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Financial help to pay for Votrient cost

My wife will be starting Votrient in a few weeks. We were contacted by our doctors organization to provide financial information to potentially get help paying for it. We were also contacted by our drug plan to help with co-pay. Very confusing. What is the best way to get financial aid to cover the cost of this drug? ## Do you have any idea of how much it is going to cost you, yet? For some very expensive medications, you may need help from more than one source to cover it. From what I've found reported, it seems to be very expensive, so you could see who is offering the most assistance, or ask about using them both. Votrient Information Votrient may cause side effects, such as nausea, weight loss, hair loss, weakness, and change in hair color.

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votrient/.renal kidney cancer

Any good results on renal kidney cancer. need help on shrinking advanced stage tumors.. now on votrient.. not sure in sutent is better.. anu suggestions ## Have been on Sutent (4yrs). No longer working. Am to start Votrient in 2 wks. I hope it will work. The side effects are hopefully not as bad as the sutent. Going to the bathroom 10 times a day get to be a little much. The bitter taste usually only last 14 out of the 28 days. ## You should take the medication that your doctor feels is best for you. The FDA warns that they may all cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and increased urination. How are you both doing, now? Are either of you on any other medications?

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Votrient (Pazopanib)

I would like to know where to get a Votrient prescription filled? - it can be 200 or 400mg. It's very important for me and my family to find it asap as my father has a cancer and his insurance doesn't cover this therapy. I will appreciate your help. Kind regards {edited for privacy} ## Are you living in europe? ## I have been on 800 mg Votrient for about 3 weeks. Has anyone on this had a change in the way that they perceive flavor? I am no longer able to taste salt in anything. The side effects list stated that there may be a strange aftertaste in my mouth, but nothing specific about sensing salt. ## Is there a place or organization that we can donate votrient bottles to a family in need. They are so expensive and feel so bad throwing them out. Our family member passed. We have ...

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Resistance to Votrient

My father has stage 3 kidney cancer which is spread on lungs and liver, he's on votrient for almost 7 months and it was working well, tumor shrank, and all the metastasis on lungs shrank almost 50% after 3 months of therapy. But now after 6 months of therapy they started to grow again. Are there any possibility that his organism developed immunity to votrient after 6 months? Is anyone familiar with possibility of that? We have Sutent as back up medicine but we first wanna check is votrient stoped working or is it because his imunity is lower than before because he had a flu last month for almost 3 weeks. Any experience would be helpful.


My husband has been pazopanib for one week. The side effects are, loss of appetite, blisters on his tongue, and fatigue. Does it get better the longer you are on it? Does your body adjust? Or is this how his life is going to be? I have lots of questions for someone who has been on Pazopanib, and would love to talk to someone. {edited for privacy} ## My husband has been on it for about 2 weeks and he's having the same side effects so I would also like to know that answer to this question. ## These are listed by the FDA as normal side effects of this medication. Unfortunately, most cancer medications are very harsh and such side effects rarely go away, but tend to continue for the duration of treatment. Other side effects, may also include hypertension, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia an...

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Pantoprazole substitute

I can not take pantoprazole now but have all day issues w/ my stomach. Is there anything I can do or take to help? ## Hi maggie, Sorry to hear about your situation. From what I could gather, pantoprazole is used to treat symptoms of GERD & excess stomach acid. What works for others may or may not work as well for you, however, I've had success with raw manuka honey and apple cider vinegar for eliminating excess acid and heartburn. My father also battles with esophagitis from time to time and has had very positive feedback with that regiment. Baking soda is extremely alkaline and in my experience may also be a nice addition to that arsenal of treatment. Other than that, drinking alkaline water daily (with a PH of 8-9.5), juicing raw veggies (such as a leafy greens, cucumbers, cel...

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Crushing votrient for topical use

My mother suffered from angiosarcoma of the scalp diagnosed in 2015. She went thru chemo and radiation. She was put on votrient after the radiation. It ran her BP up so much that she had to quit taking it. She now has recurring tumors in the scalp. She had remaining votrient and had the great idea of crushing the tablets and making a paste to apply directly to the tumors in her scalp. I told her not to do this, but she is a retired nurse and doesn't listen to anyone. She ended up breaking out in a rash that is currently covering her entire torso. Dr has no idea what it is. Could it be related to using the votrient for this purpose? ## Yes, there is a chance that it is due to this use of the Votrient. It could also cause skin flaking, and dryness, according to NIH reports. What type ...

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Votrient and loss of eyesight

Are there any reported cases of reduced vision or loss of eyesight with taking Votrient for an extended period? Thank you. ## The FDA lists that it has been known to cause blurred vision, as well as eyelash discoloration. What types of issues are being experiencing? It can cause dizziness, which may also make someone feel like their vision is being affected.

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leg pain and swelling

Has anyone experienced leg pain and swelling. I have been on votrient for 12 weeks and now I'm having severe leg pain I already have a blood clot in my left leg, but now my right leg is in pain when I walk. I'm totally concerned as I have experienced several side effects. But this side effect would be better than a blood clot. ## Hello, Kocoa! How are you? Votrient has been known to cause musculoskeletal pain as a side effect in some people that take it, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, change in hair color, weight loss and myalgia. However, since you do have a history of clots, you should have it checked out by your doctor to be sure. Is there anything else I can help with?

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where can I obtain Votrient pazopanib 400mg 120 tabs

I am in urgent need of getting 120 tabs of votrient. I am paying fully from my pocket as I do not have insurance coverage. I would like to know the price and is there any way to reduce these expenses? ## I am 76 yrs old taking Votrient 800mg a day for metastatic renal cancer for the past 8 month. My disease is currently stable. I just received my last order of votrient 400mg it comes as 60 tabs per package (one month supply) from the internet. It is the brand medication made by GSK in the UK. I paid $6300. saved about $3500 times 3. A few month ago I did a market search and found out that there are many companies selling it from India. I was not pleased with buying it from there as I know there are many counterfeit medications going around! I even thought about buying it from people who...

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My mum had renal cancer 22 years ago, we had the kidney whipped out and nothing reaped its ugly head until now!! 4 tumors in her right lung!! We started pozapanib 6 days ago and no side affects as yet! Is this normal? Does it take time? ## Hello, Deanna! How is your mother doing? It may take some time, or she may not experience many side effects from it. Not everyone does, there are always some exceptions. Typical side effects for this drug may include nausea, vomiting, changes in hair color, hypertension and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi Verwon! Thank you for replying. We are now into our 6th week and the side affects are appearing! Blood pressure! Lack of energy and a horrible metallic taste in her mouth., and also her arthritis is going worse! We have a hosp...

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Seven Kidney Tumors Removed

Hi Cancer Patients. My right kidney was removed about a year ago with stage 3 kidney cancer. A year later it returned with 7 tumors in my colon, small intestines, liver and abdomen - stage 4 kidney cancer. I was turned down for an operation at a big local hospital. They wanted me on Sutrent as a substitute. A second opinion at City of Hope Cancer Hospital, Duarte, CA had a wonderful surgeon and three other specialist surgeons remove all 7 tumors in a 10 hour operation. Now I am on a test for Votrient to keep tumors from coming back taking 800 mg daily. Has anyone been on this test after a similar experience? How are your progressing? ## Liver and Kindey cancer ## Hi BeeGee, Sorry to hear about the recent challenges you've been facing. Just out of curiosity, what was your diet like b...

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on & off votrient

I was diagnosed with angiosarcoma on my nose and was on Votrient for 40 days. Angiosarcoma on the nose is rare. The surgery can be very radical. I had many rough side effects (whacked my thyroid) and felt horrible on the drug. Recently a punch biopsy was performed reflecting no angiosarcoma. My oncologist and surgeon are very pleased (as am I) but they want me to go back on Votrient for an additional 4 months and re- biopsy. Has anyone had a successful on and off Votrient protocol?

rectal bleeding

I have been on votrient for 7 days. I have a colostomy bag. Today a bleed a little from the rectum. Is this a common side effect. What should I do? ## Fromw hat I'm finding, Votrient has been known to cause severe intestinal bleeding in some people, which may be very dangerous. Where you informed that you should watch for such a side effect? Learn more Pazopanib information here. Have you told your doctor about it? If the bleeding gets bad, you should go to your nearest emergency room. ## I have contacted my doctor and she is not concerned at this time. There has been no more bleeding so I am continuing on the drug. Thank you so much for you information. I had not previously been informed that this is a side effect.

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bitter taste--nothing taste good ## Votrient contains the active ingredient Pazopanib, it is a medication that interferes with the growth of cancer cells in the body. Taste changes can be a common side effects of this medication, as well as hair loss, nausea and weight loss. However, it is very important that you don't just stop taking this medication, without talking to your doctor. Have you contacted them, yet?

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