What Are The Directons In Taking The Diet Pill Acxion Fentermina?


What are the directions in taking the diet tablets Acxion Fentermina? Has anyone else been takings these tablets? If so have you lost a pretty good amount of weight?

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Take 1 in the morning when you wake up!

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I take one a day in the morning eat a small snack to control energy

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Yes, these tablets are normally prescribed once a day and have been successful in helping many people with weight loss.

This is an appetite suppressant.

Common side effects may include: nausea, insomnia, headache and irritability.

You can read more here:


Did you have any other questions?

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The directions are in spanish, but if you do not read spanish it says to take it 30-60 minutes before eating (breakfast and lunch) and do not take after 6:00 pm

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Is there any medications that u cant take with axion? Or is there any problems if u do take it with other medications?

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can you take if you are taking high blood pressure medication

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I get them in Mexico and take one in the AM but at the end of the day it makes me into an ugly angry monster. You are only to take them for two weeks straight then stop one then continue the pattern. I can honestly say they work (energy & weight loss) but dam side effect. Good luck!

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I work the over night shift 4pm-6am. So can I take them in the evening?

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Only 1 pill a day ???? Not every time i eat wright ????

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Only once a day.You can do a little workout also to increase the redults.Lost 13 pounds so far in one month.I have hypothyroidism so I tend to lose less than others.Started at 211 last weight March 31 176.Pretty sure I'm smaller than that now.

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Hey I started taking the pills but I don't know why I'm getting red spots on my body is it because of the pill?

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Can I take this pills while on the patch (birth control method )?

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I work 10pm-6am. What time do you usually take your pill?

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Can u take tylenal for head aic while drinking axion

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how old do you have to be to take axcion pills? & how long does it take to loose weight?

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Once a day with a lot of water.I use to do only water every single day.

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I have the problem the med wares off and then I eat a lot during the evening

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I take half a day since I weigh 120 and it works after 3 days in me, I don't get hungry and I go down to 115 in about 2 weeks after taking it. I then stop taking it for about a month. If I ever gain a pound or two I take it for a few more days then stop when I get back to 115. I'm pretty small and like to have abs but I enjoy eating unhealthy so it helps me stay where I need to be.

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Drink more water and hydrate your skin. This pill dehydrates you.

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I have read that you cannot take any painkillers with this pill. It may be bad for ur liver

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I have taken them and lost about 10lbs with diet and excercise

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I’m 55, 194 pounds and I just filled a prescription for Acxion 30mg. How many times a day should I take it? I do have a tolerance to strong diet meds.

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Ive been taking acxion for about two weeks and the first week it was all great i actually saw a change n felt great till the second week i stop feeling the energy n started to crave should i take two pills then or just one? And i havent got any symptoms at all only the first day my heart went fast n that was it

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I bought mine from Mexico but it's the same as Adipex which is sold in the US. For me the best way to take them is half of the pill in the morning and half in the afternoon (I would take mine around 8 AM before work and the other half after lunch around 1 PM) that way it gives me a long-lasting effect with suppressing my appetite and lots of energy during the day. And I was able to sleep at night. I lost about 17 lbs in one month. I also ate healthier meals, used smoothies in between meals and after workouts. I worked out for about 30 minutes 4 days a week.

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I'm 126 lbs..5'4. I just want to lose 10 lbs. How long do you think I should take the pills? I got some from a friend. I do workout every day too.

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