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I'm getting knee pain since 2007and got advised from doctor to reduce my body weight to 65 kg (right now my weight is 95 kg). i take a lot of medicine to reduce my pain but failed. Last week I received vitbion forte tablet from my friend who work as hospital assistant. before I take it; could you please advice me what is the function of this tablet; is it i will get side effect if i take it continuously.

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Verwon Says:

Anything you take carries the risk of causing side effects.

Vitbion Forte is a Vitamin B complex supplement, it sometimes helps people with pain or fatigue, if they are deficient in these vital nutrients, however, if your pain is caused by something else, then it will not have any effect.

Has your doctor suggested any other solutions? Have you narrowed down what is causing your pain?

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Ray Kay Says:

I am having severe Knee pain in my both knees;I,m taking diclofenic sodium tab,one in 4.5 days for over 4 months..I get relief from pains.Has this medicine got any adverse effect on kidney or liver for long usage.

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Soon LC Says:

I have been sufferring from back pain and knees pain for 7 months. I am not sport-active and met an serious car accident last 2 years ago. When diagnosed, nothing bad occurred on my body.

For knees pain, the doctor and the physiotherapist said my muscles are weak. As I have started to have knees physio. , its slowly recovering. But, my rite knee, when i step on the floor, it will have mild pain. When walking, the pain sometimes will be gone. At the same time, i could feel my back is pain. The physiotherapist added that my muscle started to weak last few years ago and i Didnt realise it.

For the time being, Im taking glucosamine + chondroitin, vitbion forte and Dicloran Gel to apply.

My question:
a. Is glucosamine + chondroitin and VITBION FORTE able to cure up my knees pain and back pain? What are their function? How long it would fully recover?

b. When doing physio on my knees, my back body is pain.I have consulted doctor and had X-ray. From the report, it shows that there is minimal degenerative on my back pain and the doctor said its not abnormal. Is there any conenction between back pain and knees pain? Im taking Vitbion forte..

Hope u can clear my doubt... tqvm...

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vanlow Says:

Wah! Posted in 2010 and yet no reply... I was hoping to see some response to the question, but unfortunately there isn't any.

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vis Says:

consuming diclofenac sodium frequently is not recommended as it is group of analgesics nsaid which will damage kidney functions easily..

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Haniff Md Says:

Re: vis (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Does Vitbion incorporate B1, B6 & B12 like Neurobion?

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Mig 21 Says:

What is vitbion forte used for? I mean what type of sickness is it best to use on? For pain management only or other sicknesses too? Thinking of getting some for a knee problem. Gotta get a knee replacement done later this year. Thought I could take this medicine as my wife was prescribed this for her knee problem.

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Er Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I am a 59 years old lady last 3 months i quit my office work and now look after my grand son.who is now 11 months with weight more than 10 kg.
Recently i feel my fingers numbness &pain when sleep.Any suggestion how can i relief my numbess/pain.

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Jenny Says:

l was recommended to take neurobion but chemist dispense me vitbion forte tablet to reduce nerve pain.

are they comparable medication?

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