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What if any side effects are people experiencing on viibryd

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Taking Viibryd (vilazodone) at a dose of 40 mg per day is considered to be well tolerated and reported adverse effects ranged from mild to moderate in intensity; side effects included diarrhea, nausea, and somnolence.

Other than that, I haven't located any other side effect information on this drug.

You can view more details on Viibryd by following the link below:

Please post back if you have any other general questions or concerns about this drug.

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I have noticed hair loss, been on it about 4 months now.

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been on vii almost 2 months. worse side effect is restless leg. if i get it taken early enough in the day, i don't notice it as much. if i take it noonish, then its really bad at bedtime. also didn't help the libido which is why i switched from lexapro. it has also worsened my sleep paralysis.

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I stared Viibryd 3 days ago. I was only using a starter pack from my doctor's office and it stared off at 10 mgs only. I took it at night with some trouble sleeping but got to sleep after a while. Woke up ok and no effects. I told a friend I felt great that day and thought that this may ne the Drug that finally helped me out of my "funk". 2nd night fell asleep right away but felt nauseous most of the night ointo the am. It went away and was at work normal time...early even! Lots of energy and I was happy! 3rd night I took it beforeed and feel asleep as normal. during the night I felt aches and pains and my stomach was churning. I woke up out of sleep and had to run to the bathroom. I was throwing up and going diarrhea at the same time with little control of it. I had severe head ache and my joints were killing me. I thought I was dying!! That day I went through hell. I could not get out of bed..only when I had to get to the bathroom to puke or the other. It tool too additional days for it to get out of my system. Tonight is the 2nd night I have not taken Viibryd and I am stillfeeling sick, had a slight fever and have to eat broth and Ginger ale only. Worst side effects I have ever had on a drug and there is no way I can "deal with this" to feel better. I'd rather be depressed thean dead! I was on Prozac and I think I will try that but at a high level. Just wanted to share my 5 day experience with Viibryd. PURE HELL!!

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You're right Lacey. Viibryd helped my depression, but the joint pain is too awful to bear. After almost a month of joint pain, I finally figured out it was a side effect of Viibryd. At first the tops of my feet hurt (almost like shin splints), then my knees (felt like bone grating on bone), my hips, my elbow (like tennis elbow), and my knuckles. I've been off it for 19 days now but my joints are still aching. The doc put me on an Cataflam which is an anti-inflammatory, and it's helping. Does this mean that Viibryd causes joint inflammation, or whole body bursitis? The joint pain is supposed to be a side effect of only 2-3% of patients; lucky me.

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Since beginning viibryd ive began having sleep paralysis along with hallucinations. VERY scary!! I had previously not been on any anti-depressants and never had sleep paralysis. Now i am scared to get off for fear of having sleep paralysis on a regular basis... Would rather have dealt with the depression than fear of going to sleep at night! :(

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I also have joint pain as a side effect... sigh. I was doing much better mood- and energy-wise, but after getting to the 40mg mark for a couple months, the pain in my arms / elbows (also like tennis elbow) is sometimes so excruciating I can't bend the arm at all.

Dr. took me down to 20mg and it's been ~3 wks, no change with pain.

Another side effect is intermittent loose bowels, and trouble getting to sleep / staying asleep.

No change whatsoever in libido.

I, too, am having vicious sweet cravings--hadn't connected it to Vii until seeing that others have it too!

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Oh, yeah, forgot about a couple of the most troubling side effects I'm experiencing:

Terrible memory loss (much worse than what I had with major depression and any of the other meds I've been on the past 20 yrs). For instance, I'll set off to phone someone about something and I've forgotten what it was by the time they answer. A couple times I couldn't even recall my own address!

The other thing that's troubling is blurred vision. I'd recently gotten the 'over-40' thing where I couldn't see closely very well, but the Vii is causing a blurring in things that are far away now... that's scary!

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Hi Paxil Jim,
Yes, unfortunately, joint pain IS a side effect. My Dr. said that it allegedly only happens with 2-3% of those on Vii, but from what others' have said on various boards, we must all be congregating online....
And I, too, have excruciating joint pain in one of my arms/ elbow / shoulder area. Also sore to the touch and some days can't even lift it.
Even after the Dr. reduced to dosage it hasn't gotten better.
My primary concern is if I get off Vii, will the pain ever go away? And what on earth is this drug doing to our joints to cause this? If it's leaching cartilage, how will that ever come back? Scary stuffl

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I experienced pain in my shoulder, but put it down to surgery 6 months ago. However, I did notice tenseness in my jaw and in my muscles all the time. I have been on Viibryd for over a month. I have tried every other anti-depressant over the course of 28 years. This one has caused the worst side-effects. I experienced nausea, loss of appetite, (I lost 10 pounds in 1 month), diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tenseness, dry mouth and panic attacks almost immediately. My doctor felt these were not attributed to Viibryd and that the side-effects would go away, but they only got worse. I became even more depressed and anxious after my dose was increased to 40mg. My psychiatrist just shrugged and advised I keep to that dose for another two weeks. I decided to take matters into my own hands and began decreasing my dosage from 40 to 20mg for a few days, than 10mg for a few days and then 5mg for two days and then none. I went back on 20mg Cymbalta as soon as I started decreasing the Viibryd. My side effects decreased along with the decrease in Viibryd. I see my psych today and am going to be very proactive on insisting these were actual side effects. I'll also contact the company. Anyone else experiencing strong side effects besides muscle and joint pain?

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I've been on vii several months now... I have noticed a lot of hair loss!!! I lose a huge handful every shower! Also have the weird brain zaps which are very annoying and bothersome... Also have noticed that If I'm even an hour late for my pill I get very emotional...

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AGITATION!!! Ive experienced pain in my joints especially my toes and fingers but the agitation seems to be my big one. I have horrible PMS and is the main reason my Dr switched me from a long term Effexor/ Prestiq therapy to Viibryd. Now I feel like a psycho PMS enraged female EVERYDAY...It's horrible. Ive yelled at my kids and even threw a remote at my boyfriend the other day...Maybe being psychotic one week a month was not so bad...PLUS HORRIBLE HEADACHES LASTING 6 hours a day and start, like clock work, about an hour after taking the Viibryd.

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Wow, Crystal, I can totally relate to the aggression (verging-on-violence). That's why I had to go off Vii. That and the excruciating joint pain. Oh, yeah, and the inability to remember ANYTHING AT ALL.
Didn't have headaches tho.
Anyway, coming off Vii was a bummer b/c I had high hopes for it. It was also a b**** to come off. Not the actual drug (like Efx XR was), but I became so suicidal/ violent that my husband and Dr nearly put me inpatient (weeks 2-5 after stopping Vii).
Thankfully I've found a new pdoc who 'thinks outside the box.' I'm on new meds that made a marked difference moodwise w/in a week!
Anyway, at ~7 weeks off, the aggression is WAY better than it was. Only occasional flareups.
The joint pain is still here, sadly. But not as bad. Used to be some days I couldn't even lift my left arm (b/c of elbow & shoulder joints), now, most days, I can, but still can't really lift anything else without pain (less than it used to be, but still present).
Memory's still pretty shot, too. :(
Anyway, perhaps your pdoc can offer some insight into how it's effecting you and possible solutions. Hang in there! :)

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I am new to this board stuff but I have a side effect that is concerning me. I've been on Viibryd for several months. Worked my way up to 40. It was added with Welbutrin I'm already taking. And I have been taking Ambien for 10 years after a mastectomy and trouble sleeping. I have been waking up in the middle of the night seeing things in my room and closet that look real. I will stare at it for a long time and it doesn't go away. And to see if it moves. I will close my eyes and when I open them it's gone and I'm able to see what is actually there. I'm now starting to see them move and appear to be looking back at me. I know I'm awake. My husband said he saw me last night holding my head up looking at something. If I miss a pill one day I will wake up the next morning feeling bad. I tried Cymbalta in the past, liked it, but negative side effects sexually. Does anyone have the same experience?

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ok...i'm a 41 yr old female, who has recently been diagnosed as diabetic after gaining a bout 25 lbs and my sweet tooth is in complete overdrive!! there are days that i feel like i might seriously die if i dont have some sugar. its horrible.
i have had some incidents of being very snarky and crappy with my friends and family, and if i miss a pill, i feel like a total B. ive actually gained some weight (ok, lotsa wight) but i dont know if the vii is connected or not. i did just recently start to notice that my knees hurt going up and down the stairs, like needles poking into the backside of my kneecap, but again, i'm not sure if the med has anything to do with that. sigh...overall, i'm seriously considering going off the medicine just to see if i lose some weight if my knees get better. i've only been on this medicine for about 3 months, with the last 2 being at 40mgs. has anyone else suffered weight gain?

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Having been on Zoloft, Celexa, and Effexor, I must say I am soooo much better on Viibryd. I had the same side effects on the previous 3 (fatigue, huge weight gain) and TERRIBLE withdraw on Effexor. I have had absolutely no side effects on Viibryd. Not to mention way more energy and normal appetite. Everyone is different though!

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Hi everyone - 24 year old female. I'm on the second week of my Vii trial pack. I have an issue with "compulsive negative thinking" that has caused some pretty terrible issues all of my life. I also have ADHD and take 20 mg of Adderall. I am on the 2nd week (20 mg pills).

So far I feel like this pill is slowly helping me. I say this because instead of my brian automatically calling out everything wrong in every situation, I've actually had a few instances where I was just happy and those things didn't cross my felt amazing.

Side effects so far...

I haven't had any joint pain like the other people posting about this med online have. I also do Bikram yoga 3-4 times a week, so that could be the reason why I haven't experienced that side effect.

One thing that I've noticed is every time after I eat a meal I feel like within an hour I have to use the bathroom. It's not diarrhea, it's just really soft stool. I used to go maybe once a day or every other day, now I'm going multiple times a day. My DR did advise me that I may have stomach discomfort for the first few weeks. I'm not sure if this is what he meant.

Anyway, so far so good. I hope that the frequent bowel movements will pass.

I will check back in after I've been on the 40mg for a while.

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The Viibryd worked well for me. I would wake up rested, ready for the day - no anxiety or depresson but if i forgot to take it at all or on time NIGHTMARES!! It is horrible! I went down to 20 mg lost my energy, slight level of anxiety. I'm going to try Cymbalta if that does not work I'm going to set my alarm to remind me to take my drugs...otherwise I'M AFRAID TO GO TO SLEEP!

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32 year old male. Just took my 4th 10mg sample pack pill about an hour ago. So far my side effects have been pooping almost right at an hour after taking the pill. The only other side effect has been confusion. It's worse closer to the time I take the pill. I just completely lose my train of thought and stand there looking into space. Caught myself just standing around at work today clicking my pen for who knows how long. After I go to bed and wake up it's not as bad.

My doctor told me that there would be some effects for the first two weeks or so while my body adjusted. This is my first time taking something for my atypical depression.

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Re: Joe Cool (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Thought I was on the verge of demential like my aunt

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Re: Amy (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

So glad it works for you.

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Re: ncc369 (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Me too!!! I can't get enough sugar and have gained 9 lbs in the last six weeks. I am not overeating!

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Re: Ruth in CO (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Some Doctors do not know what you actually feel like inside. Sometimes I feel that they just don't understand and that they just put you on all different meds to see which ones you can TOLERATE. This doesn't help me at all. Referred me to a therapist where I had to fill out the same forms 4 times and asked by her the same questions. She is a 32 yr. old who has never experiences anxiety. The people that help you should have experienced what we feel!!!!!

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Also..I cannot sleep and come to think of it my knees are killing me!

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Went up to 40 3 weeks ago and I feel like I am speeding uncontrollable. I am angry Not to mention the constant stomach aches and diarrhea...Also headaches.. Went down to 20 two days ago. Going to get off it totally.

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Weight gain! Daughter: Forty five pounds in 10 months.

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Severe seratonin syndrome.Started with both knees then both quadriceps.Treatment still on going.Diagnosed by prescribing psychiatrist after going to several different types of doctors trying to stop such severe pain.AVOID VIIBRYD.

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im still snappy at people and poop like running water i only took 2 so far dont know if i take anymore

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I began a starter pack of Viibryd 3 days ago. I feel “loopy” within a few minutes of each dose and less inhibited in my self-destructive/suicidal thinking. Part of me wants to continue taking the remaining 500mg doses as I'm prescribed, but I wonder if it's safe and whether the side effects will continue to outweigh the benefits of taking it? Has anyone else had a similar experience with Viibryd?

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