V 2090 Xanax??

Maya Says:

I found what appears to be a xanax?? French fry-shaped white pill with four scores and 2090 on front but NO SCORES ON BACK (there is a cursive 'V'')??? Are these a good brand? They don't taste good. I bit off a little piece and the tip of my tongue tingled and went numb! I'm freaking out! HELP!!

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Verwon Says:
Top Answer

These tablets contain 2mgs of Alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax, which is a Benzodiazepine that is used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. (NDC 0603-2130, manufactured by qualitest)

v 2090 alprazolam 2mg qualitest

Inactive Ingredients:

- Silicon Dioxide
- Docusate Sodium
- Lactose Monohydrate
- Magnesium Stearate
- Cellulose, Microcrystalline
- Sodium Benzoate
- Sodium Starch Glycolate Type a Potato

Side effects may include: nausea, headache, dizziness and irritability.

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SW Says:

I don't care what ANYONE says those ARE BAD. I have been prescribed Xanax for years and ended up with some of the v 20 90 with no etch on the V side and within a day i was in withdrawals and my friend who also got them ended up having a seizure. These were in the sarasota area (FL)

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bizzybee Says:

they are counterfeit.. you described the exact same pill as i received. the taste wasn't right. didn't dissolve on my tongue and numbed my tongue.... where are they coming from? I'm in the Dallas area

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C-Bizzle Says:

Im from the Dallas Ft. Worth area and got a bunch of these fakes too. Some even have the scores on the back with the V in the middle. It seems as if there is some active ingredient in SOME but its not Alprazolam, it just knocks you out like Trizadone or somthing, not a desirable affect no anti anxiety properties.

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Tana Says:

I've been getting xanax 2mg white with v on one side and 2090 on the other. They are hard as a rock, you can't hardly chew them up. I think someone around where I live are purchasing them on the internet. They barely have that xanax taste. I would appreciate any thing you all could tell me. Thanks, T-bug

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nicknam Says:

Does anybody know about the 2 milligram alprazolam gg249, if there's any fake ones going around and I believe I've gotten a few

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415benzo Says:

I live in san francisco and I've seen yellow, green gg249 and xanax 2, basically any manufacturer out there. I've seen them fakes. Matter of fact on 11/15 police raided a house in Oakland with a pill press and 3000 fake xanax. Now it's hard to fill a prescription because of fake ass drug dealers.

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mcB Says:

They make real ones with no lines on the V side. I have one that I know isn't real; took a quarter of it. Crumbled instantly n my mouth and had no taste at all, i felt something but not what i feel from xanax. All my pain is gone, might have been one of those fentanyl or who knows what. Only reason im not pissed is my pain being all gone. I have a high tolerance to opiates. I take 80mg of methadone a day, prescribed to me. Be careful tho, there's counterfeit xanax bars (only white ones i know of) but one with fentanyl in it that can take ur life. Just be safe people, hopefully this will save someones life that sees this.

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Jared Says:

Yep got the same ones. But I have see where they are putting small amount in the fake ones idk they might get a newbe repeat coustmer lol

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Derek Says:

Methadone is for opiate abusers that wanna quit , it blocks the receptors so if you take more opiod it wont instert your body , its stops the craving & i taken Oxy before and and also Methadone & Methadone jus made me very nausious , Methadone sucks

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Adam Says:

You're absolutely lying awfully. If you're on 80mg of methadone then you're not feeling 1/4 of a bar or 1/4 of a bar's worth of fent either!!! Do not mislead people!

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Rollo Says:

Yeah no methadone is a partial agonist, it does not have a perfect fit to the receptors, as in the bups or suboxone, hence why you can still experience some euphoria, but in many cases your wasting your money when your up at doses ever 80mgs...

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Xanaxdown Says:

Hi, what company is v 2090 manufactured from? There are a lot of different kinds but I want to know if V 2090 is the best generic. Can you please tell me who makes this? Thank you so much.

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Xanalude Says:

I have read that these are real. I've been taking xanax for about a year, and there are counterfeit xanax of almost all real brands out there going around. The signs to look for when identifying if they are real are if they are hard or crumble easily, if they don't taste like real xanax, and the feeling. In my experience the 2090's I took were the best xanax I've ever had.

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MrsHapper Says:

So I failed a DT @ clinic for methadone. NEVER done methadone in my life. But I had taken a white ("V 2090") bar 2 days before my DT because a close close family member passed away unexpected suddenly. There was Benz's in my system. I thought they mixed my DT up with someone else's because Ive NEVER EVER done methadone. But my friend had taken a ("V 2090") bar also. She doesn't take methadone or do anything else so I bought a drug panel ($29) and sure enough it came back positive for methadone. Be careful folks.

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Sean Says:

Only takes 2mg of fent to kill you. That's like 6 grains of salt. That stuff is no joke
People OD because of a hot bag.

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Cshel Says:

Just because a med did not work for you, generalizing it,"METHADONE SUCKS", is very harmful. Methadone is one of the best naturally long-acting opioid analgesics we have. I have talked to many patients who say Methadone helped their pain the best of any long-acting opioid. Now no one can get the opioid pain meds needed to have a quality of life. This is due to all the myths drs are adopting, instead of doing their own research, regarding the guidelines, NOT MANDATES, put out by the CDC regarding opioid prescribing. GO to the painnewsnetwok and look up The Myths surrounding the CDC opioid guidelines.

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NJ420VEGA Says:

Thank you!! Jesus Christ if you get it from your pharmacy they're not counterfeit! There's so many different brands of it but be it the white g's, the white ones that say xanax on them, or the yellow ones, they're all alprazolam. The only one I don't like are the green ones. They're time released and if I'm angry or stressed I need my xanax to work now not in an hour so f*** the green sticks.

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Cshel Says:

Rollo, Methadone is a full agonist! Look it up! Before posting make sure info is correct. It is also up the readers to not take everything as,valid and to.do their own research and always question, It is your right! Peace and love to you Rollo, not wanting to start any negativity:) CDC done enough of negativity!

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Lil lyric Says:

Not true I know people on methadone for pain also, so know your facts.

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