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Bait and Switch Says:

I had been on Watson 10/325 for a few months for chronic shoulder neck pain. Yesterday I got a new prescription and CVS filled it with an A333 long pill (Actavis). Now I find ~ after questioning the pharmacist and scouring the Internet ~ that Watson is no longer available and {I also find} that the pills I received are probably Actavis' newly released abuse-deterrent pill. This was dispensed as a regular generic version of my Percocet prescription....of which nobody mentioned the switch. After taking one I became very ill, dizzy, sweats and had difficulty breathing for the better part of the day ~ none of which ever occurred with the Watson pills. Can you confirm that Watson will no longer be manufacturing the 10/325 Oxy and that these are actually the alleged "test" run of abuse-deterrent Actavis drugs.

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Leo Says:

After back surgery 10 years ago, I was prescribed Watson 10/325. I am very active & athletic & Watson allowed me to golf, ski, hike, etc., w/o any numbness or side effects. Since Actavis took over Watson & the Actavis brand was legacied, unfortunately, my experience was terrible. Actavis felt like a placebo but with an upset stomach. One pill did not accomplish a thing, where 1/2 a pill of Watson did the trick. In my estimation, this generic failed miserably. Actavis should strongly reconsider bringing back the Watson brand or reformulate theirs to match Watson's.

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andrea Says:

I recently had Percocet script filled....I discovered it was Actavis... a generic... There is no comparison what so ever..what a scam! I am having stomach upset....does not work...having to take 2 instead of 1... in pain management...this means you will run out twice as fast! I am sorry...but this is highway robbery!!!!!!ACTAVIS SUCKS!!!!!!! For others like myself...please beware of this company...when filling Percocet....

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Lisa Says:

Hi, you are NOT alone - we are suffering so badly from this horrible generic that has no oxycodone in it at all they are using an abuse deterrent pill. Many of us, including myself have contacted Actavis and the FDA. Please file a report with the FDA so we can get this sugar pill recalled or reformulated. Actavis has to know what garbage they are putting out there on us people who are in pain every day and now can't find any pain relief and are just wasting our hard earned money. It is total BS.

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Kay Says:

I couldn't agree with you more~I had 2 hip replacements & back issues & I have been on 10-325 Percocet for years killing the pain. This new activas makes me SO constipated (I NEVER was before), & does nothing for my pain, & makes me dizzy! I called Activas when they made the change & they said they WANT TO KNOW if people are having problems with this new drug, so I suggest & I am going to call them! I do believe after speaking with them that if they get enough people calling, they will change it BACK! Good luck to you.

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JP Says:

I have been taking generic Percocet for one year and found the actavis to be fine until last month. They simply do not work. I'm on the affordable healthcare marketplace and I am unable to fill my prescriptions for Percocet at the two pharamcies I must go to, so I have to pay Walgreens $230.00 a month, but now I'm paying for something that doesn't even work.
Is anyone else caught in this trap?

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KAY Says:

Hi JP,

I was ALSO on watson 10/325 & horrible results~Iended up in ER! I am taking ENDOCET 10/325 & it is really CLOSE to the Watsons . You MAY have to go to a small family run drug store & have them order it. I they do not take your insurance & want to "play games", I suggest you go BACK to walgreens or another chain & go to the manager & ask if she/he will ORDER it for you. The Doctor has to write the prescription out as Percocet (ENDOCET) next to it because it is a form of percocet. The Manufacturer is ENDO. It is a yellow pill & I am quite sure it will work for you!I even tried Vicodin but I couldn't stay awake on them & it didn't take the pain as well. Try it if you can. Good luck to you~there is NOTHING worse than PAIN!

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JP Says:

Hi everyone, you are going to love this encounter I had with my Walgreens pharmacist.
I asked him, "What happened to the Actavis pain pills? They don't work anymore."
Are you ready for the answer? He said it was my fault the medicine doesn't work anymore, because I have been taking them too long. I pressed him further and told him that I heard that Actavis has altered the recipe so you won't get that nice feeling when you take them. He persisted it was all my fault and he had other patients he must attend to. Other patients! I thought I was a patient, but it turns out that if you challenge them they will become hostile and you will be deemed as a nuisance patient and not worth of his time. The other patients are more important than you. Then he tells me to take it up with Actavis, but I could only get as far as a contact email box which will only permit you 500 characters in the body of the email. There must be another pain pill available that's better that these fake pills that give you nothing but withdrawal symptoms if you try to get away from them.
WTF! Bayer aspirin works better than this stuff.
Thanks for listening,

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KAY Says:

Hello Leo,

As I mentioned in my blog on Jan. 16th, this ENDOCET by ENDO is working for me & the closest thing to Watson 10/325 that I have found~ask to have someone either order it or if they do not want to order it, I would go to other pharmacies until they do. If your Doctor is writing you a prescription for Percocet 10/325, ask him to just write next to it (ENDOCET) & I am sure he/she won't have a problem. Everyone HAS TO STOP buying ANYTHING at all from Activas~they should be out of business! Try Endocet~(mft.Endo) & I bet it will work for you~good luck to you.

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daryl Says:

Yes endocet or qualitest which r the same...r the best out there..I just tell them Endo or nothing. Mallinckrodt r placebo..u have to actually drive to some CVS as they wont tell u over the phone if they have them..brilliant...

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Dmhub Says:

Where can I find Watson brand oxycodone 10 325 in Massachusetts? Which pharmacies carry them?

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