Web Prescriptions For Norco And How Reliable They Are

Populationsnncontrol Says:

Hello everybody.

I'm new to this site. I have a couple of questions. .. im sorry if I'm in the wrong place or am asking the wrong question a but after a few Google searches this seemed to be the best forum for me to post in.

I'm a 34 year old male from southern california. I have had a herniated disc in my back since 2006. I was getting treated for it back then when I had insurance. .. that was of course before my job caught Wind of my injury to which they quickly notified our "risk management' dept. And they quickly made a case to try and get rid of me due to me being a liability for a potential workers comp case. Long story short they were successful. I lost my job, insurance, pride, etc. amongst a bunch of other things.

So I had to take odd jobs all of which were physically intense and surely increased the nerve damage

Fast forward 9 years I'm now back to my old profession. Got health insurance again. So I've been getting treated. Now I have accumulated a broken hand. Possible rotated cuff tear and pain in my knee and foot.

Upon my first visits with Kaiser they were prescribing me norco. Which was the first time in YEARS I was taking something outside of handfuls of otc ibuprofen to combat my pain. Outside of medication we are on a long term plan for permanent pain management.

But, they cut me off. Really unfortunate. I did not know The country was abusing the drug at the pace they are now so as you all know. The laws are extremely strict I guess. At least that's what I was told.

Which brings me to my current dilemma. I have an issue with doctors not giving me a medication that improves my quality of life. I dont care about the ethics involved. I'm in pain.

I've been doing research about mail-order options. I ordered one time years ago. All I had to do was a phone consultation and fax mri's and xrays. It was actually fairly easy.

I haven't done it in years so I'm curious EXACTLY HOW, AND WHERE I could do this legally? Can someone please help me and tell me what the likelihood of me getting a prescription would be? I understand the abuse issues and how hesitant drs. are but I know they are dr.s who understand. Can someone please shed some light. Or help me out. Thank you.

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Christian777 Says:

The good old days are gone...no more DB....and when they passed the Ryan Haight act years ago which required a face to face visit, most of the online places shut down, a few stayed open for a while like Dr. Roush then he changed it to something else, anyway after the act passed he was doing f2f consults in tampa...he was arrested a few yrs ago....the last time I checked phoneconsultation.com was the only one left....but I haven't checked in a while and certainly the rules changed even more as of recently...norco is now schedule 2, the same as oxy... good luck

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

With HYDROCODONE, the narcotic in NORCO — a C-II Controlled Substances, your chances are slim-to-none. I had some dental work done recently and I asked Dr Lou, my dentist, if he could write for #30 Vicodin-ES instead of the usual #20. You should have seen the blow-up on this web site. My Domestic Partner was injured on the way out of his office. He is not a patient of Dr. Lou. We batted around a few ideas and I wrote him for #30 Percocet 10/300. Nobody peeped. That stuff NEVER should be available without a visit to a US (or whatever country licensed physician. I write for so few narcotics, nobody looked twice. Sorry to disappoint. Unless you are an established RECENT patient, you can't get mail order CLASS 2 NARCOTICS by sending in (whose?) x-rays. What many people forget about is that — addictive properties aside — we have to know how you're doing on those pain meds. I'm a shrink and even I ask my patients on opiates (and later compare notes with the original prescriber). IT'S COMMON SENSE AND GOOD MEDICINE.

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parthsingh Says:

Hello, I am from india..... I need a prescription for zolpidem (zofresh 10mg).......... Can someone recommend a doctor?


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Jenifer M. Says:

So you wanted the extra pain meds for your partner. I am sorry but doctors should be the last ones doing that crap. If I asked my dentist if he could give me a few extra pills for a friend of mine I would probably would have walked out with nothing at all no matter what or how painful the dental work was.

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Catrina Says:

Hi everyone this is my first time using this i sure hope this post helps.i am moving back 2 pittsburgh .northside area .i am in pain management in va beach.i get prescribed oxycodone 30 and fentynal patch.i am going 2 need a good pain management or doctor .does anybody know of a place i can go 2?thank u hope i get some responses.

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Laurie Says:

Your best bet is the psychiatrist. Doctors are so scared of prescribing any kind of benzos narcotics and sleeping pills were all Michael Jackson and Prince.

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Dannyneedlesca Says:

Hey, so sorry to about this issue. But there is a Patient Bill of Rights requiring adequate care and Pain Management that simply states you have a right to be treated with appropriate pain meds. First have your primary dr. give you a referral to a pain management specialist. Do not go to any cash only pain management as they're probably being watched and are expensive. Also keep in mind that you were in a state where marijuana is legally used for pain management, so if that won't get you fired it is an option. Good luck and God bless.

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suzy Says:

I agree with you. I live in mi. but I don;t think it matters where you live anymore. I've been going to a pain clinic with the BEST doctor I have ever had. Every 2 to 3 months I have to follow up, get 4 injections into both hips. & lower back. also, with the help of pain meds. I have had other prior surgeries or ended up in E.R. for stitches or flu. They ask you your history & any meds you may be taken. I am honest & would never take a pill again if it wasn't absolutely necessary . These doctors are horrified at what i'm taking. God bless them that they don't suffer the way we do. If I didn't have these treatments, I would be totally debilitated. These doctors need to be well informed of how people suffer, physically & emotionally. The first response fron=m them is "we cannot give you that kind of meds." That's not why i was ever there but ALWAYS these doctors assume you are some type of junkie & that's the reason for your visit. I understand the abuse is high everywhere but I have nothing to do with that. Doctor's need to be well informed of debilitating diseases & people have unimaginable pain that needs to be addressed. I am sorry to say but I am a woman of high character & refuse to be humiliated any longer. a doctor needs to have respect for PEOPLE!!!!! Any one agree?????

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Missy Says:

The South American pharmacies seem to be real. So Google those they are extremely expensive

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