What Are The Differences Between Estrogen Methyltestos Fs Tab And Hs Tabs
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Theresa Says:

What is the difference between f.s. tabs and h.s. tabs on estrogen methyltestos? I gained weight with the hs tabs and feel tired all the time and not the f.s. tabs.

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Cj Says:

Re: Pammy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Which is the strength that caused weight gain? It's my first time on here so bear with me...

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Marsha Says:

F.S is Full Strength & H.S is Half Strength....seems that the pharmacies will give you either one,even tho ur prescribed a specific strength.The H.S cost anout $5.00 more.

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Pammy Says:

The FS has caused weight gain and exhaustion for me.

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