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My sister has 2 melanoma brain metastatic tumors. The first was treated with radiotherapy but the second is in an inoperable place and radiotherapy could damage her badly. The thing is, the steroids are killing her and she now has very little quality of life. The onco tells me it is "Too Late" for gene treatment in the form of VEMURAFENIB at The Royal Marsden and that she is too ill to travel! I can't accept that it is all over and now we must just nurse her to death : ( If i could get her there from N WALES would The Royal Marsden treat her with this drug? Or am i being fobbed off due to the enormous cost of the drug??Surely while she is still breathing and able to swallow pills she should be treated!! She may have the B RAF mutation and suitable for it!!?? Please can someo...

Vemurafenib stopped working!

I have a friend who has been on vemurafenib for the past 4 months, doctors have now found new cancer growths and have therefore ended his trial. Can anyone reccommend what treatment have to go for next?! Is Chemo the best option! Any help would be much appreciated! ## I really think his Oncologist is the best qualified person to suggest further treatment options. Much of it also depends on the type of cancer being treated. What does he have?

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