Watson Is Now Actavis Generic Percocet 5/325 What Is Up With This

Lola Says:

I had been taking 5/325 generic Watson percocet for 4 years. Suddenly I get notified by Walgreens which I have insurance that there is no more Watson brand and I was given generic percocet 5/325 by Actavis. It is not the same at all. It has no pain relief for me. I used to break the watsons in half sometimes and never had a funny taste. I just broke one of the actavis white tablets in half and it immediately tasted like salt or alka seltzer? Has anyone had any issues with this drug too. Also, along with it not working right it has made my GI tract and stomach so ill feeling and cramping. This is not right how can they take away a medicine that someone has been on for 4 years without any problems and tell them to suddenly switch. Would a peson who has been on a certain heart medication for years be told to suddenly switch that he can't get that medicine anymore? I don't think so. I don't know what I am going to do but when it comes time to have my rx re-filled it will not be with Actavis and I will have to pharmacy shop I guess to see if I can find Watson. I am very depressed now and so unhappy I can't believe it.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Lola! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having.

However, I can assure you that this type of thing does happen to us heart patients, too. I've had several that worked well for me, only to have them become unavailable and I've had to switch, so it happens with virtually every therapeutic category.

What are the markings on the one that you're having a problem with, is it the A 333 one?

Many have been complaining about it.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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Lola Says:

Hello, thank you for your reply. I am sorry to hear that your heart meds have been changed also. A medication that we take everyday is so important that is why I hate that the drug companies just go ahead and change it without notice. With the Watsons i never had any side effects and my pain was all but gone. I checked the pills and they are round white and say A 349. Maybe the A333 are the 10 milligram? Not sure. Are you hearing complaints about the pills being ineffective and causing side effects? I am going to have to find another generic when I see my pain management doctor next week. I have been looking online to find out what other people are experiencing but havenot been able to find anything. I am sure there are tons of complaints.

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Jan Says:

I thought that it was just me! I just refilled my script as well, and searched several pharmacies only to be told, no one has Watson brand. This Actavis is terrible. I am back to using my lidocaine ointment and heat for my shoulder. Riteaid has a different brand, I can't remember the name, but it can't be any worse. I will try that next month. I use Walgreen's as well. This is so upsetting!

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Lola Says:

Yes the Actavis is just terrible - it doesn't relieve the pain and it causes upset stomachs and anxiety. It is NOT the same as Watson. I have been going through withdrawals now because I have no choice seeing the Actavis is just BS and has way too many side effects. Very sad that a drug company can pull a medicine that people need to take on a DAILY basis to have a life. This is just wrong.

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Carol Says:

I'm not alone !!!! I'm in terrible pain with the new actavis. I get no relive , only serious stomach cramps. I have not been in this much pain since b4 I was enrolled into a pain managment program. Who can we contact? I plan on calling my doctor tomorrow to let them know my pain is getting out of control. I don't want to have to go into the hospital to play catch up for pain relief . This is terrible , would it be the same thing if I were to request brand name percocet & not the generic

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Pain Patient Says:

First off, to all, sorry to hear that your meds aren't working as intended. Most of us take these to ease our chronic pain conditions, and life is a struggle without them, especially if they aren't working right. I've been getting the Watsons 7.5/325 for the last 3 months (previously taking Watson 10/325's for 1-2 years) from Walgreens. When I turned in my script today I got the Actavis (7.5/325). The last week I really haven't need much pain med (maybe half to 1 pill a day), but when I took 3 pills throughout the day, they definitely worked. I just hope that it's not because of a weakened tolerance. I've been having a queezy stomach since taking them; no cramping yet.
If your meds still aren't working in a few days, call your doctor and explain. Hopefully you can get a new script, and I'd recommend calling local pharmacies to see if they carry a different brand that's in stock (less embarrasing than showing up and leaving if they carry Actavis). Or if you have a preferred generic, you can ask the pharmacies if they can order it special for you each month (I've known a few chronic pain patients who've done this). I hope you find the relief you're needing.

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Lola Says:

These actavis are BS and I am like you I am having bad intestine issues and it doesn't relieve the pain. There is a number to call Actavis and a website I believe, but don't know how much good it will do but they say the squeaky wheel gets the oil so we should at least try for those of us that can't tolerate this new med. This is so awful that they can just switch a medicine that we need on a DAILY basis and have been on for years just to be able to get out of bed in the morning.

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Jan Says:

When I asked how much non-generic percocet was, I was told it cost over $700. I don't know about others, but I can't afford that every month.

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Cindy Says:

I have been taking 5-325's for years to deal with my chronic pain. I have been switched to & fro, numerous times due to the Pharmacy going with a new generic each year (basically it's whichever Pharmacuetical that gave the best bid) CVS went with the generic form Endocet 5-325. They seem to be working good for my pain. The only difference is I feel more tired, which is the downfall for me. I wish everyone the best of luck with their battle with pain & finding relief.

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Jan Says:

Hi everyone,

I hope your pain levels aren't too bad today. I called Rite aid, and the have Qualitest brand percocet. They said, they have not had any complaints with it. I have used their pharmacy before, and will use them nest month. I feel that it can't be much worse than Actavis! I found this summary of an article, about the differences in generic pain meds.

There can be differences in generic brands. It's really not BS. Some can be slightly stronger than others. Here's a excerpt from an article to support my claims:

" Janicak explained that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements around bioequivalence of generic products are fairly strict: a generic must have between 80 percent and 125 percent bioequivalency to its name-brand product"a window of 20 percent less or 25 percent greater potency.

“Generally, that kind of variation is not going to make a difference in terms of efficacy or toxicity,” Janicak said. “But imagine a large pharmacy that negotiates with different generic manufacturers and buys a generic formulation from one manufacturer that has 80 percent bioequivalency to the name brand. Then imagine the pharmacy switches manufacturers to one that markets a generic that has 125 percent bioequivalency.

“That's a 45 percent difference in bioequivalency that theoretically can make a significant difference for the patient,” he explained.“ If it's a downward shift, it could affect efficacy; if it's an upward shift, it could affect toxicity.” "

Source: Physicians Question FDA's Confidence in Generic Drugs' Safety, Efficacy, dated June 1st 2007

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Jan Says:

Sorry about all of the type O's. I'm still trying to adjust to this medication. I can usually walk at least a mile on my treadmill, but not today. I walked a little over a half mile and stopped. I just feel really off! I felt like my breathing was kind of labored, something I have not experienced before. I can't wait until next month, although I have over 20 days to deal with this!

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Jan Says:

I checked out the Qualitest reviews, and they were a 4 out of 5. I'm going to try them for sure next month.

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Jan Says:

Hi Lola,

I did contact Actavis pharma, and they did not reply. I guess they don't care, as long as the pharmacies continue to dispense them.

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Lola Says:

Hi Jan, I was wondering what brand Rite Aid carries that you mentioned. Hope your pain is under control.

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Jan Says:

Hi Lola,

I'm trying to deal with it, I hope you're feeling better. The brand that Rite Aid carries for percocet, is called "Qualitest." I did a little research and it was rated a 4 out of 5. I figure, how much worse can it be? I'm working on a crochet throw, and it is so difficult to add the finishing touches. If I don't take enough, I'm still in pain, if I take more, I'm too sleepy to get anything done. I did make 2 crochet roses today, so I'm trying to fight through it.

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lulu Says:

Watson has been sold out, no more. An India co.bought it out.

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Lola Says:

Hi Jan, thank you for letting me know. I am trying to deal with the pain but since the Actavis does nothing for my pain it is like I am in withdrawals and the depression is awful. That is the hardest part of all of this I think. I have never been a depressed person before and have never taken an anti-depressent so it is hard. I will look into the Qualitest as I can no longer take any of this Actavis.

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Jan Says:

Hi Lola,

I am so sorry to hear about the depression. I was feeling some of that as well, so I do understand. I think when opiates don't do what they are supposed to, you do go through depression and withdrawal. Once I was given Endocet, instead of what I had been getting, and it made me anxious. I talked to my doctor, and was able to return the rest to her office, and get a new script. I had to pay for the new one, out of pocket but it was worth it. If you have a understanding doctor, maybe that would be an option. There is definitely a difference with these new pills. I put one in my mouth, and by the time I walked a few feet to get water, it had melted in my mouth. They never would have happened with the old pills. If you can, do some research on what to do when going through withdrawal from opiates. One thing I read, was hot baths or showers if you don't don't have a medical condition, that prevents using somewhat hot water. I will keep you in my thoughts Lola.

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Lola Says:

Hi Jan, are you taking the Actavis pills then? Yes, the depression/anxiety is what is going on now. I guess I don't know how I will deal with the neck pain if I can't get a rx that works. The old pills worked so well for me for years with no side effects. I have been doing alot of reading on the blogs maybe that is good - maybe that is bad - but I hear so many different things about other generics I am confused. I hear good and bad about Endocet and some people say only Qualitest and others swear by Roxicet. I just know Actavis is like taking an aspirin and it gave me alot of upset stomach.

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Jan Says:

Hi Lola,
Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I had the sports medicine doc today, and it was a really good visit. I found out that my shoulder pain, is actually coming from my neck. I start Methylprednisolone in the morning for 5 days, and then another nerve pain med after that. She is a pretty good doctor, and I've seen her in the past, so I'm hoping to see results. To answer your question, yes unfortunitely I have Actavis brand right now. When it's time for my refill, I am making a "B" line for rite aid. Even Endocet wasn't this bad! I believe that's what Sam's club has, but you can check though to be sure. I'll let you know what Costco has. It's kind of hard to find something other than Actavis.

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Lloyd Says:

Re: Cindy (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Endocet is name brand

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Judy Says:

i agree with you, not all meds, generic or otherwise are created equal. My husband is on several meds & I live in fear that the manufacturer of his drugs will change. Almost always his GI Tract starts bothering him. Then starts the talk with his pharmacist & we get 1 week at a time of meds made by different manufacturers til we find one that may work. It’s an independent pharmacist we work with, not the big chains. An option might be is to find a compounding pharmacy & they may be able to get Watson’s formula & make it for you.

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roro Says:

Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is Now Actavis, Inc. PARSIPPANY, N.J. , Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that the company has adopted Actavis, Inc. ... The company first announced its intention to change its name last year, following its acquisition of the Actavis Group .Jan 24, 2013

Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is Now Actavis, Inc. - Allergan

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Linda Says:

My oxycodone acetaminophen does not do anything for my paine I use to get percott and the mfg is mallinckrodt is no good I have Rheumrtroid arthritis and this is no longer working for me they changed everything

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Moe Says:

So what is it I have the 3369 white with the Watson on the other side is it gareric Vic or perc

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Elle Says:

I've taken percocet for years for my menstrual cramps. Watson was always the best generic. When that disappeared, my pharmacist at Sam's Club did some research for me and said Rhodes was the next best. He also recommended asking my doctor for a prescription for Vistaril to take with the 5/325 because Vistaril helps increase the effectiveness of certain narcotic pain meds. Been smooth sailing for years until Saturday afternoon when I went to pick up my prescription and had only one third filled with Rhodes, the rest with Mallinkrodt. Told Rhodes was no longer available. Tried the Mall. Might as well have taken a Tylenol. Waiting to find out if Rhodes is no longer available permanently or just temporarily.

Anyone who says the generics don't have variations is lying.

I don't know what to look for next if Rhodes is gone forever. I suppose I should count my blessings menopause is on the horizon.

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penny Says:

Re: Lola (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Lola-I know what you are talking about! I had recently changed pharmacy’s from CVS to Walgreens because the manager there was rude and got tired of being ill and then have to find out he didn’t order my meds etc. but when I changed stores mine was switched to what you are taking and I felt the need to call the ER several times with horrible outbreaks of severe muscle pain in my neck and back. It’s bullcr*! To be putting people through this. This med. makes me feel feverish, and hurts my eyes for some reason, on top of raising my blood pressure! Dont know if my blood pressure is going up higher each day because of the severe pain or if it’s the medication making it go up because of what’s in it! I am very sensitive to chemicals and even foods. And for this company to be putting trashy fillers or binders in it, should be pulled from the market immediately. Don’t be surprised that this is done intentional, to do research on what happens to people because they seem to hate anyone who is suffering in pain. I’ve never been able to understand why we who legitimately need help in reducing horrible pain (and trust me-I’ve tried everything non-medicinal to alleviate pain) and it was my Dr whom prescribed me pain meds to help only after I went through everything I could to help myself and nothing helped. It was a constant battle everyday, some days so bad I couldn’t do anything but cry and prayed that God would please just take me! Well, now I’m right back where I was, I cannot function from this pain and the meds make me absolutely sick!
I can’t go on like this! My med says A332 on it so if anyone else knows what’s good, you better inquire what is the name of the Pharm. Co. before you get your prescription filled and do not get it filled if its this kind of poison! Stay away from Actavis! I need to find out what kind of fillers and binders they are putting in their meds. Not only this, but in any thing else they make, because it’s making me SICK!!!

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punkin Says:

What does it look like cause I think that must be what's happening to me?

I need to know if P 208 round white tablets with a line on the other side is Percocet (Oxycodone 5mg + Tylenol 325mg) please? Also, what do Percocet tablets look like that are imprinted with 44 148? Thanks.

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Eb Says:

I'm dealing with the same thing. I've been on 10-325 s for 4 yrs and it took 3 different manufacturers to find the one that worked without severe bad effects
Now their changing the dose DUE TO ALL THE BAD PHYSICIANS who DIDN'T listen to their patients who are now ADDICTS. Thank GOD my body hasn't become addicted- yet I'm still tossed into that category. So now I have to start all over to find pain med that I feel doesn't compromise my ability to drive , think or generally live without putting my life at risk. Just tried 7.5-325 mcg AUROBINDO- very bad - I'd blackout like have narcolepsy and wake 5 hrs later ? This mcg comes from INDIA and has had alot of bad reviews. Good luck to everyone. While we go through this made due to the MANUFACTUERS of these drugs and the PHYSICIANS who prescribed them blindly and made many an addict. Us who are not effected suffer with you.

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CPA Says:

I took the Watson 5/325 after two abdominal surgeries in 2014 and it worked very well. I took it in 2016 for spine pain and shoulder pain and it doesn't have any strength at all nor can you get the "feel' of the older versions so they must have changed the formula or maybe they make it in China and God knows what you're getting. Avoid it it's useless. Go to another pharmacy- it's all that Walgreen stocks for pain; so we went to CVS and they have another brand which works fine. .

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