Valium 5mg Generic Orange Round Pill, First Number On Pill Is 3

PamB3 Says:

What is a round orange pill with the number 3? Other numbers not identifiable.

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Syndee Says:

They are the same as valium. Just a generic form of them that work just as well. Yellow is 5mg & blue is 10mg. I am pretty sure that a white one is just 2.5mgs. (Half of a 5mg) The generic name is diazapam. They are addictive if taken regularly. I take them for panic/anxiety disorder. & to help sleep as long as I didn't need them for a panic attack, if I have trouble cause my pain.meds from pain mgmt do NOTHING for the multiple (6 major cervical & lumbar surgeries plus an implanted spinal cord stimulator that does nothing for pain AT ALL! My pain mgmt Dr is prescribing major pain mess like Oxycontin to people that haven't even had a surgery or just have bulging discs with nerve damage . I get 3, 20 mgs of oxycodone (percocet) a day & have fractured vertebrae from scores in my spine at the site of fusion of 3 discs in my lumbar & 2 in my neck. Also the very top disc in my neck needs to be removed. I have degenerative disc disease, spine & hip arthritis, complete nerve damage on my entire left side & less on the right but cannot sleep more than 90 mins at a time even with sleeping pills like restoring 30mgs! In addition to the valium, but cannot take them withing 6 hrs of each other or it can be deadly or very dangerous. I've never abused my meds & also need help. The "cage" built in my lumbar spine is falling apart & twisted which is causing the fractures to my bones that the screws are in. I am ALWAYS suffering with no relief from this doctor. But with medicare & medicaid, being perm. disabled since 30 yrs old. (Now 44) I cannot find a doctor that takes my insur in southern New Jersey without them judging me by what I look like on the outside! Never even asking for a CT scan or proof, I am frustrated & annoyed that drs can't do their job for those of us that actually need it. Unfortunately, for the rest of my life. Each year through the cold months, things get worse & then summers aren't even enjoyed unless I can just lay on the beach. No life to enjoy, I feel there's no life worth living anymore. Not suicidal, I just wish I'd have some end to the pain in anyway. Preferably a pain mgmt Dr that will give me better meds that'll help me live a normal home life & do household things atleast. I do not want to be high on the oxycontin like some people get & don't even need those. It's people like that, that ruin it for people in true excruciating, intolerable pain day after day. If anyone knows if a pain mgmt Dr in southern N.J., PLEASE let me know. No names given. I just want it over or I want some relief so I can do what any woman should be able to do. Like laundry, vacumn, bathe my tiny dogs, & not SUFFER during & for the following 4-7 days after I push through & just do it just to keep up with being clean. And foodshopping isn't even a pain i can describe! It's taking longer everytime I try to do it & I can't do it more than 1 or 2 times a month. Then it's the sofa or bed for the next 3 days from the walking on those hard floors & cart pushing at half full! UGH! I have not listed all of my pain causing details. There are to many. Can't get an MRI until I have this stupid spinal cord stimulator implant removed. But a CT scan will show plenty. & I CAN have that done. Where are the doctors that ACTUALLY care in my area? Gloucester county, Camden county or even surrounding those counties. Just not too far. I can't drive long distances as it is & I would be willing to if it'll help me. Keep in touch. I know alot being on low dose meds & some higher but avoiding the highest so far, not so sure I can anymore. But I had my accident in 1994. I've learned alot since then. Ask away. Any help I can give you, I will. That applies to anyone else as well. Stay safe, stay well. And please, Never try taking any meds that aren't prescribed to you or take more that your doctor says. I'm here to help & ask for help finding a better pain mgmt dr. before I give in & just never do anything at all or leave my home at all. It's a fine line. Knowing u can be helped out of most of the pain. Which is acceptable. I can't make it all gone & wouldn't want to be numb or high. But being gone is free of pain. I'm just not suicidal. I only wish I would fade away so I could be free of the stress of trying to find the right dr & the so tired of living day after day & night after night in excruciating painful hell! I know more people out there feel just like I do. Right??

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David Says:

Hi Syndee,

I read through your message and just wanted to let you know that there are people out there who can relate to and understand what it is you're going through on a day to day basis. And while I don't have all the answers, I do know that we're not alone in our plight to bring about justice & revolution amongst/within the pharmaceutical industry and other "inhumane" corporations as we know it. So even though we may walk a fragile path just trying to survive day to day, maintaining some sense of hope within ourselves is a beacon of light that we must continue holding onto if we're going to make it through these challenging times.

And please pardon my perspective, as I'm not a chronic pain patient but do have close family members who are in similar situations. My opinion stems from the notion that doctor's don't necessarily have all the answers to our problems either... and I ask patients, how can we continue putting our trust and faith into mainstream doctors to solve our issues when it's clear that their interest is only in profits? For this reason, I've personally taken the initiative of self-healing through extensive research in alternative treatment modalities (i.e. things like kratom, kava kava, valerian, ashwaghanda, turmeric, spirulina, chlorella, hydrotherapy, rebounding, meditation, CBD's, THC, juicing greens, essential oils, etc, etc); embedding such mechanisms into one's lifestyle and trying to spread the message or rather the importance of researching things on our own behalf, because only we know what's truly best for ourselves on an intuitive level from having lived in our own skin. I don't say this to disregard all doctors. I think there are many amazing physicians out there who do want to help their patients to the best of their ability, but are being heavily restricted by the DEA from carrying out that mission.

Knowing this, it just becomes more evident to me that we have to start looking out for ourselves as well as others within our least to some degree. And by that I mean simply having what I would call a backup plan to big pharma through less conventional methods, whenever they fall short of helping us.

Posting on here is a great start though in my opinion, as I believe we can all begin working together by being more service oriented towards others in pain and sharing pertinent information on what else has worked for patients in cases where "big brother" didn't provide. I look forward to checking back and seeing if anyone has thoughts or recommendations from their experience as well.

Best Regards,

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Robert Says:

When I was taking Valium, the generic I took was made by Mylan. The round orange had a 5 on it for 5mg. On one side is Mylan 345, the other side just a score. A white, same as brand color, is 2mg (there is no 2.5) with Mylan A4 on once side and a cross score on the other, the green Mylan are the 10 mg with Mylan 471 and just a score on the other side. Mylan, again, is the only generic Valium I took. Now I'm on Xanax, generic by Purepac, 1mg calming blue color.

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Dolor Says:

Nonsense. All the alternative stuff is fun for well people but the only thing that works for sick people are real meds. Doctors are partly responsible for the lack of appropriate care. I say this because my husband and I are both physicians and chronic pain patients. Until they are willing to stand up for patients, we are in big trouble. Talk to your doctor about this so they know how you feel and what you need. If they get enough pressure maybe they will care enough to do something. They have the power.

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Michelle Says:

I was given a 5mg diazapam but not sure its real, I get 10mg off my doc,but this yellow tablet says 4 then a line through it with the no,s 273 I think, and a small half moon shape on reverse, does anyone no if its OK to take

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