Weight Gain Caused By Spiriva An Inhaler Has Anyone Out There Familiar With This Problem

Bill Says:

I was given an inhaler called Spiriva two years ago and gained 22 lbs in a little more than four weeks. It has been over a year now since I last used the drug but I cannot rid myself of the added weight. In addition to this is that all of the weight is around the abdomen and side area and nowhere else. This is a rare and strange side effect but it happened to me. I've seen two doctors and they have no idea what happened even though they agree that it is a strange form of weight gain. Does anyone out there have any insight to this problem? Bill.

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Verwon Says:

There have been other posts similar to yours from people who experienced the same type of weight gain after using Spiriva.

With the weight centralized to the mid-section like this, I have to wonder if the medication isn't affecting your hormones somehow.

As most women can tell you, such weight gain usually occurs when someone is estrogen dominant and yes, men do have some in their bodies and it can happen to them, too.

Do you have an endocrinologist in your area that you could consult?

They'd be the most knowledgable in this area and could do tests to check for a problem. If your testosterone and other hormones have dropped, leaving you with too much estrogen, then that may be what's causing the problem and it could be resolved by correcting your hormonal balance.

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Jonathan Fish Says:

`I need a drug that helps me sleep as well as bipolar which does not give you weight gain. I am presently on Seriquil, which I have gained 40Ib's in 3 months. I need an alternative medicene.

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Rowdy Says:

It is because it contains a steroid.. Mine have steroid in them too and I have gained too.. MOST non rescue inhalers takin one or two puffs daily has steroid in them , steroid opens the lungs. The other rescue inhalers like pro air , are non steroid and can be taking anytime you need it .. Hope this helps..

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