What Is Considered To Be High Blood Pressure

Jerry Says:

Is 154/70 considered to be high blood pressure?

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Verwon Says:

Normal is considered to be 120/80 and normal life activity will cause some fluctuations, so anything slightly lower or higher, such as 125/82 or 110/65 are not considered to be a problem.

However, in your case the 154 on top would be considered high.

Learn more Hypertension details here.

Was that just one reading, or has it been consistently showing high over several readings?

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Preston Says:

it fluctuates, but for a while now my systolic is considerably high and my diastolic is low

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Nursevixerbell Says:

Actually, they new normal or "good " range for blood pressure is BELOW 120/80. A perscribed BP med should lower blood pressure shortly after taking it.

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