Watson 932 Opposed To Endocet 10 325 Mg

Truman Says:

Do any of the members of this forum have an opinion as to the effectiveness of Endocet v. Watson 932 equivelant?

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Verwon Says:

They are both supposed to contain 10mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, but since there can be fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredients in generics, as well as in the fillers used, how they work for anyone can be different.

While others may have gotten good or bad results from one of the other of them, the only way to find out how they work for you is to actually try it.

This is a narcotic pain reliever and may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation.


Are there any comments or questions?

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Indianagirl68 Says:

For me personally the Watson 932 works much better than endocet 712....I can tell a BIG difference in my pain relief

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William Says:

Most of the differences you guys feel are psychological! I have been chronic pain management 10 years - tried most everything. There isn't enough of a difference to make a "major improvement" in your relief just because it's stamped watson or endo.... you should consider that you may need a medicine change if you are that incredibly sensitive - just sayin'...........

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Acedaprofessional Says:

I too notice a difference in generic companies. If their were no differences their would exist only one brand. The same people that disagree probably believe hydrocodone bitartrate is the same as hydrocodone HCL... but that's another topic. The Endocet 712 are better than most but have a high potential to give me a headache, the M 523 more so gives me the stomach cramps & have a very short half life, comparing to the Watson 932's are best I have had little to no unwanted side effects plus the have a more lasting affect than the M 523 by Mallinckrodt. What I beg is do anyone have a educated opinion about the yellow round 230 with a strange Chinese C on the back, manufactured by Alvogen. Have anyone an intelligent answer? I cannot find any reviews on the internet anywhere.

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Acedaprofessional Says:

Yellow 230 pills by Alvogen are worse I've ever had more pitiful than M523. This pill has similarity to a placebo wish I never filled my script with this crap! I'll stick with my Watson 932 forever if overall quality is an issue.

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Joe G Says:

Been taking Endocet 10/325 for 10 yrs now after several failed spinal surgeries. If I take Watson brand, I'm sure to be needing Nexium within hours, & suffer some serious GERD ! Also, I do have much better pain relieving results with either nb Percocet or Endocet, as compared to any of the generic brands.
Yes, there is a difference in the inactive ingredients in all of them, from all the research I've done. Have not been able to get Endocet here in GA for 2 months now, and don't know what to do,.... Do I try going without my meds & wind up in the ER, or take a diff. generic & wind up in the ER anyway with some serious GERD issues ?!!

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Acedaprofessional Says:

Rite Aide pharmacy Joe G they are about $120 for 90 pills without insurance. I always find mom & pops rx for at least half that with Endocet u just have to ask 1st. Some pharmacists r cool and some are real jerks about it. Endocet do have a better quality than most with least side effects depending on the inactive ingredients and combinations of other medications. I have had true Gerd for about 13 years with operations done on my esophagus plus sleep in a hospital bed so yeah I understand. I still desire to fill a script with nb Percs just way to expensive ($600 for 90 pills Walgreens).

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Joe G Says:

Tnx, I so agree with you on the name brand - I can do great on one or two nb Percocet, and go for 6+ hours sometime, as compared to most generics, which I may get 3 or 4 hours of relief from, if I am lucky ! Endocet gives me the same results as nb - but who can afford nb? !! My local Mom & Pop pharmacy made a few calls for me this morning, and there is most definitely an Endo shortage at this time - looks like it will last until early to mid March.
You hit the nail on the head with the attitude of some pharmacists - most think we are 'Hop-Heads', just looking to get high. I would give anything for just one of them to experience even one, just one hour of the pain I go thru daily,... And then I'm sure they 'just might realize' why we need what we do need. Personally I would give anything to not have to take any of the narcotics that I do take, or,... I would give anything to see what just one hour of being 'pain free' is like !!
(I was injured in an on-the-job accident back in '92 - have had multiple cervical & lumbar spine surgeries, currently have a 4" plate in my neck, two 9"+ rods in my lower back,... Most of the surgeries failed - never really helped much, and I had some of the best NY Dr.'s perform them) !!
I recently had an extremely extensive exam by one of Emory Hospital/College's top MD's, and even he told me & Worker's Comp that the meds I take will be how the rest of my life will go. (getting off-topic here, sorry !).

Nonetheless, Tnx again - seems not many folk understand how a few simple inactive ingredients can change the effectiveness of a simple pill, go figure. And, how that small change can so adversely affect one's life. JG

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kim Says:

I've also taken a mixture of different manufacturers of percocet generic but this is the first time I've gotten ones made by Alvogen...they all help my pain but for some reason after taking these i get a bad headache. Have you ever noticed such a thing with a change in the maker? The only other time this happened was when i took the ones with no acetaminophen in them...those give me a horrid headache.

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Acedaprofessional Says:

Kim, Once I did get headaches too which I thought were caused by Endocet but now I take a combination of Fioricet with Percocet, 800 mg Neurontin, 350 mg Soma, Klonopin 0.5mg, Levoxyl & Clonodin 0.2mg with Exforge 5/160 along with rx grade vitamin supplements.
I have renal failure caused by too much NSAIDS/ Mobic and Lithium I were using for spinal abnormalities, cluster headaches, & overactive nerves. So my dosage of necessity is oxycodone 10/325 (BN) Percocet and never Hydrocodone anymore.
Generics that are not worth the time to make;
White oblong IP 204 by Amneal pharmaceuticals,
Round yellow 230 with Chinese C on back by Alvogen pharmaceuticals,
White oblong M 523 with 10/325 on back by Mallinkrot pharmaceuticals. I run from those placebo pills. And I too heard about the Endocet shortage this month from my local pharmacy near beginning of February about 11th. Anytime there is a shortage of any pill by request it means that they notoriously work the best! Watson 932 pills are hard to find and are upper echelon, but do give some people with GERD trouble.

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E A Says:

I've been on and off generic percocet since 1996. My regular pharmacy made an error in printing a label, and put the wrong doctor's name on it. As a result, all my docs were on me like narcotic Gestapo, requiring urine drug tests at all of them. To prevent future problems, I now fill the oxy 10/325 (& nothing else) at the Mom & Pop pharmacy in the medical center he's in.

Amazingly, they use Endocet. After always getting Watson, Endocet was almost heavenly. Pain relief was more complete, and they last slightly longer. My occupational therapist has pain issues, I told him of better response to Endo, he tried it and absolutely agreed.

Unfortunately, for the past month they've stuck me with the weird A stuff that takes almost twice the dosage to do anything, and then not enough. I don't understand it. I'm familiar with a couple meds that supposedly had issues between NB & generic, most notably Cardizem/diltiazem, but I thought people were imaging things. Now, like the rest of you, I realize it's the FDA imagining generics & NB are equal AND that there is an adequate supply of Endocet when obviously there is not.

It does especially tick me off that I stay up to date on healthcare & meds so I got off high dose acetaminophen YEARS ago, but despite attempting to be proactive I'm getting kicked in the teeth because of the slow switchover by the docs & Big Pharma who weren't paying attention. FDA is doing a crappy job of regulating! If they require this much control they need to nationalize narcotics. Combining tight oversight with for-profit businesses is a recipe for screwing patients.

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Kim Says:

Thanks for your response.As I got further into the month I realized these don't work well at all! My husband thinks I'm crazy cause "it's all the same the same thing" according to him.

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Jeremy Says:

I've studied pain meds for years because of the personal need for them. Yes,absolutely Endocet works better than any other generic or even brand name Percocet for me. Pharmacy's only make if any $1 off of selling endocet some pharmacy's actually tell me they lose $ from selling it. Even though pharmacy's don't have it in they will order it for you if they know you'll be purchasing it from them every month. I've even gotten a large pharmacy such as CVS(the old longs) to Oder it for me and keep it aside for my monthly refills. For at least the last 2 months the Endocet supply has been very low which happens every time another genetic come out such as the new Percocet generic Alvogen. On line Canadian pharmacy's are safe and reliable. Dr's are now having patients go to them for less expensive meds. In Canada they have a cap on how much prescriptions can be charged. Hope this helps. Jereen

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Joe G Says:

Jeremy, there's a new issue with Endocet now - had a script filled last week & my local 'Mom & Pop' pharmacy told me that the cost of this medication went up, significantly !. Instead of the usual $5.00 co-pay, they would have to charge me $50.00, as my insurance co. Would only pay $XX amount - seems they want the patient to use the less expensive generics. They showed me on paper, and they would actually lose $49.88 if they just accepted what the insurance paid - not fair to either the pharmacy or the patient !!. Yet back in Dec. 2012, what was paid was acceptable, and even then, the pharmacy was only making a profit of less than $4.00 ! Things are going 'to hell in a hand basket' !! Living on a disability retirement from 1992, don't know how much longer my checkbook can hold out - mail-order Rx is no better, as I've been told that they Cannot get Endocet, just whatever their contracts allow.
I so wish I never was injured, nor that I really need to take this crap - another hoop to jump thru !!

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JohnnyG Says:

Medications are not like they use to be. All about making money. The consumer or in this case the patient is treated like a second class citizen. I remember when we used to go to the doctors office and it was ok to ask your Doctor about new meds on the market whether pain medications or say antibiotics. Now when you have pain because you had back surgery and you found out about a new pain med the Doctor or doctors become hestiant and wonder where you heard about these medications? Look Doctor they have medications in magazines, TV and even on drive by signs on the highways. Also presume we are all addicts. No due process funny. Anyway I been on some pain meds like Percocet 10/325 (Watson) and I never had problems because I followed the information the doctor gave me. The common phrase we see on the bottle is USE AS NEEDED. Some just forget about that part.

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bat Says:

Endocet is made by same company as Percocet. It is the same pill as Percocet and is, in my opinion, the best generic. However, I have had trouble getting the Endocet for the past three months. Was told by my pharmacist that it was on backorder and when it comes back on the market, it will be prohibitively expensive. I have had two different "generics" in this three-month period and have suffered many side effects. I am now taking a Watson 825 but it does not control my pain as effectively as Endocet or Percocet. Anyone else experiencing this problem. I am only allowed two per day for break-through pain and believe me, my pain clinic knows if I take more. I have to take in my prescription bottle and they count the pills I have left. Anyone know anything about when Endocet will be back on the market?

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Joe G Says:

bat - Endocet is back on the market, but the pharmacies don't want to order it because it has gotten more expensive, & insurance co.'s are still wanting to pay the old price ! My local CVS will order it for me, thank goodness, but my local Mom & Pop shop won't - they showed me on paper how they are losing $, because as it was they were only making $3.50 on my 90 day Rx as it was, now they would lose $50.00 if they filled it ! Not conducive to staying in business, is it? It took me 4 days of driving pharmacy to pharmacy before I found one the would order it 'Only' monthly for me - don't know what to do if they stop, or if there's another price increase !! This really bites the Big One !

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Ladyjustice50 Says:

Psychological?? I'm totally in disagreement with you. First off, if you closed your eyes and switched different pills, you would NOTICE a difference. You're insulting many people and their pain by assuming this, especially since I've been on pain management over 10 yrs. I have 5 bulging discs with a herniated disc, fybromyalgia and herniated discs in my neck with stenosis all the way down. My c-1 thru c-5, and my L-1 thru L-7 and my S's are all bulging, and I have degenerating disc disease on top of my sciatic flair ups constantly. How can you say it's psychological? How can you possibly JUDGE all people without being a Dr or knowing them personally, or reading their MRI results? NOW Your passing JUDGEMENT. I don't think you'd want to be labeled or categorized like that either. Be VERY careful who you point a finger at and how you assume people feel. GOD...how terribly insulting you are!

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Ladyjustice50 Says:

Go to Walgreens hun! They only carry Watson! <3 Hope this helps. That's where I go. I loved your Mailinkroft or whatever the spelling as a placebo! you better believe it!! I can only use Endocet as it works the best! but it's impossible to find. I'm calling Qualitist who makes them, to see where I can find them! That puts an end to that crap! But Watson is effective. It's as close as you'll get to an Endo. Hope this helps. I only use Walgreens now, until I find Endocet again. I will not put up with pharmacies increasing my pain by making a buck off of me. the hell with that. You can't treat people who are totally disable and bonafide handicap on disability like this. There are places somewhere that still carry it, and I'll keep you posted.

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joel Says:

Watson in my opinion is the best of the generics. Aftet a couple of years on pain meds. The WORST....alvogen...make sure you never go home w this brand. It will be a long month.

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Steve tasker Says:

I put a couple drops of water on the back of a white Watson 932 pill to see what would happen, after about a minute I grabbed it and the side I got wet just crumpled off and the inside of the pill was yellow.
I want to know if that's normal or if these are fake??

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Antidiscrimination make alcohol illegal also Says:

I didn't read this whole article but I read enough to know what she said or that person said is so true I could take like 6 Watsons to one Endocet. And the problem is not the Endocet the problem is the Watson all Watson's. I have noticed across-the-board they are completely filled with fillers and they are going to end up killing people because of the Tylenol not because of the pain medication. People who suffer from chronic pain should not have to deal with the bulls*** that's going on with politics.

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Sauced up Says:

So did they ever make white endo oblong (10/325 percocet imprinted)

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Bring Back President Obama Says:

Oh Brother, another one blaming his life on the former President.. You deserve Trump, you redneck, uneducated hick. You loving the Indian garbage now?? You still alive??

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Debra Ann Says:

I am a former drug and alcohol counselor and also love pharmacology as a hobby for many many years I have chronic back and hip pain that I've been on Percocet for many many years I have noticed over the years that the Endocet 10 325 yellow pills are stronger and work far better than the oval round Watson's or any other manufacturers of Percocet 10 325 I have called all over Denver trying to find the Endocet 10 325 the little yellow pills because when I get my prescription every month of Percocet and though my doctor writes the script for Endocet 10 325 The white Ones always crumble as the month goes on and they are not as strong I wish someone in the Denver area could please tell me where I can get Endocet 10/325. Endocet 10 325 the little yellow pills instead of these white ones because as my tolerance grows toward these white ones the yellow ones never did build up a tolerance. I have sat down with the phone book and called every Pharmacy that I can drive to within the Denver metro area and no one seems to have the Endocet 10 325 I do wish that someone could leave a message and tell me where I can get them I used to get them at the Safeway pharmacy and I used to get them in a couple of the pharmacies but they just don't carry them but I want to call the manufacturer of the pharmaceutical company and see where they ship their Endocet 10 325 the little yellow pills it seems like they could tell me I realize people want to hold up a pharmacy and rob them of all their Percocet but I do wish someone could tell me where I can get the Endocet 325 in the Denver metro area. For those of us and there are many many many who are on Percocets for probably the remainder of Our Lives because they do work well and you can function although you may be physically addicted to them we really need the the yellow Endocet 10 325 it seems like there is a consensus among those of us who have to take them probably for the rest of our lives is we don't want to take Oxycontin in we prefer to take the yellow Percocets we can use fewer of them which should make the DEA and our physicians extremely happy and sidering the multitude of overdoses or if somebody can find out where in Denver I can get some Endocet 10 325 or from the pharmaceutical company it would be greatly appreciated. We just wanted to manage our pain and not have to take a whole bunch of The Quiet Ones for instance of course I haven't told my doctor was for several years I have been able to take three of the 10 325 at one time and it manages my pain but I'm talking about three of those every 4 to 6 hours now with the yellow ones I'm able to take 2 every 6 hours and that manages my pain and I know that that would make the DEA and the pharmaceutical company and my doctor so very happy because I am a lot less likely to overdose on 2 Endocet 10 325 every 6 hours than I am taking 3 Percocet 10/325 of Watson and whoever else makes the little white ones every 4 hours help people!!!!! There is a big place some place in the state of Colorado and I would be willing to drive to the mountains some Pharmacy has Endocet 10 325 the little yellow pill......

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burt Says:

NO not psychological, because sure enough just some of a 10mg. with the endocet put the same feeling as Watson had in the beginning, didn't last as long; like any narcotic it always takes more after awhile. Why was Watson told to stop making the 10/'325 was because it contained to much oxy. and would last longer. to many overdose's with it etc is what I understand the reason to be. So the power of suggestion can work quite well when put in the right format for that particular patient.

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Lulu Says:

Does the Watson now avtivas work for you? The endo do not work. I love my lab but can't find

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Mark Says:

Actually ette, Endocet comes in 2.5/325, 5/325, 7.5/325 and 10/325. Oxycodone HCL/Acetaminophen

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ette Says:

Endocet has 7.5 mg of Oxycodone where Watson actually had 10. This is NOT the same in any universe. And they do NOT work like the watsons. I WANT MY EFFECTIVE MEDCATIONS BACK!!!

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ette Says:

any two people are not the same. each is unique. far more people find problems with generics that give you 7.5 mg instead of the expected 10. If you are having good luck with whatever you take, good for you. Not for us.

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