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monkeymom3 Says:

I have been taking 8 mgs. of Dilaudid 4 times a day for the last 6 months for a chronic illness. 3 months ago I had surgery to give some relief to my illness, and I have since found some stabilization to my symptoms. As such, my doctors want to wean me off of the Dilaudid. I am very nervous about the idea because I have noticed in the mornings (after not having the Dilaudid for 12 hours), I feel a bit anxious and I have joint and muscle aches and pains. Therefore, the first thing I do is take my Dilaudid. Currently to wean me off my doctor is suggesting that I taper back one pill a day (around lunchtime) each week so that I go from taking 8 4mg. tablets a day to taking one 4 mg. tablet a day. This process should take about one month to complete, and it truly frightens me. Do you have any advice?

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superman Says:

i would suggest that you have your doctor prescribe you a benzo for the time u are tapering of D,s and for a couple of months after to take the edge off. like ativan, klonopin,zanex and clonodine helps in the same way those do but it helps with sleep, joint and muscle pain and blood pressure. they gave it to me along with klonopin to get of methadone from surgery and those with your ambians will work wonders i promise. so discuss it with your doctor. so good luck i think it will be okay i mean that.

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monkeymom3 Says:

Thank you for your response. I do have Valium...do you think that will help in the same way if I take that?

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Verwon Says:

Valium is a Benzodiazepine, containing the active ingredient Diazepam, so it may help, some. The problem, of course, is that you don't want to go overboard with it and end up not being able to stop taking it, either.


Tapering off the Dilaudid is the easiest way to get off of it or go down to a lower dosage.

The effects you mentioned experiencing are normal for when you are cutting down on a dosage or stopping a drug. Your body is used to having it, so you will suffer some minor withdrawal effects, by having you taper, your doctor is trying to minimize them as much as possible.

Rebound pain, nausea, anxiety and irritability can all occur, but if you follow your doctor's instructions, they will only be annoying and not dangerous.


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Ro Says:

Omgosh. This has helped me so much!! I am so frighten to come of the oxycontin I have been on now for 2yrs... but I have been on pain killers since I was 23 yrs old. (I was in a head on collision w an 18 wheeler) and then major back sugery ) and I just turned 47 .... I don't know what it is like NOT TO BE ON OPIATES. Do you know anything about suboxon??
Mahalo for your information... I hope my fear will lessen

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Bigpw Says:

I had been on 130mg of Methadone for years for financial reaxons. Awesome pain killer, however, it takesaway your motivation to do things. I did it cold turkey(I recomend doing that). But I did it under the guise that my doctor would help me with drugs that my new prescription plan covers. Unbeknown to me, he never had any intention of getting the fentanyl patches. He did give me 8mg x4 a day of dilaudid. But that is for an acute pain individual. My pain is inoperable back pain. It is 24/7 and punishing. I had to switch doctors. My new doc went up in the patches and I can all ready tell a difference(he gave me some dilaudid to slowly come off). I told him that over the past three months I have detoxed myself from 3 different narcotics, and I am an ex addict with chronic pain. I thank God that there are still doctors that still practice medicine and the patient comes first the risk of addiction is on me. A month should be plenty for the both of us to get of the Dilaudid, and I have cold turkeyed methadone, oxycontin, and morphine ers. I pray this helps, for me, I am not worried. And I still go to meetings and start and stop my day with prayer. Hope this helps.

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VW Says:

Your postings have all been helpful. I'm a chronic pain patient and have been on dilaudid for two years, as well as a variety of other prescribed meds for the past twenty years. I want to see how I feel without anything in my system, but am so, so scared of the pain. What are your best suggestions for weaning off dilaudid? Are their drugs that will help stop cravings? Are there less addictive pain killers that are as strong? My doctor said it would take MONTHS to get off of the dilaudid. I want to stop now. He said that was dangerous. Is it? Are there help groups/support groups for this? THANK YOU and peace to you all.

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John Says:

Good info guys, withdrawls from any opiate is very difficult and I havent been able to get off because of a sever back injury. My doctor gives me 4mg of Dilluaid which seems to have less withdrawls than the 60mg of morphine I used to take from the VA. I suggest you have someone help you like a spouse or faimly member. My wife holds my pills and now I only take 4 a day and will soon get down to 2 a day. It has been hard but with the support of a good woman I have been much better. I used to seek pills wher ever I could get them, but now I only get from my doctor and feel better.

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Malori33 Says:

I, too, am in the process of weaning off of Dilaudid (been on for 4 months due to surgery complications) - I am taking 4 mg. every 4 hours including the 4 AM dose. I am down from 12 mgs every 4 hours on March 2nd. I go down 1 mg. once a week - I hate the slowness of this way, but i'm less scared this way. I so hope everybody is doing well.

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Paleezze Says:

Please don't be frighten of switching from oxy's to suboxone. You will be SO happy you did. If you do it with a Doctor you will have minimal withdrawal before the suboxone kicks in. It is so easy to switch over and you won't even think about taking another Oxy. It truly saved my life by giving me back my life. good luck

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April Says:

Good luck getting off the Dilaudid! I've been taking 8mg Dilaudid three times a day for years now, and will probably take them for the rest of my life....they enable me to live with the pain I have from back, neck and knee pain. Hope you have a blessed life!

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christina RN Says:

I would not take this persons suggestions seriously being that they apparently are not speaking from a medical professionals POV. Its obvious they lack the proper education relating to this class of medication. They can't even spell the medications that they are suggesting correctly. When you are concerned with your well being and are have questions I would direct them to a medical professional that you trust who is familiar with this subject

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Eric Says:

I just had My Tonsils out and Uvula Trimmed. It is a very painful recovery so far. I was given 5mg of ocycodone to take 2 pills every 6 hours. one of my friends gave me 75 4 mg dialaudid. I have been taking 1 4mg every 6 hours sometimes every 4 hours. i found the oxycodone 5mg did not work well so i switched over after the 2nd day. I have a bit of an addictive personality and i do not want to get addicted to this. the acute pain should last about another week from what i was told. What is the best way to start getting off the dilaudid ? i tried taking less of the dilaudid, ie extending times between doses or skipping but the pain is unbearable for me. Im 30 years old and the tonsils were the biggest the surgeon has told me he has seen. I lost over a litre of blood during the procedure which was supossed to be an easy one. i had to have silver nitrate put on them to stop the bleeding. Any tips would be great.

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rick young Says:

withdrawaling from dilaudids is trouble you wish you are dead sometimes. the first day you sweat so much you go though a hell and alot of tee shirts. you can't sleep and when you do your dreams seem so real you don't know whats real and the pain feel worst when you can sleep then awake most of the time in your dream your looking for a pill you can get though it with diazapam and kolidine i did it cool turkey 16 8mg aday and didnt die and after 12 days i was fine and so will you, you will have the worst mood swings you every had watch lots of upbeat movie it like a hi for the soul good luck

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Yeldarb Says:
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This forum has been a great help. I'm trying to get off of hydromorphone after a post op spine infection. I went from 16 mg every three hrs to 16 a day. Not so good. Panic attacks, sweats and dreams that weren't pleasant. Tapering seems to be the only way to get off them. I applaud the "cold turkey" and thank God I'm not living with you. Whatever your method, "good luck". It sucks to have needed them in the first place but the fact you're trying to leave them behind means you've already hurdled the pain!

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monaj Says:

I have been taking Dilaudid for 6 months for lupus and many health problems. 2 mg. 3 times a day. Compared to the rest of you, this is a very low dose. Caution! Look up the side effects! I recently had a stroke, which is one of the side effects of long term Dilaudid! I am so angry with my doctor for giving me this med. over and over again without letting me know this was possible. still recovering and may never be the same again. Get off this drug. Very dangerous.

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Denise Says:

I have been on Dilaudid 4mg 4times a day for the past 3 years for chronic back pain, I have disk degeneration Disease, I have noticed the same thing you are going through with the morning "withdrawls" I have cold & hot flashes, sweating and just an uncomfortable feeling until the medication gets into my system. Dilaudid is a powerful medication and a lot of pain management doctors have stopped writing prescriptions for it which makes it hard for people who are in chronic pain to get the medications they need.

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Shvonna Says:

I have been on Dilaudid 4 mg for 10 years due to chronic pain from an injury I sustained at work and a car wreck I was in. Today because I also have chrones disease i have moments when meds do not show up. I was told today that he was dismissing me from his practice. I am scared as heck coming off of this med. I am a single mom raising three kids and works 3 jobs. I do not know what to do.

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Tisha Says:

These posts are helpful, and yet scare me to death! I have only been taking 4mg of Dilaudid every three hours for two weeks, and my pain went away so I stopped the medication. I have suffered from severe depression and horrible anxiety for nearly 14 years. I have been feeling awesome mentally for the last few months after a medication switch. After I stopped the Dilaudid, I noticed about two days later that I was feeling very dizzy. I started to feel "off" and early this morning I had a full blown panic attack when my husband left for work. I was so upset as I have been doing so well mentally and I couldn't figure out what the problem was. My mother suggested to me that it was from stopping the Dilaudid. Now after reading all these posts i'm sure this is why I feel so awful. I just feel stupid as I've only been on it for two weeks. But I guess they were right that it is a very strong drug and highly addictive. This isn't great news for me.

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TwoDimes Says:

I, most certainly, hope that all of you have found comfortable ways to wean off of Dilaudid. Those of you who did it "cold turkey" were brave souls.

It would seem to me that a slow taper remains the most advisable. Maybe just cutting your dosages in half, holding for two weeks, and then, again, cutting your dose in half, holding, and, then, repeating the process might be a way to go. I DON'T KNOW! I am just guessing and, I, definitely, am not a doctor and should not be giving any medical advise.

It seems that you all could figure out a taper plan that would work for you, simply by experimenting with using less, finding out how you feel, and then, continuing to reduce your dose, etc.

I have been using Dilaudid for what is short period of time, as compared to some of you. I have been using it ever since I had back surgery on May 9, 2013. I am using anywhere from 8mgs to 12mgs per day in divided doses.

When I tapered off of Klonopin, I used what is considered a rule of thumb by others who have tapered off of Klonopin/Clonazepam, (a tranquilizer, a benzodiazepine). The rule of thumb is to decrease by 5-7% every two weeks. You would need a good pill cutter, by the way. You keep decreasing at the same rate every two weeks.

Doing so does not eliminate "withdrawal" effects, but no unbearable side effects.

I am going to start a similar taper with Dilaudid. Well, actually, I am going to cut my dosages in half and see how I feel. I need off of this medication as I fear that my body has become addicted to it EVEN THOUGH IT PROVIDES ME WITH ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE IOTA of RELIEF! Strange, yes? I have learned that, for me, opiates cause me to have MORE pain. This is another reason that I MUST get off of Dilaudid.

Another method would be that of working with a pain management specialist, asking him/her to develop a tolerable tapering schedule for you.

I came across your posts when searching for ways to taper off of Dilaudid and thought I'd write you all my thoughts.

Thank you for posting yours!

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Julie Says:

How has it been going for you? I just need to get off 3 mg Dilaudid divided through the day now. My doc wants me to stay on because of the level of anxiety I've been experiencing while tapering, but my pain isn't bad enough to justify Dilaudid. Almost on it two months now after a lengthy hospitalization, but I do not want to be stuck on it.

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