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Nestle TEN vs. Nestle Plus?

I need to take one of the Nestle tube feeding formulas to for slow small intestinal transit. I took the hydrogen breath test at Cedars-Sinai and the result was high methane. (I have SIBO). The doctor there recommended Vivonex Plus, but I'm wondering if Vivonex TEN would be better. Have any of you taken these 2 formulas? How did they help you and which would be better for my condition? ## Okay, I admit I am not very familiar with these, since they aren't actually considered a prescription drug, but fall into the medical food category. Learn more medical food details here. However, what I can tell you is that with these types of medical complications, you should use what your doctor has told you to take. There may be reasons he didn't want you to have the other one, though the...

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