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I take viberzi 100 mg twice a day for IBS-D and a long list of other medications. I take opioid pain medications which are Opana ER and Oxycodone/APAP which is prescribed by a pain management doctor. When he ran a urine drug screen it showed that I had Fentanyl in my system but it did not show Opana ER in my system. I have never in my life been prescribed or used Fentynal so there is no possible way that this drug screen is accurate. I didn't take my Opana ER the day of my drug screen / my pain management doctor appointment but I took it the night before at 10:00 pm and my doctor appointment was at 10:15 am; but it wasn't until around 11:30 am when I urinated into the cup. The Opana ER is a around the clock pain medication which you take a tablet every 12 hours and I been taking my medication everyday as prescribed so I don't see how not taking it that morning it wouldn't show up in my drug screen. If the medicine last 12 hours and my appointment was 12 hours and 15 minutes after taking the medicine and it 13 hours and 30 minutes when I gave the urine sample for my drug test how can it not show up in my urine. Now there a .001% that if that was my first and only pill I have taken there is that small chance it wouldn't show up in my drug test but I don't see that happening. The fact that I take it everyday and I understand the mechanics behind how the medication and legal and illegal drugs pass through the body into our urine there is no way that the Opana ER shouldn't have shown up.

The funny thing is my back pain is giving me a lot of problems. I was in a serious accident at the age of 13 involving the school bus I was on being hit by a 18 wheeler which caused serious injuries and I was hospitalized for 4 months. I have never been the same since and I've been dealing with chronic pain ever since. I am now 39 years old and I was on narcotic pain medications after my accident but I came off of them but after another accident in 2001 I started taking Tramadol. I was getting it from my PCP doctor but also had the pain from yet another car accidentand my doctor sent me to pain management in 2010. Then that was when I started taking narcotics pain medications. Before 2004 I was pretty healthy other than my severe pain I was suffering from. Then on November 4th, 2004 was my last day of having a normal life. Now I have a poor quality of life and I have a long list of health issues and even longer list of medications. I'm in and out of the hospital, it's to a point the hospital should have a room with my name on it. When my health crashed back in 2004 I continued to work through the pain and illnesses until 2010 when I came out of work and it took me 3 1/2 years to get social security disability. To get back to what I was saying that with my back pain that have been really bad so I've been taking extra percocets. So I ran out a week before my appointment but they showed up on the drug screen but not the Opana ER.

The other thing I found weird was my doctor told me when I came in for a pill count he was saying that there was a lot of stuff that was showing up on the drug screen results so I walked over by him so I could see the results myself but he wouldn't let me look at the results. He told me to sit down and he would read them to me. When I was there I didn't think much of it but as the day went on and the more I thought about it I was wondering why wouldn't he let me look at the report myself? Is he lying to me about the results or is he trying to hide something from me or what. The only thing I could think of that would show up as Fentanyl is the Viberzi because the way it works and the similarly to a synthetic opioid. The active ingredient in Viberzi binds to the MU-opioid receptor in the GI tract and the the brain which slow down the speed in which the GI tract process the food and desensitize the nerves in the gut to help with the pain associated with IBS-D. Majority of the medicine is excreted in the feces 82.2% radioactivity and less than 1% was excreted in the urine. Fentanyl to my understanding is a fully synthetic opioid so is there some similarities in the chemical makeup of these medications that when they test for Fentynal and the method they use to test for it give false positive feedback because they don't run the right testing protocol. They other thing is does Opana ER show up similar to Fentynal but they normal test for Opana ER so I don't they mixed up those two medications. Did they mess up on the report and put the wrong medication on the report or did the Viberzi give a false positive?

I'm not a doctor or chemist but all I know is I never touched Fentanyl and I take my Opana ER. I do take extra percocets occasionally because I was taking 4 Oxycodone 15 mg a day then my doctor cut me down to 3 precocet 10/325 mg a day. The Opana ER 30 mg I'm currently taking I have been on it for 4 years the same dose. Then before I broke my foot and had this ulcer that formed above the three broken bones that was all the way down to the bones you could see the tendons the muscle and the bones. So after many surgeries and the extreme pain it is better. So being on the same dose of percocets he increase my dose to the 15 mg but then he reduced my dose after my ulcer healed but the bones are still broken but they are healing. I broke 4th metarsal in March of 2016, in May it was the 3rd metarsal, and in June the 2nd metarsal. Then on top of the issues with my pain management doctor he gave me a major infection from these injections he gives to me in my hips. It caused me to be hospitalized for 9 days and required surgery and my hip has never been the same. So he's complaining about money that I owe him but I'm going to tell him either forget about the money I owe you or I'm going to send a bill to you for my copay of the hospital AND surgery which is almost $2000 (and I owe him $300). If he doesn't want to treat me no more that's fine because I was looking for another pain management doctor anyway because he just doesn't know what he is doing. I'm requesting copies of the last few drug screens plus the new one he just ordered.

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Your research and false-positive test is the answers I've been looking for. I tested positive for mdma after taking viberzi. I have NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE taken anything like that. I was in tears being drilled about my results being positive. I was so upset I didn't know what to do. It weighed heavy on my mind for months. Thank you for sharing!

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Very strange indeed. But my doc ALWAYS shares the drug screens I do & being part of your medical record there should be no reason the doc wants to hid the results from you unless they are looking for a reason to drop you from pain management like so many are these days. I can say that oxymorphone breaks down into oxycodone so seeing those products in a test are pretty normal. I don't know enough about the Viberzi (or whatever it's called) to say if it could change a result &\or create fentanyl decay or byproducts which is possible I guess. But I do find it disturbing that your doc(s)? aren't sharing the entire drug screen 100% with you. Good luck

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I will tell you this: when I was on Risperidone and I was in pain management and they did a drug screen it came up positive for fentanyl and I said that exact same thing. I have never nor would I ever touch that. I even had my physiatrist get a drug and alcohol doctor look into it and find out that the Risperidone does in fact cause a false positive for fentanyl and they still kicked me out of pain management. And the 3 other pain management doctors I have gone to since have said that because of the test results in my medical record I will never be given narcotics again.

I was on 180 Percocet hci 10's a month plus 4 Somas a day. I have 5 herniated discs, DDD, lordosis, torn labrum in my hip and 3 fused disc in my neck so I'm in constant pain. I had to go the Green route and although it doesn't take away all my pain it does help it, you just have to find the correct tincture, distillants and concentrate. Better than the other option and ending up on the street hooked on fentanyl laced pills or heroin. Good luck.

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