Veltin And Makeup

Valerie Says:

I had a severe acne breakout due to stress so I have been using Veltin for 3 weeks and noticed some improvment but not as much as I was hoping for. I'm not stressed anymore but am still having a few new pimples. I'm wondering if wearing makeup delays the healing process since Veltin opens the pores?

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Katrianna Says:

Hi Valerie, I was prescribed to this as well for acne from my dermatologist. I wear makeup too, and I was curious about the same thing. I am going to try to avoid using makeup, unless I need it. Makeup could get trapped in the open pores, especially foundation. If you need makeup, try mineral makeup because it will not clog the pores the same way as other makeup. You can still use eye makeup, as the gel is not applied around the eyes. Hope this helped!!!

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Verwon Says:

That is true, almost anything that you apply to your skin has the potential to clog your pores and this is especially true if you've used a product or medication that opens your pores, even more.

However, this also applies to mineral make up, not just the regular. Those small mineral particles can also get into your pores and cause problems.


It is generally recommended that people with acne problems avoid using makeup, face creams and the like.

Are there any questions or comments?

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