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JUDE Says:

I am searching for vimax porridge, it is finely ground oats, also should come coarsely ground. VIMAX PORRIDGE. WOULD BE grateful if somebody could let me know where it is available.

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Mrs kiwiana Says:

Vimax was a wheaten porridge - not oats based. It's nutty flavour came from the wheatgerm. I think it was made by Gore company Flemings, who made Creamota which is also no longer available. Vimax was still available in the 1990s as I have recipes from the NZ Herald specifying Vimax. When I contacted Goodman Fielder who took over Flemings they suggested I put rolled oats through the food processor.

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Heather Says:

Hi Jude,
If you find some Vimax please let me know as it is the only porridge that I ever liked!

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Robbie Says:

I just loved Vitmax fine and ate it from a small child in the early 60's till it disappeared from Supermarket shelves. No other porridge could match it for taste or texture. Be great if someone were to bring it back...

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Heather Says:

No problem, they are also known as pantry moths. You could also try contacting Sanitarium and ask how it was made. I personally do not like porridge, it is too gluggy and gloopy. Vimax was not gluggy or gloopy and just tasted totally different to regular oat porridge. Maybe they toasted the whole oats first and then ground them really finely. I would be really interested in your results!

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Patrick Says:

What the hell ,,,a few weevils to add worries. Seriously, I loved Vimax porridge as a kid. Would eat it now maybe with muesli. Am going to mail Sanitarium and find out....

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Heather Says:

if you get a reply please share it here.

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Kim Says:

Another year later than the last comment...I got asked this morning by my Grandson why I wasn't having porridge with him and Grandad so I told him its because I havnt liked porridge since they stopped making Vimax and proceeded to google to see if I could find out why it ever disappeared off the shelf. I was amazed to find I wasn't the only one missing it! Still aren't sure from the comments if it was made from oats or wheat. I have also wondered if it had linseed in it giving it that nutty flavour. Let's hope Sanitarium or who ever did make it consider making it again weevils and all!

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Vimax Kid Says:

I and many others lamented the day when advised that Vimax porridge was no longer to be supplied and I like many others preferred it to any other porridge but only the coarse version. It was made from wheat not oats. If so many people loved it why was it removed from our shelves?
If anyone does start making it again, it would be a great day. Please advise if this great event happens.

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Lorraine Says:

yes i am also lookng for the old vimax porridge ued to love it and when i went to stay with friends as a child she used to make it and we would have it with fresh cream and golden syrup Naughty eh! but oh so yummy Also wish they would bring it back.

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Margaret71 Says:

Re: Kim (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

I do wish Vi-Max would come back on the supermarket shelves. I had it every morning as a kid from the 1950's - loved it and so did my children. They always said 'brown porridge' when I asked them what they wanted for breakfast. Weevils indeed - I think the manufacturers were telling porkies. Never saw weevils in my Vi-max before it was cooked, but have found them in other products periodically that are still sold. Grinding down oats does not give one Vi Max, I have tried that. Please bring back Vi-Max.

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Jude Says:

Jude says: I have had no response to my search for availability of VIMAX PORRIDGE. I reside in New Zealand. This was available during to 70's and 80's, it was discontinued in the late 80's ot early 90's I think. Brand Sanitarium. Came in fine ground and coarse ground. The contents of this mixture might be known by somebody, which would emable me perhaps to make it up myself.

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Helen Says:

Hi Jude...funny...I have just come to the computer to look this very same thing...only porridge I liked too and my mother used to make it up for me so I would eat it (as I wouldn't the other!)

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David Says:

Seeing this topic sparked my curiosity and I actually have a few questions for those of you who have consumed Vimax as a kid or are searching for it on the shelves... If Vimax is simply "ground oats" as many people put it, couldn't you just find that at a typical grocery store in those plastic bins with all the other grains/oats? Or even opt for using a blender/food processor to finely grind up whole oats?

And are there any other attributes to it that separate it's texture/flavor from normal ground oatmeal?

From the number of individuals I see searching for this product, one might think that think there would be something more to it than oats; which are common place at grocery stores.

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Heather Says:

Maybe it was processed differently. My mother rang Sanitarium when they discontinued Vimax and they told her that it was because the weevils loved it as well! They could not store it without it getting contaminated with weevils so it made it unprofitable to supply. People aren't keen on weevils for breakfast.

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David Says:

Thanks for the info Heather!

I just looked up weevils online (not knowing what they were) and I actually see these little bugs all the time when I'm out hiking. They like to hang onto all sorts of plants/tall grass. I certainly wouldn't weevil oats for breakfast either Lol!

Other oatmeal-related products don't seem to have this weevil problem, so you may be right about Vimax being processed differently.

Experimenting with a food processor may be the next best option.

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Busvet Says:

Hi. I too used to prefer vimax porridge, being a kiwi. Since not being able to find it anywhere I thought out of the box and we now get rolled oats and put it through a coffee grinder. This makes it as fine ground as you want. Yummy!

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Heather Says:

Hi Busvet, that is all well and good, but does it taste like Vimax did? I cannot stand the taste of porridge yet i had no problem whatsoever with the Vimax.

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Lyn Says:

I just saw your queries about Vimax (a couple of years on!) but I also often wonder about it - and loved it as a child. I have no idea what happened - have you found anything? Or found an equivalent product? Yum

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Debbie Says:

I'm looking for the old Via-Max recipe book it had the recipe for making Lemon Champagne can anyone out their help me with this please.

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Maddogpoppy Says:

Re: Debbie (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Try WholeGrain Steel Cut Oats by Ceres Organics. Vimax I remember as a child tasted like sawdust!!

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