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Viadur/pituitary tumor

A Viadur implant was placed in my arm after having radiation treatments for prostate cancer. After one year the Viadur implant was replaced by another one. After one more year I was told that I would not need a Viadur replacement and that I could just leave the Viadur implant in place. I was experiencing heat flashes throughtout the time the Viadur implants were in place. Then one day I had intense pain in the left side of my head like an electrical shock. After several CAT scans and two MRIs it was determined that there was a tumor at the pituitary gland. I insisted that the Viadur implant be removed. I have gone through radiation treatments for this pituitary tumor and currently the tumor is no longer enlarging. And I no longer have heat flashes. Do I need to be concerned that by leav...