Use And Side Effects Of Fibator Tablets

kiran kumar Says:

I am 38 years old. My triglycerides 664, HDL-29 and LDL-133. My doctor advised me to take Fibator tablet containing atorvastatin 10 mg and fenofibrate BP 145 mg. for 3 months course. Four months back my triglycerides was 321, HDL-31 and LDL-133 then my doctor I had used these tablets for 3 months as per the advise of same doctor but the triglecerides levels are increased from 321 to 664. Again he advised to use these tablets for 3 more months. Kindly advise whether these tables to be used continuously to decrese triglycerides and increase HDL and also advise me whether the regular medication may cause any side effects. ThankQ

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Verwon Says:

All medications carry the risk of side effects, even over the counter products.

For this medication, they may include nausea, dizziness, headache and joint/muscle aches.



And you should follow your doctor's instructions, many people do require these medications for long periods of time, to improve their cholesterol and your doctor is the person best able to guide you.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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joice Says:

im 60 yrs old fe,having s cholestrol 249 advised by dr atrovastatin 10 mg 4 2 months..taken 10 days my lipiid profile... 195 sc-trigly-119 ,cholestrol Hdl-62 Direct Ldl Cholestrol 124 ,Chol/ Hdl Ratio-3.2 LDL/Chol Ratio 2.0 VLDL 23.8 My FBS 93 .HB 11.7gm hvng stomach upset,mild pain in upper strnum.what should i do,is it serious,i may hv heart attach ?kindly answer me.MY ecg is w/normle limits..thnx

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joice Says:


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Singh Says:

I have taken Fibator EZ for three months on the advise of Doctor. Now I am having continue leakage in my anus. Even after latrine I feel wetness inside my anus. After washing it appears again after an hour. Is it a side effect of Fibator EZ?

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mahendramonty Says:

i am ldl205 ,hdl32 trggelo it dangerous. what medicine should i take.

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bhupen Says:

i am cho221 ,hdl46 trggelo it dangerous. what medicine should i take. My doctor advised me to take Fibator tablet containing atorvastatin 10 mg and fenofibrate BP 145 mg. for 10 days.and tell me side effect this tablet.

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haider Says:

taking any bp drug , effect ed , what to do

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manoj kumar sinha Says:

I am 38 year old I have suger in fasting120 and also I got. triglece197,choLestrol159,hdl71,ldl48.6,vldl39.4,cho/hdl2.24,ldl/ pres. me one tab gemerp2 daily after breakfast and two tablet after dinner glyciphase and bevoncd .this pre is ok or not.kidly suggest me for further action for a healthy life

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Due to high BP & high lipid profile cmc Chennai suggested me 1) aten 50 mg & 2) fibotor (5/160mg) once daily for one year after testing TMT positive at high working load. i take this drugs about 2 years. after 2 year my heart beat is reduce to 60 &slurring of speech started. Now both hands & legs become very weak. Now neuro specilist said that I am MND patient.. Is it bad effect of these two or one drug taken during two or more years????
coronary angio - Normal 24/04/2008
MRI- Normal App 2011
MRI - Normal July 2011
C.T Scan- Normal june 2012
EMG - Normal 2 times
ENMG - L5 radiculophathy

central condition abnormal on june 2011

Please give your kind suggation..

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abdul Says:

i am 49 male. i am taking fibator continually since 2008, so far no side effects have been found, is it fair to continue this medicine ? Dr. I am waiting for your valuable advise

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I am taking fibator for the last 4 years. my all tests are normal for the last 3 years. Dr. advvised me to continue fibator 10+145 . I am taking dibetese and BP medicines also . Pl advised me whethe I am on the right track

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Uma Says:

I can understand body weekness,vomiting sensation,is unavoidable, but how long should I take it.

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Pooja Says:

I am 51 year old have been advises to take fibator since a year should get any test done to stop it if not required

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pintu Says:

My age is - 37 yrs. I always feel headched. I always use liquor 3 to 4 packs per day in five days in a week. My triglycerdie - 393. HDL cholosterol- 42. VDL-80. LDL-113. Please advise for treatment and further use of diet

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sri Says:

my TGL was 280 , HDL 40,LDL-100 .Total cholestrol 200.I have been advised to take fibator 145 mg tablets for three months.i have completed almost 75 days.i didnt check out further.i have stomach upset problems.also my GTT before 3 months showed low value after 3 hrs and normal in first 2 hrs.occasionally i get low glucose level doctor checked and told every thing is normal only thing is u have anxiety and depressions.he told me that after completing 3 months dosage of fibator he will recheck cholestrol levels and then he will go for reduction of dosage.please advise how long this tablet to be taken?if this tablet sudddenly stopped will it cause any serious effects.or please advise if not to go for allopathic treatment.and let me try for homeopathy or ayurvedic.

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asif ansari Says:

aap loki ka jus le or jus ko thoda grm kr le fir le or aap bhuna hua chana thoda khaya kre or ajwain kala jeera methi dana sem matra me lekr usko hlka ek brtn me bhun le fir pis kr rkh le or chay ke chammach se adha chamach shubh nasta ke bad le shb normal hojayega

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usham Says:

I got operated for breast cancer in 2005 .only lump was removed since it was very small one &lymph
nodes were also removed .i had radiation session of 25+6 though as per doctor it was not very essential. After so many years can it reoccur

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Dinesh Vaish Says:

I am taking fibator since the last five years which is maintaining my Cholestrol and Triglyricde.

Does these medicine have side effects or can I take it life long?

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anneel Says:

Guys I also had same problem of trigoli of 360 and I was suggested to take fibator and regular excercise with also blood donation every three months and now I am feeling better than before

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Bau Says:

My son is having throat pain,had black stools ,and severe gastritis.hada prolonged course of steroids for skin allergy last year.blood tests all normal ,except triglyceride 228, HDL only 23 ,and chol/HDL 7.96., LDL114 , and nonHDL 160...Stool for malena advised Fibator.5 mg. wit a history of ?bleed,can he takei it or seek his advice and then continue ?had lowD3 last year treated and now onit. Now we seek your valuable suggestion on Fibator

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