Wegovy Gi Side Effects Making Me Sick

Kelly Says:

Took my 1st dose yesterday. This afternoon got really sick with vomiting, bloating, nausea, abdominal pain at the top of my abdomen in the center. Can’t stop belching either. I was constipated but took duloculax and has helped. Any ideas on what to take to keep from getting violently ill?

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VerFree Says:

There is an FDA warning for Mounjaro that states if you experience stomach pain, you should inform your doctor immediately, as that could be the sign of a serious adverse reaction. Other side effects are listed as possibly including elevated heart rate, recurrent fever, anxiety, and cough.

Ref: Mounjaro Information

Are you on any other medications?

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Optimistic Says:

I get abdominal migraines instead of migraine headaches, and one of the telltale signs of an abdominal migraine is the pain is in the middle part of the abdomen. And also they last between two and 72 hours.

I’m not sure what it is about my hormones but I used to get migraine headaches and in my 40s they changed to abdominal migraines. It’s absolutely horrible it’s the worst stomach pain I’ve ever had and the vomiting and diarrhea is uncontrollable. Once I found out it was migraines I started using Imitrex and it would stop the episode right away as long as I got the Imitrex in me early enough.

Because you just started a new medication I would go ahead and assume this is from the medication, but if it keeps happening it may be that you now get abdominal migraines.

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Terri Says:

I experienced something really similar. I took my first dose last Thursday (4/27) and felt fine except for a lot of belching. Then Saturday night I had horrible diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. I took Zofran and Imodium right away and it didn’t help at all. Finally (yesterday) I went to the Urgent Care and they gave me IV liquids and a zofran injection. That really helped a lot and I’m feeling much better. I’m just scared to take the 2nd shot of Wegovy tomorrow. I’m afraid of getting sick again. I just hope that was the one and only time I’ll feel that way.

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Ani Says:

Have you experienced severe stomach cramps and/or fatigue while taking Wegovy? If so, how long does it last? I’m on my second month and am wondering if it will dissipate. I’m thinking about giving it up. Plus, it's not covered by my insurance. Is it worth the $1300/month? I was hopeful it would take effect quickly.

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Ani Says:

Re: Terri (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I had the severe stomach pains and nausea. I read that in average they last about two weeks. I was tested for pancreatitis (clear) and had IV hydration. It has dissipated.

I’m procrastinating my next injection at a higher dose...

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Steve Says:

Re: Ani (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I could tolerate 0.25 mg and 0.5 mg but two trials of 1.0 made me impossibly sick. So my doc called in another box of 0.5 pens, now on backorder. The drug company says the new shortage is because of social media influencers giving medical advice, and not their television advertising campaign’s drug pushing, pulled 3 days ago. This is ridiculous because there is no way to quickly or reliably say it wasn’t their advertising (advertising that is illegal in every country on earth except two).

What I really think I needed was to go to 0.75 before 1.0. Doubling doses is too big of a GI assault. Pens should have been made with a half-dosage switch. I know that some people are so upset with being obese they will accept dreadful, worst ever, side effects, but I am not there, and my wife basically would stop me from doing that to myself anyway.

I waited to start Wegovy until after it appeared that shortages were over. Very frustrating as I am afraid of a weight yo-yo due to off on availability. I may start a thread on the latest shortages.

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Steve Says:

Re: Ani (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

“Plus, it's not covered by my insurance. Is it worth the $1300/month?”

Obviously, it depends on how much money you have, and how important it is for you to lose weight — two things you know — and how good be on the med will turn out to have been over the rest of your life — something no one yet knows.

There’s case to be made that until some years after it goes generic (sometime next decade), we won’t really know if Wegovy was a good idea. It could turn out to be better at keeping the weight off than surgery. Or worse.

It is a bit disturbing to me that they want us to combine a weight loss treatment proven to, for more than half of the patients who try it, not work (dieting — google studies by the late Albert Stunkard), with this new treatment that, so far, looks like it does work. Personally, dieting is not a current issue for me because on Wegovy I have no choice but to eat little. I did talk to my doctor a little about this, and she did not push me to diet. I did tell her I would exercise — mostly, long walks — and I am.

I feel for people who face a choice between a very high price med and surgery that is more often covered by insurance. I shouldn’t give medical advice, but it seems obvious surgery should only occur in event of drug treatment failure.

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