Viibryd Has Anyone Else Had A Positive Experience?


I am starting to get a little nervous with all the negative feedback in this forum. I was on Cymbalta for a couple of years, but when my doctor increased the dosage I started gaining a lot of weight. He decided to put me on Viibryd. I just finished my trial pack and feel like I have much more energy and can get up earlier in the morning. I feel more focused on things and I feel like my libido is finally working again. The only thing that has happened negatively is the last two days I have been under a lot of stress and have been crying. But I don’t quite know if it is the medication because I may have just had a couple of bad days. I just increased to 40mg today. I am hoping to feel even better. I have not been as hungry since I started the medication so I was surprised to see that other people said that they gained weight on the medication. Has anyone else had a positive experience on this?

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Here's the link to a thread that's been relatively active with people taking it:


There are some good and some bad experiences, which is typical of most medications.


The only way to really know whether or not it may work well for you is to actually try it.

Are you still doing well?

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I actually feel so much better than I have in a long time. I just started 40mg two days ago, but feel so much more clearheaded and have so much more energy. I am starting to get things done that I have been procrastinating on. I haven’t been as hungry, so I am hoping to drop some weight. I’ve been very happy with Viibryd so far.

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I love this took some time to get used to dreams and stuff, but it has totally changed my life. I didn't have many of the side effects as some you have seen on here. If you look on the thread with the most replies, I have my journey all through it.

Don't get scared of other's having problems if you aren't.

Glad you are doing well!!!!

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I started on theviibryd starter pack over a month ago for anxeity.10mg for 7 days then 20mg for 7 days. Then the 40 mg. After being on the 40 mg for about 10 days I started to feel very anxious and out of sorts, a little nausea too. I took 4 more pills and continued not feeling well. I decided to cut the pills in half and go back to 20mg dose. The very next day I feel good again. It is helping cope very well now after 3 days back on 20mg. My Dr. called me about another matter and I told her about it. She says well stay at 20 for a little while then try to go back up to 40. I think i'll just stay at 20mg. My body rejected the 40mg this time and I just think its way too strong for me. I tried effexor before the viibrid and 7 hours after taking it, I developed a severe headache with nausea and then vomiting. My pupils were also dialated from it. I won't take those ever again.

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I started Viibryd about 17 days ago. First 10 mgs for two weeks, then 20 mgs. I am continually spaced out, now dizzy after 4 days at 20 mgs. Tummy upset all the time. I weigh 102 lbs....does weight have any influence on how much medication to take? I am concerned about increasing the dosage as prescribed in the near future. Also, I am currently unemployed with no insurance! Is there a way to receive samples or a severe discount somehow?

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I also went up to 40 mg and didn't like it and went back down to 20, unfortunately I got rid of my hotflashes at 20 going up to 40 mg, but when i backed down to 20, i got them back. However, did you gain weight? I don't know why it seems like alot of people lost their appetitie, i don't feel like i have an increased appetite, i eat the same, i just put on 15 pounds, that's as bad as why i went on it in the first place!

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I started the starter pack, for PPD and now I am almost finished with the last week, 40 mg. I have felt fantastic, esp during the 20 mg week. Now it seems to have leveled off, I have noticed decrease in appitite, and more energy. I still have some intrusive thoughts that I had had before I started this med( welbutrin was my antidepressant before viibryd. ) they have passed quickly, the intrusive thoughts are usually brought on by the News or when people post abuse things on facebook, I get to thinking about them, and usually worry as to why a person would do such awful things. Mostly its about children. I used to cry and cry when I would see these. Now they pass quickly, and I feel somewhat better. If they start to get worse, then I will be sure to have my doctor reevaluatte the med dosage. I have has some digestive discomfort, but nothing severe. I have been sleeping, and have not had any nightmares, except vivid dreams. No sexual side effects thus far, and night sweats have decressed since taking this med. I take a combo of welbutrin and Viibryd. I will be sure to post more as I continue this Med.

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I take Viibryd and Wellbutrin....

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I have had a great a great experience with Viibryd when I finally got the dosage right. 40mg was too much. I became a nasty, angry person. I cut back to 20 and I am very happy. Through all of it I have found myself far more creative. I am picking up projects I have not touched in ages and my depression has really changed for the better. I have had real memory loss, which is the only problem that I am experiencing now.

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I have to amend my report. I am going back to Lexapro because even at 20mg I was a harpy shrew. I was angry all the time and could not focus. Then my memory disappeared. I was starting not to trust myself...totally the opposite of emotional comfort that an antidepressant is supposed to help your brain create.
I will miss the energy and creativity that it gave me but I am really in bad shape.

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ABSOLUTLY. i started 40 mg a few days ago. so in 2 and a half weeks its like i woke up from a dead sleep. i suffer with major depressive disorder ten years in now .best medication i have ever been on. 0 side effects for me. i was not eating due to anxiety and depr. and gaining wieght. now i can eat and im losing wieght. i feel present in my life far as tears i have them to when stressed but i feel like its good i have a range of emotions now and it is ok to be sad and cry.better than not feeling anything at all and crying.

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Just getting through the starter pack and seems to be going well. This replaces Zoloft and Seroquel for me. I had gained 25 pounds from those two in a year and a half but don't see an issue yet with viibryd. No other real issues with side effects other than a quick temper but I think that will work itself out as I get further into the program.

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Everyone will have different experiences. Me there is good and bad. Good was I actually went of 15mg a day of adderall without even knowing it. I was in first week of 40mg and went, oh wow!, I haven't taken adderall. No need for it! No withdrawal from adderall either! Weird because I have always had withdrawal from it. Viibryd certainly gave me energy and a very good mood. I've been on every drug out there. Now it's lamictal but that started to lose effectiveness after two years, so he added viibryd. Very much a change in my mood. I have found I will go thru a phase of depression, almost bi polar every once in awhile. The WORSE side effect EVER that I have had is sleep paralysis with demonic type dreams. So disturbing. I've had 6 in two mths. Need to think if its worth the med or not. Otherwise that is my only SE. Thus is the only drug that I have really noticed a positive difference in mood. Appetite has not changed.

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I have been on Viibryd since October 2012. I did the prescribed dosage progression, but found that 40mgs was too much for me, so I've been on 30 mgs for a couple of months.

I think my husband said it best. He said the reason you only see predominantly negative comments online is because the people who are getting positive results are feeling good and living life and not wasting time posting on internet forums! He's got a good point!

Hope this helps!

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yes, i've had a positive experience changing from pristiq to vybriid. it does not make me hungry, which kinda sucks as it is necessary to take it with food and i usually don't eat in the morning--actually, i'm glad as it is important to eat breakfast. for the first few days the 40mg. seemed to space me out a bit, but after that, no problem...

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i've had a positive experience--been on it for a couple of months now. funny, the paperwork says you must take it with food or it will not work--i usually don't eat in the a.m. but now i have to. i do not eat more on it, either, which is good, because i have no weight problem and didn't want one...

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There are many including me that love just have to get through the first couple of months if you are having side effects.

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I found my emotions to get totally out of control the more Viibryd I took and it took me into what I now recognize as a manic depressive reaction. I am depressed, but this was a wild ride and I could not get it out of my system fast enough. I am happy for those who have a good result but please listen to yourself and note your reactions. One day I was king of the world. The next I was a nasty b****. It really sent me on a wild ride that is very much like the one that you describe. As a matter of fact, I have not been able to get right since. I quit Lexapro which worked until I went up to the highest allowable dosage. Now I am trying to get my balance back but it has eluded me. Trust yourself, please! There is no one who knows you like you.

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readytofeelbetter--i had the same insurance problem. my prescriber had samples--then my unemployment ran out and i'm on general assistance which includes pharm. coverage. yay!! but, if that didn't happen, i was going to which will tell you which of the pharm companies have programs to help you with free meds. try that!!!

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I think that we cannot be positive about a bad experience. I found that the more I took, the more my emotions ranged from anger to super confidence. I am not bipolar but I recognized that was what I was experiencing. I know that you want this to work but I think that we also need to be honest. I have been a psychologist since 1894 and I have been following this closely. I don't ever recall this kind of response to an anti depressant. I find it very interesting and I am happy for those who have good luck. But for some of us it was a wild ride.

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I have had nothing but wonderful success with Viibryd! I have tried 8 other medications over the years and Viibryd is the one that has worked with little side effects. I have been on it for 2 years now and don't plan to stop taking it ever! The only thing I have found is that after 2 years on 40mg it isn't working as well as when I first took it but I am going to add Abilify and see if that helps.

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Re: Teresa (# 78) Expand Referenced Message

Go to Viibryd's website. You can download and/or print a coupon to take to the pharmacist. With my insurance I only pay $15 for a 3 month supply. I have been on 20mg Viibryd for 9 months now and I love it. I don't ever see myself going off it.

I take my dose at night around 8pm. The only undesirable side effect is if I take my dose late (~10pm or after) I sometimes get brain zaps, ringing in ears, and just recently for the very first time, I experienced what I imagine to be sleep paralysis. There was this weird, floating, evil face that was initially at my dresser (near the foot of my bed), but then it kept getting closer and closer; I couldn't get away and I'm not sure if my eyes were open or closed during this "dream," I just know it felt very real...but what ended up "waking" me was a brain zap lol. But LITERALLY...the ONLY thing I need to do to avoid this, is to be sure I take my dose ON TIME.

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I have been taking viibryd fo about 6 years I have had a very good experience the only problem I have is the price I have been trying to call company but they never return my calls

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Yes - go to Allergans website. You fill out a form for a coupon for discount for 1 year

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Do you take them together or one in the moring and the other one at night

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I started on 20mg. I am really worried about the weight gain. I cant afford to gain weight.
Anymore positive feedback

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I love this med. It has helped me and hasn't caused any side effects to my libido, but the only problem I have with it is it's so dam expensive!

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I had to get off viibryd because is stomach issues and it was hurting my groin sometimes. It was helping a little bit. I was on it for 40 days and the doctor told me just to quit it and put me on paxcil. After 6 days I was in hospital for 3 days. My blood pressure dropped to 70/40.

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Post #54, Viibrydishorridtoweanfrom:

As a medical professional who is very knowledgeable on the American psychopharmaceutical industry with personal experience also taking Viibryd, I recognize and empathize with your experience as a former (and now current) Viibryd user. However, you must realize your experiences are not superior to that of any other person and the effects of medications are highly individualized. Each person responds differently—one person having a horrible time with any given medication is not enough to effectively permanently color the reputation of any given drug.

Vilazodone (Viibryd) is approved for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder in the United States by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. While the FDA has expressed concerns over the marketing tactics of prior companies that owned the rights to Viibryd—as the drug has been sold at least once to a very successful pharmaceutical company—it does not mean any company is attempting to apply censorship to the opinion of a few on the World Wide Web. It really makes no sense to try and do so when you consider the below:

Viibryd, in my conversations with several experts, has an excellent reputation in the psychiatric and primary care communities in the United States. The prescription has been highly profitable with over 5 million prescriptions written annually. At least anecdotally I've heard many patients describe their experience with Viibryd as being contrary to that of any other SSRI antidepressant they've tried in the past.

I won't pretend to agree with many of the practices of drug companies. But the makers of Viibryd deserve credit where credit is due. In a country with an underecognized epidemic of psychiatric illness—including the large problem of under-diagnosis and under-treatment of psychiatric disorders—having another drug option in a sea of difficult-to-tolerate medications is a good thing in my book.

Best of health to you. Good luck with duloxetine.

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I have just started viibryd today and have been battling health issues. I just received a pacemaker and deflibulator 7 weeks ago and taking heart meds. I am supposed to start exercising but during this process I got deep depression and high anxiety and panic attacks and insomnia. I have been a mess. Tried Zoloft but could not sleep, then Lexapro and made me more anxious. I have reading some of the comments and getting a little scared of this med. I have never been on antidapresants before and I am scared of all the side effects. I am going through enough without adding to it. I am seeing a therapist and I just saw a psychiatrist who gave me the viibryd. Anyone have suggestions or positive feedback!

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