Viibryd With Midol Caused Terrible Panic Attack- Anyone Experienced Anything Similar?

Kelsie Says:

I have been taking Viibryd for a few of months. I started with the sample pack, and have been taking 40 mg. for the past 2 months. The medication works well for me and I've never had a problem. Last night I took 2 Midol at the same time as the Viibryd and I had the WORST panic attack I've ever had. My pulse was over 140, and luckily I was able to calm myself down after a couple of hours and didn't have to go to the hospital. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else with an over the counter medicine? I have never taken anything at the exact same time as the Viibryd before, and I think that was the issue. Thanks in advance.

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David Says:

Hi Kelsie,

I was going to check whether or not there are any drug interactions or side effects that might explain the panic attack, but wasn't sure "which type of Midol" were you taking with Viibryd? They all appear to have different ingredients.

Did you mean...
• Midol Extended Relief (naproxen)
• Midol IB (ibuprofen)
• Midol Maximum Strength Cramp Formula (ibuprofen)
• Midol Maximum Strength Menstrual (acetaminophen/caffeine/pyrilamine)
• Midol Maximum Strength Teen Formula (acetaminophen/pamabrom)
• Midol PM (acetaminophen/diphenhydramine)
• Midol PMS (acetaminophen/pamabrom/pyrilamine)
• Midol PMS Maximum Strength (acetaminophen/pamabrom/pyrilamine)
• Midol Traditional (aspirin/caffeine)

You may also be right in assuming that your body just wasn't ready to take both medications at once (from a mental and emotional perspective). These drugs can have a significant impact on your thoughts and behaviors to the point where your mind inevitably reaches its threshold and has to "panic" to let you know it was too much.

Determining whether or not there are any drug interactions should help clarify this. So if you could please post back with more details on Midol that would be great!

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missmissy Says:

Viibryd has bad side effects with alot of meds.... i was put on it with my seizure meds n a few days later my seizure meds were not working i looked up viibryd n the top of list of meds not to mix was my dilantin... so now i always check new meds n keep track of it myself cause my psych Dr had a list of all my meds n carelessly perscribed that to me..... so before u take anything with that look it up ... we goto look out for ourselves too ....

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emily b Says:

i took mydol for the first time and everything was fine i started to feel a little energetic didn’t think anything of it but then i started to get nauseous and really shaky and jittery then what really worried me was that my heart started racing and i was having heart palpitations, the heart racing and nauseousness only lasted for about 15-20 mins but i was shaking for the rest of the night. don’t know if anyone else had a similar experience because i would like to link it to the mydol but i’m not sure

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