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Julie Says:

I was a pack a day smoker (sometimes more) until last May of 2008. I decided to quit and I did by using Nicorette gum. Well, needless to say, I became addicted to the gum. That sort of defeats the purpose of quitting or atleast getting away from the nicotine addiction. About 5 months into my journey with the gum I began chipping or cheating with the smokes again. Finding little excuses to do it like us smokers do. Sure enough about 6 months of chipping at it lead me right back to a pack a day. I tolerated myself for a few weeks, but I am destined to quit, so I asked the doc for Chantix. I read up about it before I did, and I asked him his opinion and he said he recommends it. So I started the stuff Monday 3-3-09 and today is day 9 for me...I quit smoking by wednesday 3-5-09. I didn't want anything to do with a cigarette by then. I am reaping a few side affects, such as headaches, nausea if I don't eat before I take Chantix, insomnia and weird lucid dreams. So far I'll suffer through those because I want this to work. I am hoping I don't end up with the other side affects. It's only been a week, so I guess time will tell. I've never had any mental illnesses or psychiatric problems in the past and I've noticed that some of the reports say that those who have experienced those affects had psychiatric problems before taking the drug. I'm crossing my fingers on this one. Good Luck to all of you who are putting your faith into this stuff.

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lilmisd Says:

You may be blessed and not have more side effects. If you do... I did not begin the aching and pains until I started weining off of the Chantix. The anger and depression also, but this comes down to a mind control you must have to keep positive. I am only 29 years old and in great mental and physical health and it still affected me. It will be different for everyone from what I can see. Get some COQ10 and start taking it now. It combats the bad effects of prescription drugs. I have done a lot of research and I wish someone would have told me what I had to find out. Get a good multivitamin (Thorne Basic Nutrients III w/o copper is excellent). I have quit all sugar, caffeine, cokes, and anything unhealthy; now eating high nutrient foods (blueberries, veggies, fruits, proteins, Omega 3s, etc) only. I am slowly feeling better and the pain is much less severe when I stick to eating right. Hopefully you will not need any of this, but hope this helps if you do. The worst seems to happen when getting off the Chantix and 4 weeks or more into taking it. I have quit smoking but that comes down to a personal conviction and will power after taking the Chantix.... it will only give you the chance, you have to follow through!

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Julie Says:

Thanks for your reply. I know this stuff isn' t magic. It's more like a step for those who need help getting away from the nicotine and the rest is all will power. I really have iti n me to quit. I too am only 27. I started smoking at age 13-14ish. So it's been quite a few years now. I know this will kill me if I keep it up and I don't want to cut life short because of something as stupid as smoking. It's not worth it. But I also don't want to gain some new problem from this drug. How long did you take it for? Thanks for all that info too, I will start taking the Q10 now.

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lilmisd Says:

You are so right, it's definitely not worth it to keep smoking and live miserable one day. I took it for 3 weeks full strength then started with the severe pain and anger and decided to wean off of it after reading all of the horror stories. Make sure you don't just quit taking it at the end of the pack. This is just like any anti-depressant and doctors aren't telling people this. If you don't wean off of it; it can send you into severe depression and suicide and other problems. Make sure you plan ahead and have enough to do a slow wean. This seems to give the best results for everyone.

And I would judge how long to continue taking it by how it affects you. If you start having side effects you are uncomfortable with, then start getting off of it. If not, take it until you don't need it.

I wish you the best and God Bless =)

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VerFree Says:

Chantix works great for many people that try it, and not everyone suffers adverse effects. Other typical side effects, as reported by the FDA, may include anxiety, bloating, insomnia, cough, and chest pain.

But yes, it is worth it, for most people, to try to quit smoking, since we know smoking is far more dangerous.

How are you doing, now? Has anything changed?

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