Vicoden From "hospital" - Scratched Out Imprint -- Suspicious To Say The Least!

johanna Says:

Found bottle of oblong white pills at friend's house who had prob with rx vicodin & percocets. (Seems to be clean for awhile) Smallish, white, oblong pills. Said she she got from hosp awhile ago when she was 'still using.' Not scored, and imprint scratched out on other side. !!!

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Verwon Says:

Vicodin usually isn't on the smallish side, because the amount of Acetaminophen in them tends to make them larger, once it's added to the Hydrocodone with the other binders and fillers.

Learn more Vicodin details here.

They are usually about the size of a large, oblong potent multivitamin, such as Centrum, give or take a slight fluctuation in size, but that should give you an idea.

And if the imprint has been scratched off, then yes that is very suspicious. A hospital wouldn't be allowed to dispense them like that.

How small are they? What would you compare them to, maybe a Tylenol? You can go from there to give me an approximate idea.

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MsTweetie Says:

I began going to a new pain management specialist today as a matter of fact and he prescribed me Percocet 10/325, and Methadone 10mg.

Mine (Percocet) are smaller than a vitamin, a little bigger than a Tylentol PM and oblong w/IP204 scored on one side, smooth on the other. I think the number imprinted is the manufacturer's. I've taken Vicodin (hydrocodone) before which are larger, and w/imprint on the one side I believe.

I would be suspicious, especially if she's only been clean for a while. What about the bottle? Prescription? If it's not a prescription bottle w/her name on it and the imprint appears to be scratched off (which I don't know why that would be) I would be as suspicious too.

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Hate Pain Drs Says:

Hi..I can't be certain without more info (but since its scratched off i understand that you gave all the info you can so what I'm thinking it could be is maybe methadone? Again with such little detail i can't be sure. I know there are websites that you can post a picture of a pill & sometimes get a few different possibilities. Wish i could remember the website address. Sorry but i hope this helps. Also since your friend has a problem with presc pain pills why not ask if its methadone & see what reaction you get? Please keep us posted! I hope your friend stays clean! :)

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Optimistic Says:

Why are you snooping in their medication and acting like a parole officer? That sounds like an abusive relationship

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