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JUDE Says:

I am searching for vimax porridge, it is finely ground oats, also should come coarsely ground. VIMAX PORRIDGE. WOULD BE grateful if somebody could let me know where it is available.

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JustMe Says:

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Been reading these comments and have tried a few times mixing in wheat Germ or wheat bran into my porrage mix and blend it all up in the ninja bullet thing, I think it tastes similar to wat my Gma used to make, .. been searching too as I loved this stuff, will experiment w linseed as some1 mentioned also, n will defo contact sanitarium too n see wat they say.... i can taste it in my mind

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geoff Says:

I remember it well. The vi part of vimax name refers to vitamin. In this case vitamin B, because of added wheat germ.

One aspect of vimax was that it might cause heatspots in some children. A problem in larger families.

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geoff Says:

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you're right. The Vimax refers to vi(tamin)max. Vitamin B, and wheat germ implied. Even the remembered texture has (to me) a wheatgermy aspect to it. Likewise the taste.

Some kids got heatspots with it.

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Jenni Says:

A few people have mentioned Sanitarium. The brand ELFIN comes to mind. Did Sanitarium make the ELFIN products, can anyone remember ???

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