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Venifor IV blew in my wifes hand

My wife was in a hospital for a stomach surgery. Recovery was slow and the staff decided to give her a Venofer IV infusion. She had a IV in each hand. The first hand IV blew earlier that day. So they used the other one, which my wife had complained it burned in previous uses and staff had quit using it. As the nurse injected the Venofer my wife experienced and complained of immediate burning but nurse finished injection.; There was immediate major discoloration and swelling. The staff did nothing to address this other than monitoring with the exception of an ice pack. It was over a month before the hospital had her see a hand specialist. Her hand continues another month later to be swollen and very Walking Dead Grey discolored. It has now been 2.5 months and very minor improvement. Thou...

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Venofer long term side effects

For the last 2 1/2 years, I've been receiving venofer infusions (series of 10 every other day) approximately every 3 months due to extreme iron deficiency anemia with no cause identified. I finished a round of 11 infusions 12 days ago, when my ferritin counts weren't that low at 25, nor was my hemoglobin at 10.0. I'm a teacher and my hemotologist said she wanted to build me up over the summer. Three days ago, I started having very black stools, nausea, weakness and fatigue, and total loss of appetite. Is this iron overload or is there something else going on? Has anyone experienced this? I can't find any information about the long term effects of using venofer. ## I was severley anemic too and was hospitalized, Instead of giving me infusions, they gave me blood transfusi...

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Venofer Does well for Me

I have a friend who had Injectofee along with B12 shots. She had gastric bypass 15 yrs ago. She had not one problem with the injectafer. I had Venofer 2 yrs ago and did super. Having another series of Venofer... 3rd one next week. I space them 10 days apart. I don't want a load of anything shoved in me every other day. Too much for body to deal with. And I have slow drip for an hour. You can ask for an hour and a half. I take Benadryl on way to Infusion and another when I get seated in the chair. I take another Benadryl before I go to sleep and one or two a day for a few days aftward just to keep my immune system from fighting the iron. From my research online and patient reviews...I would opt for the Venofer. It's been used for many years and so few ppl have reactions with it t...

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venofer and plants

can i use venofer for my houseplants ## Hi I was diagnosed with anemia since 2012 but the experience I'm having from first time use of treatment was tiredness, bad taste in mouth. After the infusion I received I had so many different side effects: unbearable aching throbbing pain and the next day I experienced back ache / severe pains as well that was controlled by pain medication.

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iron infusion: my side effects

Venofer- So, for a yr now I've been receiving IV iron infusions . My first set was beginning of 2013 having 8 of them with only mild headaches and feeling tired. This time my side effects have been many. I'm getting chest pains, nausea, extreme weakness, hot and cold chills, itching that makes me feel as though I'm going nuts, muscle weakness, moodiness, stomach pains that make me feel as though I'm dying, tongue and lip numbness too. Hope no one else is suffering from these side effects such as what I'm experiencing. It's a bummer. So tired. I wanna be well again. I even get heart palpitations too. This Friday 2-7-14,will be my last infusion for a while. I'll be sure to have nurse administer me Benadryl to lesson the side effects. ## Hello, Evelyn! How are y...

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