What Is Betametasona Clotrimazol Gentamicina Cream Used For?

ERQ Says:

I live in San Antonio, Texas. Is this cream available in the States? Is it SAFE?

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David Says:


The combination of Betametasona + Clotrimazol + Gentamicina is marketed towards treating various skin conditions such as pain, inflammation, itching, bacterial/fungal infections, etc.

From what I've seen mentioned in another thread here, this cream is allegedly available with your doctor's prescription here in the US. However further reports suggest that it costs only a fraction of the price down in Mexico for the same ointment (i.e. $30 in the US and less than $2 in Mexico).

Given this information, my suggestion would be to just get it prescribed in the US since the cost of driving to Mexico and back from Texas is probably a lot more than the difference you'd end up saving in the price of the medication itself.

"Is it safe?" - There have been reports of skin sensitivities, skin irritations, and acne, but I have not read any specific details stating that it's harmful.

Hope this helps!

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ERQ Says:

Thank You !! this the only med. that has helped the severe itching in my leg

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al Says:

OMG IT IS SAFE....IT DOESNT HURT IF IT DOESNT WRK....BUT IT DOES. My wife cant get rid of a bad allergic reaction swollen face and acne like bumps...and its making her face ooz...so swelling is going down...WOW. THANKS TO MY MEX HERITAGE WHO EVER INVENTED IT...HERE IN THE STATES DRS HAVE NOOOO...ANSWER??

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Andres Says:

Helps critically in the battle of psoriasis

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Vix Says:

Is it safe for pregnant wemon to use betametason/clotrimazol/gentamicina

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Hannah Says:

Can this cream be used on a burn on a stomach from top ramen soup??

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lexi lerma Says:

I have a tube in front of me right now and it advises AGAINST use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Lost Says:

Will this cream help my abcess on my hand

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Erika Says:

Can i ise this cream if i have scabies? ...

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cely Says:

Can i use this cream for my baby's eczema

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Gloria Says:

I nust got it in Mexico for $2.00 and it works just like bactroban. Totally worth it.

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Alexah Says:

Yes , I currently use this cream for some acne that I spotted on my face this cream works miracles the first night I used it I've notice a difference I know this cream is used for many other things but I use it for that and I'm currently pregnant.

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Grace Says:

Whats the medication name ???? The one with betametosona and gentamicina ?!

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Iz Says:

Very useful cream im lucky i live by the border and it is very cheap. I recommend it!

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upset Says:

The in this article is a god send, I'm allergic to fabric softners. It's truly awesome

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Bee Says:

Gelmicin. Just bought three tubes for $4 total in Mexico.

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Erick Says:

No. I had scabies and this will not work. You need a cream with a high concentration of permethrin.

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Kat Says:

Barmicil Compuesto Crema. A friend gave me a partial tube to try. They bought it in Mexico.

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Elysia Says:

It may say that this ointment may cause acne but I used this product to get rid of my acne. Overnight it was killing all of the bacteria I had in my skin. When I woke up all of acne that I couldn't get to go away was gone.

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Nadia Says:

Can I get this in the USA over the counter? What name is this under?

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dina Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. Where in the US can I find a doctor to prescribe this?

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Connie Says:

Re: Grace (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I got 2 different ones in Mexico, the branded one is called "barmicil compuesto." It does have a medication scent to it. The generic just has all the ingredients by "ginatrifil." I use it on my face and this one doesn't have any scent and has a creamier texture my face loves. Best $2 I've ever spent.

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Hisgf Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

My bf has acne/bumps behind his head that he irritates by scratching and start to bleed. Some days are better than others. I switched his shampoos to help the dryness but has not worked. Dr only give him prescription refills and only calm it temporarily. I got this cream from Mexico in hopes that he won’t be needing to drink anymore pills. Everyone knows drinking medication for a long period of time does not end well.

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Tere Says:

I’ve been suffering from bad dandruff and painful bumps on my head for over a year. Which I was told by my dermatologist that it is psoriasis. I happened to visit Mexico a month ago and happened to go to the doctor for different reason and run into a friend which was having pain on her toes after getting a pedicure and bought this meds and asked her what, was it that she bought and told me this is good for any cuts or scrapes or sores. So bought just to have. One day being so frustrated with the itch and pain on my head I decided to put the ointment on my head where the itch and pain was. To my surprise the the itch and pain was gone in just 2 days. So relieved??

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Ericka Says:

Re: Grace (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Quadriderm is the original name

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Gail Says:

You can buy this at your local Latino market here in TN. I got a tube for $11.99.

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Rico Says:

Can i use it for jock itch ok....I guess it would be safe

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Elizabeth Says:

If you live in Texas is there any way for you to get to traders village near Dallas? My husband buys this for me there. Over the counter. $14 for a big tube. I have eczema and get these deep water blisters on my hands and fingers and I will dig them bloody. It has helped me.

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Cyndi Says:

Cant get it prescribed in the U.S.
Go to Mexico to get it.

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Peggy Says:

I suffered from psoriasis. Doctor's here in the USA could do nothing for me. My insurance did not cover shots (Taltz, cost $19,000 per shot without insurance), creams prescribed at $300 did nothing for me. My arms and legs were raw. Medicine abailable contradicted with meds taking. My Dr. basically told me to come back when i had better insurance. I went to Mexico on vacation. A lady at the market stopped me to recommend this medication that cost $1.50. In 2 weeks my arms were clear of psoriasis.

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