What Does 50mg Tramadol Look Like

jon Says:

I hava a presciption of tramadol thats looks diffrent than my others it has 319 inprint and my others have an an627 why are they different?

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Verwon Says:

Because they were manufactured by a different company. Tramadol is a generic medication, so there are several companies that manufacture it and, under federal law, each company has to use a unique imprint for their product that will enable its active ingredient, dosage and the manufacturer to be identified, in case of emergency.

Many pharmacies will order from whichever company is offering the cheapest supply, at the time they have to restock their shelves, so it isn't unusual to receive pills that have a different marking, when you go in for a refill or to get a new prescription filled.

The pill you received, however, is a 50mg Tramadol tablet.


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hedi Says:

hey there hun. I have the same exact problem. I get tramadol 50 imprint 627 AN and my pharmacy just gave me M T7. Have you tried you 319's yet? do they feel the same as the 627 AN. because mine make me feel like nothing. i love the 627 AN because it really helps my pain and gives me a little energy on top of hurting so i can get up and do my daily activities. please let me know how different yours are from the 627 AN asap im mad as you know what because now i take the M t7 tramadol and i hurt i cant get out of bed,something is definitley wrong here.... :>(

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kim l Says:

Hello I'm new to tramadol just introduced by a local er physician due to a dog bite I was prescribed twenty 50mg tablets up to eight a day max dosage! No way I take one and I'm loopy my eyes get heavy. And I want to sleep. Is this normal ? Mfg by ZYDUS ROUND WHITE PILL 319 .

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cathy Says:

I am on norcos....because of all the flap about abuse with opioid drugs by people that just take them recreationally, I think the government has made the drug companies reformulated the pills, so they aren't as strong as they should be.....I used to be able to get yellow norcos, they worked really well for my pain....now all they will give me is white norcos.....and all they do is make me feel sick and sleepy/dizzy.....

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Stacy A Says:

Your right the yellow ones had more opium in them, now thier 60 percent tylenol based. I like tramadol way better anyway. It helps depression and makes me alert instead of sleepy. Norcos dont work anymore, just basically tylenol.

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Spot shot Says:

Around light blue pill with the number c75 on one side

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Rose Says:

It makes you feel that way because it might have Tylenol,because it would make me sick too.

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Shirley Says:

I have a round pink pill with 212 on one side and us5 on the other is it a Tremadol

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