Veteran Seeking Legal Mail-order Pain Script From Doctor To Fill

DrunkenTypeFOO Says:

I am a 33 year old bored usmc marine heavy machine gunner of 8 years that needs yalls help. I'm dying, lungs are slowly giving out & fml I'm suffering in pain, try'n 2 cut out the bs...I cant do the things I enjoy :( from pain, sad aint it. I have a story of a lifetime (deleted most of it) & how the va f***s our vets every chance they get. Please read.."If its on the internet then its true".

Well, the horrid va & trying 2 get pain meds off them...Is like dealing with the sith off the star wars movies, they always work in absolutes. Smh but I have 5 friends from high school that are now doctors. They all know I've lost my health & I'm tired of-cant go thru all the bs aka dog & pony show... They'll help.

Would it be legal for them to write me a script & mail it or w/e from michigan or tennessee to ky/me, to fill? Legit case of a veteran needing medicine but I wanna know if its 100% legal or close?! This is the only way I can gather the balls to ask them for help & skipping this nonsense. I bet it's a big no!! Huh?

Usmc made me take an anti-malaria pill which caused me brain damage & severe memory loss-amnesia that took my best crazy stubborn mean wife away from me. I went to iraq, married to the famous singer Katy Perry of whom I made famous & when I came back... I had no clue to who or that I had a wife..10 years its taken me to remember 1 thing about my true best friend...Okay let's throw in how 2 years of combat in iraq with heavy machine guns has ruined me. Okay... Let's top it off with 3 separate collapsed lungs from bending over & picking up weightless toilet paper. And whats killed me is having a major chunk of my lungs aka bleebs removed... Nope, I get looked at like I have a **** on my forehead or I'm waving around a magic wand when I ask...

And i've lost & selflessly given up my life, having a family & any chance of happiness for this country... And the horrid pos va won't even give me 5mgs or what I really need, x3 or x4 perk 10's daily with x3 20mgs k-57.

I'm dying & suffering to my very last day, that's not right.

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