What Is A Red And White Capsule With Mk

Christie Says:

We have found a capsule which is half white and half red with an MK in an oval in black imprinted on each half of the capsule. Any idea what this is?

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Verwon Says:

I am sorry, but I can't find any information on this.

It has popped up a few other times and the theories are that it's a foreign medication, which would also explain why it's not in our databases.

Do you happen to know the country of origin?

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CAmerican Bat Man Says:

I think this is an antibiotic. I got it in Nicaragua so country of origin would be somewhere in Central America.

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shonuff Says:

Guatemalan medication. are red and white with mk with a black oval around it. My wife's brother gave it to her because she was under the weather with fever and ear aches like almost a common cold or infection.

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Krissy Says:

Trying to ID a red and white capsule with letters MK inscribed in black on both the red and white sides. What is this???

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Roy Says:

@Krissy if I may ask, can you share any more details about how you came across this capsule? Did it come in any packaging with any sort of label? It could be from outside the USA as others have said in this forum but it would be really helpful if any other details can be shared?

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Krissy Says:

No I found it on the ground outside and picked it up because I have kids. And I've never seen any pill like it.

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Roy Says:

Oh yeah, that's a bit scary - The thing with this capsule is that it's not coming up as a match in the standard U.S. database from the NIH / FDA / etc. So it could be an over the counter product / supplement, or it could be something from out of the country. What it is NOT is a standard US prescription drug since all of them are properly cataloged. I've even heard of anabolic steroids carrying imprints that aren't found in the US database. I'd flush it, or if you are really concerned or curious as to what it exactly is, you might take it into your local pharmacy or even go as far as having it lab tested. If you do end up getting more insight please share as now I'm totally curious as well! And thanks for sharing more info. Be well!

Can anyone else shed some light?

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Cc Says:

Re: CAmerican Bat Man (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes! But do you know the name of the medication? I need to know, thank you so much!

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Dee Says:

Hello I believe I have the same pills you identified.
The packaging says Hydrochloride 500 mg.
They're produced in El Salvador by MK Pharmaceuticals and also go by Tetracycline MK®

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Ms Shay Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

My boyfriend has some and a friend had some before also it’s a foreign very strong but natural antibiotic that’s basically almost illegal in a sense in amarica for whatever reason but It works better than ANY antibiotic you can find here it’s works literally overnight. Infections, UTI bladder or kidney infections any type of infection or organ or in body bacteria or whatever from my understanding I take one and my whole body feels cleaned and all around body feels brand new and any problem I had is pretty much taken care of within 24 hours fr.

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