pain to return faster and with more intensity as soon as your metabolism adjusts to it. In the 1980s, several 'Pain Specialists,' most specifically those in the Neurosciences, noted this in their patients with biological nerve-related pain. These same findings were then proven with certain types of migraines, and from there the studies became more holistic; the findings continued to prove the notion. Certain pain 'relievers' MULTIPLY the pain, EXPONENTIALLY. 2) Data: There is no collective data linking pain to addiction but an awful lot of data accumulated proving that addiction CAUSES pain. This finding comes from the 'softer' sciences: psychiatric and psychological research. 3) Bottom Line: the 'hard' (i.e. laws of nature) and the 'soft' (i.e. human nature) sciences are on the same page. 4) With enough understanding of both (with are the same because science is not 'hard' or 'soft' to begin with - it's in flux all of the time. 'Hard' science told us Pluto is a planet until other 'hard' sciences developed better techniques to learn more; however, there has been some consistency in the Theory of Relativity. Do you think about pain when you are not having it??? Or, are you scurrying around trying to 'catch up' because your pain keeps knocking you down? I was broken over twenty years ago so my assertions are stated with a great deal of psychological and biological understanding. Therapeutic efforts must ALWAYS be undertaken. Treat the CAUSE of the pain and don't lose hope, get lost in medical/technical jargon. If you treated your pain as a Hobby, you'd have an awful lot of Gadgets to work with. Your garage, your shed, the barns, basement and attack would be heaving under the weight of your pursuits. Every time you had a moment that required action and you were OVERLY equipped and qualified to address it, the sense of urgency, failure and hopelessness leaves the equation. So, let's look at the meds again, shall we??? Something needs to interfere BEFORE or AT the onset; not after the effect. Chronic pain sufferers KNOW when that moment is and it's not the same for everyone or every ailment. The only time you are so outside of your experience that you don't have awareness of that specific moment is when it has long passed and you've run out of meds. If you don't think you can pin it down, get a digital recorder or a diary and bring the same amount of precision to your undertaking as you would to the next round of golf. If you don't see a pattern between the meds, pain events and the triggers, keep doing it until your next doctor appointment. This graphic detail must also include your SUCCESS. Use that same stupid scale of 1 to 10. If you put the grid measuring your pain events using the '1 being little and 10 being great underneath the grid of what works using the same criteria I PROMISE YOU that you will know within a few days of this elaborate task that you will begin to accumulate the tools needed to fix it. Your physicians need to see this. It is a cold, clean, clinical report. (Doctors like things this way.) Your pain and its solution are YOURS. Just because the heating pad helped on Tuesday but didn't on Saturday, that doesn't mean you should throw out the heating pad does it??? Do golfers use every stick every round?

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Bruce,N.Y. Says:


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tony Says:

I got off of sub's and it wasn't as bad as everybody might think. I didn't sleep for 14 days at all and thought I was going to go crazy. I would just lay there with my eyes flickering for 6-7 hours then get up completely exhausted. Basically the only withdraw symptom I would say I had was no sleep & completely tired for weeks it took at least 30 days before I started feeling normal again but was all worth it.Since I have had 2 back surgeries and now back on pain meds but I would never go back on subs again I will just wean off pain meds this time.I don't want to get high from my meds anymore cause I got sick of running out a week short of visit every month. I have to take as prescribed now cause the pain became debilatating around the clock so now if I run out I can't move. Life sucks and then its good again. My last surgery seemed to work wonders and now all I need to do is taper but can't seem to start.Still taking as prescribed and kinda feel like s**t from taking all these oxycodone 30's. Hey by the way check out the company that makes suboxone it is call reckitt & benckisser and all they make are cleaning supplies? What's up with that? The sub's taste like some kinda cleaning chemical also. I don't trust them plus they are sooo exspensive. Good Luck whatever u do. U can get off anything.

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LisaLoo Says:

I was on Oxycontin ER 40mg twice a day w/Lortab 10s for breakthru since Dec of last year. I have no medical ins, and dont qualify for any state aide. I had to come off of the OC's because I couldnt afford them at 300 dollars a month for generics, plus another 50 for generic Tab 10's. He put me on Dilaudid 8mg every 4-6 hours. It might just be because I was at such a high dose of the OC's but I am finding it very difficult for the dilaudid's to help at all. I had it in the hospital and it worked great, but the pills, atleast at this dose, just isnt working. Any suggestions?? I am a low income family, and have very limited options and 400 a month on just the pain meds is ludicris!! And to think all this could have been avoided if some punk kids parents were actually watching them at the skating rink and not allowing them to flick skittles on the rink (which btw, you DONT rollover). I have seperated my tailbone from the rest of my spine, my right hip requires surgery as it is 2 1/2 in out of alignment with no cartilidge left in there because it was dislocated in my fall. Now I can barely walk with my kids ( 4 of them under the age of 10) let alone skate, or do much of anything wit them, most days I do good to get out of bed and get dressed on my own.....

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Optima - The Criminally Negligent Says:

I was a communication tower climber for a microwave company that discarded me like garbage the following day I filed for a workers compensation claim. Working in the worlds deadliest job and being one of the types of people that consider themselves rough necks, we deal with a lot of ribbing and hazing on the job. I sustained a fall while carrying a 130lb battery for a radio shelter as I stepped in a grounding ditch that was already back-filled (dirt filled to level dirt); due to water saturation of heavy rains from previous 3 days, I sank like quicksand when I stepped on the dirt into the grounding trench and compressed everything from head to arse. The following day after I went home and did light duty I had to go through the constant harassment from fellow colleagues of the pain I was suffering from. When I finally got an x-ray it had shown I suffered from a compression fracture at T-9. No wonder I was in so much pain, and I was climbing 6 days still after the accident. Eventually when the MRI results started coming in from all the neck upper and lower thorasic exams; it had shown 3 different rupture sights with approximately 10 discs that had torn and ruptured, with degenerative disc disease. 5 in a row at t09, 3 in my neck from c3 down, and 2 in my lumbar. Needless to say, I considered myself to be tough and have a very high proximity for pain. I can tolerate a great deal of pain and always have. I know back and neck pain is not the worst there is. I've been shot and stabbed twice in the past. I've busted ribs, nose, wrists, arms, and had taken several blows to the head from various objects. I've had my fair share of injuries shall we say. I'm sure back pain is not as bad as being burned alive probably, or maybe not quite as bad as being tortured in a midevil dungeon in the rack and iron maiden, or being drawn and quartered with burning hot staves. But I'm sure it ranks right up there among the severe list. I have been on almost all pain meds now for my pain management. Even the Jackal Mikeson stuff that killed him. I was using the Fentanyl subcutaneous patches and decided to not use them. Yeah they worked great, but I always felt like I was short of breath because my respiratory system was so repressed. I felt they were far to dangerous to be using and I just had to suck it up. Even with the patches I had pain. I can't get out of bed, I can't dress myself, and I am losing my wife. I take various meds for pain management because the criminally negligent insurance adjuster does not allow my doctor the authorization to fix me that several other doctors have now recommended and urged for the past 2 years. I know a little something about being addicted to pain meds and I think I know a thing or two about severe freakin pain that is always there, constantly, never going away, as a colossal source of freakin irritation that is always there. Right now I am taking oxycontins at the 80mg. and norco's for breakthrough pain. I've lived this way for 2 years now and having intense radiating pain in my legs from lumbar disc ruptures and degenerative states... my neck causes stabbing pain in my middle upper back between my scapula, and radiates through into my chest like an elephant is sitting on it.( I've been to the E.R. because of this when it first started thinking I was having a heart attack... classic text book symptoms of radiating pain down left arm, chest pain was so severe I could hardly breath. I can't sleep hardly at all because for the past year now I have intense chest pain laying down every SINGLE night) I have radiating pain that runs into my arms so severely that it feels as if they're numb, tingling, and painfully starving for oxygen like the tissue is going necrotic. I am losing distal functions and cry uncontrollably daily. I have a wife and 5 kids, but for how much longer I have no idea. My family has been put through tremendous stress ever since my injury and my wife is not as supportive as she used to be. It's 2 years that has worn thin and I am completely incapable of being able to do much of anything at all. I am the first to admit, I am a drug addict. The insurance companies and workers compensation made me this way. Dependent on narcotics for pain management, instead of authorizing the surgeries that will fix my injury. I'm still waiting and going through the process that no one should ever have to endure. Illegal immigration is a huge part of these problems that lead to the deterioration of our medical system and insurance boards. The fraudulent and criminal activities of lazy con artists that file workman's comp claims every year is another huge part of the problem that causes insurance companies to take on the cost of additional and necessary investigative measures. Workers comp insurance boards are only businesses that operate like every other business in the world on the premises of earning their wages. They're in it for the money, which means you are already setting yourself up for failure once you sustain a work related injury. They work against you to save their own backsides, meanwhile, a person's life is downgraded to worthless. This injury has ruined my life. I have nothing that even resembles a functional life. I am a shell of a man about to lose it all. I've already lost my 401k, I've lost my health, and I've lost most my friends and family. Lets face it; no one likes to hang around worthless losers that can't do anything. I am essentially the proverbial bump on a log, or stick in the mud. I'm sick and tired of my 5 kids apologizing to me for the pain I suffer from every day, and I'm sick of the game that insurance companies are allowed to play. I've lost my optimism, my hope, my life and my family. It's no surprise either when they deny surgery for injured workers, even doing so ILLEGALLY, to the point when the workers comp system is supposed to HELP you and instead they themselves are the criminals working against you. The system is severely flawed. The insurances in America are criminally negligent and criminally liable. It's no wonder people go postal all the time. How often do you hear of some lunatic with an AK-47 walking in and wiping out an insurance office of claims adjusters? They report such things on the news all the time and then have the audacity to act surprised and shocked that a person who now has nothing to lose anymore, has came to seek his revenge. It's BECAUSE of them that a person is driven to such dramatic results. The system is corrupt and criminally negligent. I can tell you from experience that being addicted is the LEAST of your problems. Fighting with your attorney and against the workers compensation insurance to pay for surgeries or medical help is your biggest headache. You have to get a good lawyer to make the ball move. Get your case settled and keep your medical open. Get yourself fixed so you can have a life again. Because this is not a life worth living if it is going to be addicted to pain meds just so I can get out of bed for an hour each day. Detoxing is easy. Hell, you can just get yourself a far infrared sauna to help detoxify your body of those harmful and poisonous toxins we've been putting into our bodies for years and years all because of a corrupt and broken system that doesn't allow an injured worker to be healed and get on with their life. It's all about the numbers and the mighty dollar. How much money they can save by fraudulently denying your claim. How many pennies they can hold on to by resisting the patient and denying them of any help. Just like the criminal employer that begs for their employees not to file a workers comp claim, then turns around and comes up with a pathetic excuse to lay you off the following day a claim is filed. Reduction in work force, or some other illegal reason. That means you're cut off from your 401k, your medical insurance, everything. Your family suffers, you suffer, and they benefit while your life is lost and any meaning to it is destroyed. Trust me, I KNOW pain.. not only the psychological pain and physical pain of it all, but also the emotional pain that people on chronic pain management suffer from.

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Just To Help Says:

I'm 20 years old about to turn 21, I started taking pain killers right before I turned 19, but in a recreational way...at first it was the 5mg, 7.5mg, or the 10mg hydros/oxy's and i would take 2 or 3 and sip a few beers and it was great...this was something I would do on occasion...then one day I was given a tiny blue pill..It was a 30mg Roxy...I took a half orally and It was the most amazing feeling in the world, il admit it...so i started buying 1 everyday and me and my roomate would split it and take half each, which lasted a week or 2, then we each would buy our own and take 1...during the first 2 weeks was when I snorted my first half and thought it was soooo much better than taking orally..so from then on I always crushed and snorted them...another couple weeks go by and suddenly were each buying 2 daily..as time went on I went from snorting 2 daily to 2 at a time, 3times a day... I lost weight, friends, and hit rock bottom...I got to the point where I knew i was addicted and finally admitted to myself I was addicted. It was the worst time of my life, and I called myself a junky everytime I looked in the mirror...I got to the point where I was snorting 5-7 30mg Roxy's daily (most I ever snorted in a day was 9 and a half)...The feeling that I thought was so AMAZING i simply stopped feeling...for three months I blamed myself and hated myself but continued using 5-7 a day and mixing them with xanax, coke, muscle relaxers etc. On some nights It felt like I just wanted to take as much as I could of anything cuz I felt IMMORTAL, and some day's just to see if I'd live to see tomorrow, so on many days I'd have 5 different drugs in me, atleast 5 roxies, a couple xanax, soma's, ativan's, coke..u name it. What's crazy is nobody knew I was on drug's the entire 15-16months that I was on them except me, my dealers, and my old roomate who had become addicted himself...I finally got to the point where I decided I had 2 options: 1.) Get off, or 2.) Die (no joke)....I decided to tamper off and after a couple months I could get thru the day with 3 or maybe 2 and a half roxies...I finally decided I was going cold turkey, because I had someone give me 10 suboxone and another person give me 10 to 15...so i had saved up a decent amount of Subs. (which are way better than Methadone if ur trying to quit because Methadone is extremely addicting) which is why they recently developed Suboxone...So after taking my last roxy I waited 24 hours so my body was in withdrawl mode and took the sub. and an adderal and felt great. This continued for 18 days, and for 18 days I had takin no painkillers. Then I ran out of Subs on a Wed. and went thru HELL for 2 days til my family made me get in the car and see a doctor...I went to a regular doctor very late on friday night cuz i could barely move and I told the doc everything...He said he couldn't help me and that I needed a treatment that he doesnt do and only certain doctors can prescribe Suboxone...all he did was recommend I buy melatonin to help me sleep??? (JACKASS)..I don't know how but I made it through Friday night with no drugs. I found out the clinics I needed were all closed on weekends so Saturday and Sunday felt like HELL too. Finally Monday came and I went to my doc got checked out and its been 80 days now since I last took a painkiller..I know how great they make you feel but I PROMISE you its ARTIFICIAL HAPPINESS...I use to say opiates are the best drug in the world, now I tell people whatever u decide to do is up to you but stay away from painkillers...I put myself in debt from how addicted I was, I was suicidal because of how mad I was at myself for letting me do this to myself...I spent easily Over 5,000$ in that 15-16 month span. And even though it's been 80 days clean now, I got a long way to go. I have my days where I have mood swings and all that but Roxy's don't even cross my mind any more. Suboxone has a bit of opiate in it so you don't feel the Withdrawl symptoms..They start you at a dosage and work you off..I don't judge people who are addicted cuz I've been there.But, In my opinion if your just starting to use painkillers cuz theyre AMAZING, or have been using for a while and think it's impossible to get off, ur wrong. It's all up to the person. I couldn't think of something worse than telling my parents I'm a drug addict, but everybody makes mistakes, and I did. If your trying to get off just find a suboxone clinic, but don't think it's gunna be a walk in the park. just remember Mind over Matter, your stronger than that little pill, its in ur head...if this post prevents or makes even 1 person get off or not take painkillers (especially Roxy's) than it was worth telling.

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I was just given 20mg Oxycodone ER instead of Oxycontin 20mg ER & am wondering if I'm to expect same relief &... 1 reply

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