Weight Gain And Swelling From Lyrica

sandy Says:

I've had weight gain and swelling in my feet and hands since I've taken this drug. Is this common or a side effect?

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Verwon Says:

The swelling is a side-effect, but it is listed as something you should see your doc about immediately as it is not a safe reaction.

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Leslie Says:

I noticed that you have weight gain, I just got out of the hospital, i have gained 50 to 60 lb., my liver enzymes are high, i have to have a liver biopsy next week, my stomache has bloated and i am experiencing severe bloating,and i am in pain. I never knew lyrica could cause this.. however, i am taking 150mg 3x a day, and my nerve pain is much better, so i dont know what to do.
if you have any info ect.. PLEASE let me know.

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Elaine Says:

I have been on this for a year and my pain has not change or my nerve pain from shingles on one of my legs it is strang I had shings on one thigh and it is the other thigh that has the nerve pain. Lycria helps my mood but that about it. My pain is so bad I can hardly walk on my feet. I have fribromayliga and osteoarthritis, IBS, insomma,depresssion, carpaltunnel, and this has not helped me so I quit! This drug has alot of side affects and getting off of it I'm going down hill. I'm am going to try this Neurontin. I hope it works I'm 49 years old and I feel like 65. Iet you all know if it works good luck to everyone out there. Soso tired of pain

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