Very Bad Side Effect With Trivora. Anyone Else?

Angel Says:

In 2010 I suffered a heart attack due to a blood clot from my oral contraceptive Trivora. I'm wanting to see if anyone had similar problem.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Angel! How are you doing? Very sorry about the heart attack, that's awful.

I don't know about this particular contraceptive, but I can tell that it is a risk associated with all hormonal contraceptives and no, you are not the only one that suffered such a horrible side effect.

The possibility is warned about in the medication information and the risk is greater for women over 35 and for smokers. It is one of the reasons many doctors will not prescribe them for women over 35, except for in very rare emergency cases….and women that smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day that are over 35 really should completely avoid them and use some other form of contraception.

How old were you, when it happened?

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Angel Says:

Hi Verwon,
Thank you for replying. I was 39 when I had the heart attack. It forever changed my life. I had been taking it so long (24 years), I would of expected my doctor to suggest to me another form of birth control but he never did. I'm trying very hard to find some other people who suffered similar things to come forward so maybe we can get this dangerous drug recalled.

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