Watson 540 Blue Oval Pill

Terri Says:

I found 2 blue oval shaped watson 540 pills in my sons room several months ago. What are they used for?

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Shirley Says:

this is a Lortab 10/500, my mom took these while battleing cancer, in the early stages, its for moderate to severe pain, they are addicting and you become very tollerant to the effect quickly, they have ahold of you before you know it and the withdrawal is more than the pain relief or the use of this. hope this helps, and I hope you havent found any since.

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Crystal Says:

Shirley is correct, this pill is Acetaminophen 500 mg and Hydrocodone 10 mg.

Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do.

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EvilMay Says:

Yup hydrocodone 10 mg acetametaphen 500 mg. I used to take these after I had surgery to remove a large cyst from my uterus. How old is your son? Cuz these can be very addictive if not takin correctly.

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dirty south Says:

they are addicting only if you choose them to be, and further more, they really do help the pain.

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KS Says:

Amen, Dirty South...they are only addicting if you choose them to be. As a chronic sufferer of severe degenerative disk disease, I have taken these off and on for many years, as prescribed by my doctor, most often less than prescribed by my doctor. I have never had withdrawals...not after I had surgery and was pain free for a few years and stopped taking them, and not when I lost my job and my insurance and stopped taking them. I regulate my own use to alleviate pain only...I do not use them to get high. And honestly, I am tired of addicts making a bad name for pain medication and making it so hard for people that actually need it to get it.

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2gr8kds Says:

KS, you are so true. I have the same condition with two herniated discs that are pushing on nerves and five bulging discs in my lower back all from a car accident. I also have severe nerve pain from this. Anyway, they are addictive if you let them. The more you take, the more of a tolerance you build up of it. I only take it when I need it and never just because I'm prescribed 4 lortabs a day. I may have days when I only have to take one throughout the entire day. Then, sometimes, on other days when my pain is worse I will take more. I hear of people around here that take 6 lortabs a day with 6 somas, or 4 lortabs at one time. I could never take more than one and a half at a time! People do what they want. Those who take them to get high are a bunch of freaking idiots, you are the ones who make it hard on us who really need it.

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thelipp Says:

KS and 2gr8kds...I totally agree as I have had numerous knee surgeries, bulging discs and osteoarthritis in lower back...when taken in moderation for pain relief, lortabs are very effective and it is a shame others abuse them as well as most other pain meds,truly making it harder for those that use them properly!

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KS Says:

I am the same way, 2gr8kds. I am prescribed 3 a day. Typically, I take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evenng, unless it is a really bad day and then I might take another 1/2. I can count the times I have taken a whole one at once on one hand.

Thanks to abusers, one must now go through hell just to get an appointment at a pain management facility. It is truly not right when you are in severe pain and it takes weeks just to get an appointment thanks to people that abuse the medication!

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Pebbles Says:

I am 54 years old. Goodness seeing my age inprint is a real awakening to reality. In 1994, I was in a MVA. I was hit head on. I know this because it was told to me. I had a cerebral contussion to the left front side of my head. As a result, I had short term memory loss for several days. The orbital area of my let eye was broken. I did not loose my eyesight. I had both feet broken. On the left foot most of the metatarsal bones were broken. It was explained to me that this was the type of injury people who jump out of airplanes with parachutes have due to the hard pressure sustained on the bottome of their feet when the land. In my case, it was the foot area of my car that pinned me in. My car was not equipped with airbags but, I was wearing a seatbelt. My head did take a jolt well, that was the steering wheel that was the cause for the eye injurty. Pins were inserted in the metatarsal of the foot area several weeks after the accident because I had a few surgeries in the beginning of my admit to the hospital. The toes on my left foot does not flex. My right patella was broken. The doctor felt I was too young at the time for a total knee replacement. A few weeks after the accident while in physical therapy, i had so much pain when I wanted to walk. It was aweful. One surgeon suggested a triple fusion to both my ankles. I did get another opinion and the other surgeon suggested a subtalur fusion to both feet. So, I had that done. My mother took great care of me because I could not walk. I was in nursing school at the time of the accident and had 4 semesters to complete and I would have had my BSN. Anyway, I did become and an RN with an associate's degree. At this time, I have 18 hours to complete my BSN. My problem now is, I am older, I still have my menstrual cycle. I have been on BCpills for years because my cycle was always heavy. Now I am still taking the pill because I believe menapause is knocking at my door. I was in another auto mobile accident and was hit on my side. Little did I know but I had a neck injury from my first accident however, I guess it wasn't severe enought to do anything about it. But the second accident showed that I had a previous whiplash. Since I was out of the hospital in 1994 discharged to my home, I never took pain medication. Never thought of it. I had such good care from my mother that I feel that helped me more than medication. However, in 2005, she was killed in a car accident as a passenger. Her sister past a stop sign. She got hit but not my mom. But she was the one who died. Since that time, my life has changed, I hurt physically and mentally. Antidpressants are not working for me. I do believe it is a hormone problem. I do take medication for pain since 2005. I work as a floor nurse in med-surge in a hospital and I hurt so much when I get off of work. It is hard for me. I can't take pain medication when I have to work, but, I am loosing my ambition to keep working. I am not sure if the pain medication is causing me to cry all the time or loneliness or hormone problems. I am not sure what to do. Since I have my female organs and not a problem with them. Hysterectomy is out of the question. I manage my pain but, the neck is a real problem. It controls my life. I want to be active again. I know I do have some physical limitations but, I want to be happy.

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OGB Says:

After open heart surgery, a buldging disc, renal failure, and returning to care for an infant and toddler, one or two 7.5 per day kept me going an pain free. After surgery, I was on a very high dosage of percocet, then 10/7.5 325 per day--otherwise, they said the pain could throw me into shock. I gradually reduced my dosage to one or two a day. My doctor wanted to send me to a pain clinic. Pain clinics, like methadone centers want you to abuse drugs. PERIOD. Am I an addict. No. Am I dependent. No. It manages my pain and now I am cut off thanks to losers who: (1) do not understand real chronic pain; (2) doctors who want to wash their hands of the uninsured; and (3) people who abuse and/or overdose on the acetaminophen component. I appreciate all the comments from those who understand the difference between addicition, dependency, and real pain managment.

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Big D Says:

In june of 2006i was injured on the job, I went to the workers comp doc that my company sent me to. My left shoulder was messed up. Well he gave me a cortisone shot and a script for these, with instructions to take 1 every 4-6 hours. This went on for 2 months, them he sent me for an mri, still sd just sprained, keep taking the pills, go to physical therapy and it will get better. In december he still sd nothing wrong again gave me more pills and by that time I could hardly use my arm, cried to sleep at night because of the pain and the fact I could not pick up my 30lb child, so I finally asked to see another doc for a second opinion. To make a long story short I had surgery, then a second surgery when I tore up the first one, 2 yrs total on these pills, not once taking them in a way other than prescribed. After 2 years I was addicted to them. Yes addicted! So those that say they are not addicting are wrong, they are very addicting, after taking them for awhile try to stop, you will see you can not function without them. There have been studies that confirm this. I now refuse to take these type of pain meds sure to the addiction that I personally went thru. And I'm not blaming anyone but myself. Just please be careful when taking these.

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mike144 Says:

I was in a similar boat as you big D. I had an accident years ago in which my right leg was broken and right shoulder severly dislocated. Over the following 3 years and 9 surgeries I had been prescribed almost every type of opiate narcotic pain medicine on the market. I made countless attempts at alternative pain management to no avail. The pills were the only this allowing me to work. As my tollerence increased so did my doctors prescription. I was suspicious of him Igetting kickbacks from the pharmy companies as he had no problem prescribing me (or pushing) this legal heroin to me that I became horribly addicted to. I was up to 4 30 mg pills of oxycontin a day. I tried to quit one day after becoming fed up with my physical dependence and became deathly ill. Like nothing I could ever imagine. Basically no different than heroin withdrawls, so I'm told. After a visit to the ER thinking I was dying I was referred to an " addiction specialist" and was put on a weaning program with methadone as my medication. I couldn't believe I was being prescribed the same drug used for heroin addicts. A very humbling eye opening experience so say the least. After about 6 months I worked my way down to zero meds and have abstained since. I'm still in a great deal if pain that I manage with Thai massage, reflexology, and and acupuncture with a bit of b****ing and complaining from time to time. I am much better off than I was when I was horribly addicted to basically legal smack. (Heroin). The lortabs is where I started and ended on methadone. All prescribed by doctors and taken within the script limits. It's a road you do not want to go down if you have the choice. It changes who you are for the time you are on it and will ruin many asspects of your life with some being irreversible. Do yourself a favor and treat it like you would any street drug and stay the f*** away, pardon my French. Medical marijuana is the only thing I trust as far as narcotics go. I know many will disagree but it usually o.ly because they are uneducated. Always infirm yourself from as many angles as possible and you will Do just find. Good luck to any and all fellow chronic pain sufferers.

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Pills123 Says:

i took one a bit ago and was okay at first but then i started feeling really sick and i tryed eating my dinner but only could have a few bites and a few minuets after i threw it all up... and i been throwing up alot now.... last time i try this

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Doesnt Matter Says:

As for the person who said they will be on the list for kidney transplant, I feel the need to comment here; My mother was on 750 Vicodin for over 20 years 1-2 tabs every 4-6 hrs and took the max dosage because of her pain problem and no longer takes them and has no issues she had degenerative disc disease and severe back problems she is now on a stronger medication. In no way am I condoning that guy's use of the drug for his own personal feeling of self bliss, I am stating your information isn't completely accurate and is nowhere near actual figures in large use compared to 'REAL' studies instead of ones published in health magazines and those provided by the fda. This drug is extremely addicting and technically should not be used considering the active ingredient is all that should be needed but they make too much money by sickening the people with the inert ingredients. I do believe you should take more care in wording and putting information out when answering a question in a a somewhat knowledgeable response.

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wcs Says:

After a severe motorcycle accident where I was struck by a drunk driver my doctor placed me on this medication at 1 every 4 hrs for the pain. While it was mildly effective for pain management, the acetomenophin did cause countless problems not on my liver but on my stomach. At first he tried using a stronger medication but we decided to try something a little different after a few months that had really been a 'godsend'. He placed me on a 25mcg fentanyl patch later increasing to a 75mcg patch.

Pros: continuous pain relief. I've never had a problem with ' breakthrough pain '. Keeps a steady supply of medicine in my system as long as I wear the patch as specified.

Cons: patches do have a tendency to lose their adhesive qualities in warm weather due to sweat. They do have to be worn on schedule otherwise effectiveness is greatly diminished and discomfort is pretty intense.

Not something I want to be on for the long term and my Dr. and I already have a step down plan for when that time comes by lowering the dosage and supplementation with other opiates as needed. 2 mistakes I have made. Opening the patch and eating the medicine resulted in 3 days worth of medicine in one dose that couldve killed me and impatiently wearing more than one patch at a time. Other than that though, this chemical has treated my pain very effectively and allows me to have a quality of life I wouldn't have without it.
I know this post is kinda off topic but hopefully it helps.

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Cody Says:

@dirty south: Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen does not directly effect the kidneys. Hydrocodone is water soluble, which means it's absorbed and metabolized by practically everything in your body, and Acetaminophen is metabolized by the liver. The only way the kidney's are going to have to deal with Vicodin/generic, is if the patient is self-medicating or over-doing the prescribed dosage. Do you know which organs do what? You seem pretty ignorant.

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Dan Says:

Methadone is not only for herion addicts. It is the best pain reliever I have used and I have tried them all. Most of you look down on methadone. When you are in severe chronic pain it can be a life saver. I hope people stop putting it down someday.You all are talking about taking vicodin if that is what helps you,you have no idea what real pain is about.

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beentheredonethat Says:

I can tell you all if you take any narcotic pain medicine everyday, even if it is only 1 a day you are addicted to that opiate. There are those who have non addictive natures who can jump on and of them and not suffer heavy withdrawal but you will still have some sort of withdrawal. It could be as mild as irritability, or a simple headache or stomach ache. Methadone is a very effective pain treatment because it is synthetic and has a very linear breakdown rate. However it I'd one of the hardest meds to come off of. People with addictive natures don't all stay of as people looking to get high. Most are in legitimate pain but for one reason or the other can't get proper medical help and turn to the street for their meds. Most of the time actual pain pills are hard to find on the street and once addicted they need something so turn to heroin because it is everywhere. It is a dilemma in the USA and now with more and more people losing their jobs and insurance most doctors won't take the risk unless you've kept most of your medical record and cash to pay the doctor. To the OP, I hope for your stone sake you called him out and got him help because he most definitely was not using them for pain. I have 3 herniated discs with root entrapment and 2 more bulging, and the beginning stages of scoliosis. Currently I take 6Mg of subzone a day which is not for pain, I just accept it and deal with it because I'm sick of pain meds. I've been prescribed morphine sulfate for the back issues, taken street drugs when I had jobs with no insurance for the pain just and ended up on methadone at the end to get off heroin and yet to manage the pain. Methadone withdrawal is insane so all you kids who think getting high and popping pills is cool or for having a good time you have no idea what road you've jumped onto. My advice from someone who hadn't taken any street or non hospital given pain med is avoid them at all costs. Take this crap only when you absolutely have to. I would never begrudge any person taking a narcotic that really needs it, but taking it for recreation is just stupid. There is a reason in the early days the label for opiates was the skull and crossbones.

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SgtUSA32years Says:

All I can say is "walk in my shoes" and you will be begging for either a .357 magnum pistol to end the pain, or 10mg percocet to stop the monster/gorilla pain. I've had migraines so bad all I can do is rock back and forth in the bed. Been to the ER so many times they "think" I'm searching for a high, not so. I've had 4 orthopaedic injuries in Iraq and if it weren't for the medicine I might choose the .357. Sometimes it really does get that bad. However, be careful, these things can and will bite you in the butt if you misuse them. Some people have to take 10-12 of the strong stuff, GOD help me if I ever deteriorate that far. Doctors too look at you like you're a liar, that's why there's so much doctor shopping, buying out of the country, theft of pills, etc.

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Buggs Says:

I am going to pain management and have been for 4 years due to degenerative disc disease and various other back problems. Im prescribed a fentynal patch for the major pain and can have two 10/500 Vicodin per day if needed. The patch does great most days but I work as an R.N. part time and some days need the Vicodin to help manage my back pain. I dont need the extra pills I dont take them. I am always aware of the potential to become addicted. I have to visit my Doctor 1 time each month and you have to bring your pills and patches for them to count each time. Some patients dont like doing this but its added precaution to me and reminds me to do the right thing or I could wind up with no help with my pain.Thanks.

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