Weight Gain From Finasteride ?

sanonamus Says:

have been on finasteride for about 2 years now, and seems to me , i have developed increased abdominal flab,no boobs(yet)!, but definately feel an increase around waist and below,literature available , says weight gain is not a side effect, but seems to me , that it might be , have picked up about 7 to 8 lbs. would be interested in others experiences along this line , thx

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Placebo Says:

I can confirm from personal experience that both finasteride and saw palmetto caused rapid weight gain in the lower abdomen. I've tested this out and found that it takes a few weeks after stopping for my metabolism to pick up again. My theory is that a hormonal imbalance is created when taking drugs with DHT blocking properties.

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Cp Says:

I started taking Finastride 4 months ago and since then I have put on 10 pounds. Nothing else has changed in my diet, supplements and training. It has to be the Finastride.

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D9 Says:

Thanks for posting....I believe that I put on 10 pounds due to finasteride. Everyone insists that this drug does not cause weight gain, so I appreciate others noting the same side effect as I have.

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Larry Says:

I completely agree with this statement and stopped taking the medication to test the theory. I started taking the 5mg's about four or five months ago. I started to notice clothes were not as loose as they once where but brushed it off as the usual couple of lbs I gain just before winter and easily lose come time nice weather. But a month later I could really notice an increase around my section. I have this little pouch in the front and love handles on the sides larger than I have ever had in my 40 years of living. So I started to seriously pay attention to my eating habits etc. I also factored in my age etc knowing that things start to slow down. I cant possible eat less, maybe healthier but not less then I remembered reading about weight gain being a possible side effect, so I stopped taking the meds.
It has not been long enough to know if Fin is the major role in the weight gain, but knowing my body and never had the slightest "moob" problem Im going to guess it is. Seems I gained weight in just about every location a man would not want especially Moobs.

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Mike Says:

There is do doubt in my mind Fin causes weight gain and I have an extra 30 lbs. to prove it. I took Fin for several years and then began to notice a few years ago my weight was creeping up and much to my dismay my stomach ballooned and large "moobs" began to appear. My diet, calorie intake, and exercise regimen did not change at all while I was picking up the weight. I have been off fin since last fall but having a hard time losing the extra weight.

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Dr Hasnat Says:

I started using finasteride 1mg 4 months back, it does have a surprising effect on hair fall as i dont notice hair clusters on my hands after shampoo anymore... BUT.. i gained some lower abdominal fat, i started serious workout n a low fat diet but surprisingly my weight isnt decreasing at all. Previously whenever i started proper workout n low fat diet i used to lose 3-4 kg within 10 days, n i havent lost even 2 kg in 15 days now.. it must be finasteride, no doubt!

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BD Before Says:

I have been on finasteride 5mg (but cut the pills in half) and in just a month I have put on 10 LBS (mostly arround my waist). I got on finasteride becasue of hair loss, and since being on it my appetite has increase and my weight gain has been rapid for someone who works out five days a week. The weight gain in all around my stomach and it feel like I am lugging around a lot of water weight.

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Dennis P Says:

I have been on Fin for about 18 months. I'm 65 and for the last 25 years my weight was a steady 185. In the last few months I have climbed to 193. Nothing else about my life style has changed.

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Clay Says:

Yes, Mike the same happened to me. It is so interesting (or demotivating) that to lose the weight you have put on caused the Fin seems to be, very, very hard. And more sad is that the "medicine" does not say that it does cause weight gain. I have tried Regaine, however, my blood pressure is getting too high (one of the side effects). Anyway, know I think the best thing is to be bold and happy and slim (hate fat on my body) until someday someone come with a better solution. Thanks!

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Proecia Says:

I can confirm what all of the rest of you have experienced. I have weighed 190 for more than 5 years. Started Propoecia and put on 30lbs in 4 months. Had to go off it which is too bad. Trying to take the weight off now. Running every day and taking in 18 calories max but the weight is not coming off yet. Suppose that I will have to weight for the effects from the pills to clear out before seeing normal results. I don't care what these drug companies say. Propecia made me gain weight, Nothing else changed except I started taking the pills.

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from germany Says:

I too can confirm the weight gain. Have been on fin for three years and gained about 8 lbs. I use to work out and run several times a week. In the past few lbs gained from excess calorie intake were never a problem to get rid off. However, the pounds I gained since on the drug are very very tough to come by. I guess you can't stay on the same diet while on fine, but put considerably more efforts in addressing this problem.

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balding AND blobby Says:

I am female, 49, and I'm one of those rare female cases considered appropriate for this drug, given an early hysterectomy but still being 'premenopausal'on HRT. I have not noticed much difference with my hair in the last 4 months of taking it but I sure have gained almost 20 pounds and have always been long and lean, effortlessly. It has to be the finasteride. Really sad, but I am done with this crap (though as a female, I will miss the "girl-moobs", which I finally got for the first time in my life!). Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, gentlemen, I needed the validation that I am not just losing my mind!

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covered hair n flab Says:

wow! glad I read these post, I too weighed 190 for quite a while and gained 23 lbs, I will stop taking today, based on my reading it could take months for the effects to wear off... see where we are in 6 months

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DJ Says:

Got the "moobs" and a spare tire around my mid-section with a bulging lower ab area I have never had in my life (nor is it hereditary).
I've been on the Finasteride to shrink an enlarging prostate (BPH) for a little over four months and my revelation came not from a mirror, but a photograph that was so shocking in the mid-section that I wouldn't have guessed it was me.
I'm coming off of it now, but I must say that the "it won't come off quick" news is somewhat discouraging. Nonetheless, I'll ramp up at the gym.

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hariy and fat Says:

All aboard! I am 38 have always been fit, to the point where last year I completed an Ironman Triathlon. since then I have been taking 2.5mg of finasteride per day. I have gained 15lbs in a year. I would rather bed bald and fit than FAT and hairy. I am done

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TJ Says:

I have always been skinny and could never gain any weight no matter how much I ate. I've been on Finasteride for about 2 years and I've noticed fat build up in my abdomen. While I still have decent metabolism, there has been a noticeable change.

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Evilkeneval Says:

Hi guys,
I just experienced all the things mentioned above......water retention, abdominal fat, increased appetite.......since reading this I am stopping fin to see if this makes a difference to my weight......I have been on Fin for over 12 months I had a break for a month or so and then started back on it and again noticed the belly fat return. Like others I have trained more, done more cardio, watched my diet - to no avale. I had a sneaking suspicion it was the fin - I am almost now positive it has everything to do with Fin. As one gentlemen has mentioned above "I'd rather be bald and fit then chubby with good hair!"

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MH Says:

In September I started Finasteride. My doctor said that it does not cause weight gain, but I have gained 5 pounds and it just keeps going up. I work out daily, but the scale won't budge. I've never had a weight problem. Now sadly I have to decide whether I want to be bald or fat!

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Jaime Says:

Female, 34 been on for almost 3 weeks and feel midsection and thigh weight gain..... Had breast tenderness too. Does this slow your metabolism? ughh

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DJ Says:

Good luck. I, male 53, had changes in the same areas that you mentioned. Had been on fin for about 6 months when I saw a picture of myself that shocked me to no end! Well I've been off for about 6 months and it's gotten better, but not by much. Hopefully continuously working out will finally work for me. Best wishes for you.

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Hepper Says:

Your message is the same scenario for me. I have never eaten less nor worked out more and I have still gained about 6 lbs.

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Hepper1PA Says:

Re: Luisa (# 145) Expand Referenced Message

I'm still on Finasteride going on 3 years. It has solved my prostate issues which is fantastic but the 6-8 added lbs. continues to be a problem. I just have to live with it in spite of working out daily and eating less than I ever had.

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Donnie Says:

Re: D9 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I started taking finasteride 4 months ago, after having just lost 24 lbs.
I was at my perfect weight for a male in his late 50's. A month ir two after I started this medication I started gaining weight...while maintaining my healthy eating habits.

I have an appointment for a follow-up/refill in two days...I'm going to cancel. I just started to wonder why I was going weight in my gut again...and decided to look up this medication. I can attest to the fact...YES...expect weight gain to begin 6 to 8 weeks after starting....and expect about 15 lbs. Not worth the weight gain...especially if your hair loss is minor. In 4 months I have not noticed any real change in my hair...and should be noticing something by now.

I also feel less energetic and a but depressed....much more since starting....lethargic. .

Hope this helps..


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Mike M Says:

Finasteride has without a doubt caused unusual rapid weight gain for me. I'm a skinny 47 year old and have been taking 1mg daily for the past 2 months. Over the past 30 years, I've gained weight at a rate of 10 lbs. every 15 years, but in past 2 months I've gained 7 lbs., all in my lower abdomen. I've never had a belly in my life and was wondering why suddenly all my pants were too tight around my waist when I sat down. After visiting this forum, I've decided to stop taking this drug.

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Luisa Says:

Re: Mary (# 112) Expand Referenced Message

Did you try any medical help? Like insulin sensitizer or thyroid hormones? Or LDN?

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Luisa Says:

Re: mayn (# 128) Expand Referenced Message

The problem is that dermatologists are not honest! They take many advantages from prescribing medications .. . Travels, money and many others benefits..

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Luisa Says:

Re: DrugCompaniesLue (# 137) Expand Referenced Message

Sure! It's the same when people say that birth control pills don't affect your weight or your brain... BS

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Luisa Says:

Re: Mary (# 139) Expand Referenced Message

Can you tell me about alternatives tretments? I am so desperate...

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Luisa Says:

Re: Harry (# 141) Expand Referenced Message

No! You are not an exeption. I took dutasteride and i am desperate. My body changed completely. Now I am fat and bald ... And I am just 31 yo woman

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Luisa Says:

Re: Leeny (# 143) Expand Referenced Message

Are you still on finasteride? I took dutasteride and since then... My body changed completely.. everywhere. I have never had fat back and shoulders, now I have. Did you find any way to recover?

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