What Is Onax Pill

sam thomas Says:

what is onax it is split into four sections, oblong shaped white 2mg spelled onax?

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Verwon Says:

Onax contains the active ingredient Alprazolam, which is a Benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. It's basically a foreign brand of Xanax.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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beenthere Says:

Please be careful, ONAX is not made in the us and there are ways to tell if you got the real or fake. Alprazolam has a bitter taste to it, if you took the onax version n it tasted like chalk or broke at all, its most likely fake. Also, the 2 on fhe side should have a slit in it and on the edges of the bar there should be a downgrade or upgrade on each side.the for parts you should be able to break should be noticeably engraved if not you probably got ripped off. Hope this helps

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ninthwardrapper Says:

I find this to be the most effective xanax i have ever used used to be on 4 2mg per day now 1/4 onax 3/4 for sleep really good.

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M Says:

Re ONAX segmented 'bars'. An entity, aka Ecstacydata, had these laboratory analyzed on Feb 23, 2014. Their report: "Sold as a 2mg alprazolam (Xanax) bar. Instead, sample contained only ketamine. Mandelin reaction was very slight, a small orange cast to the starting yellow reagent color. Normally, mandelin reagent should react much stronger with a dark orange or brownish color. This result suggests that the tablet might contain low amounts of the drug, but this is uncertain.".

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