Wellbutrin/side Effect

Dianne Says:

Has anyone experienced diarrhea? I switched from XL dosing, to the 75mg tabs, and when I eat, I have stomach pain, and almost immediate diarrhea. This did not happen on the XL...I have been on the 75mg tabls for one week now. This side effect is not even mentioned...Thank you.

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kevin Says:

I have been takeing wellbutrin xl 350 mg. for 1 year and never had
those side effects.I take them to
quit smokeing and they work.

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Dianne Says:

Thanks, Kevin. I think the protective coating, and slow release may be important on the XL. I will talk to my MD, and switch back to see what happens.

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beaverhunt Says:

I took 300mg SR for years But never experenced diarrhea only the oppisite I think do to the SR caoting

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Yolanda Says:

I haven't been taking Wellbutrin as long as you guys have. I was switched from 100 mg in the morning and now i take 300 mg of the sr in the morning and afternoon. I haven't noticed any side effects.

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tamu Says:

i have diarrhea on wellbutrin xl....can't wait to see psy

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sherisi Says:

yes. i switched to the watson version and was very sick. of cours i have celiac disease but the ensured me it was gluten free then got mad when i told them i didn't think so.

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