Use Of Carni Q Tablets

shiva Says:

I am suffering from a low sperm count / low motility and bacterial infection (Pseudomonas). Is Carni Q tablet useful to cure this? Please advise.

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Verwon Says:

Carni-Q is a nutritional supplement product that contains CoQ10 and L-Carnitine.

Thus, it's really not going to help with either one of your problems. Did your doctor tell you to use this?

An infection requires an antibiotic.


As to the low sperm count and motility, the treatment for that will depend on what is causing it.

It could be due to diet and deficiencies in certain nutrients, the infection itself or something else entirely.

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shiva Says:

it is infected by bacteria Pseudomonas, give me a solution for cure this

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shiva Says:

yes Dr is given that tablet any alternative tablet is there for infection curing please suggest me

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Asif Says:

In which diseases carni-Q tablets are used for?

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akku Says:

iam 28 years old iam married iam suffering from low count of sperm and low motility

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raj Says:

I want to know if active motility is nill so how many percent incruiz it.

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manoj Says:

Carni q tablet usage for what purpose? Increase the sperm count or decrease the count.

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Jaspreet Singh Says:

I am 28 years old. I am married btfore 2 yeats. I am suffering from low count of sperm and low motility. Pls help me..

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Raj Says:

You can use ccq 25 for 3 to 6 month with 5 days rest in month last week

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D kumar Says:

Sir I am facing low sperm count . So dr suggest me for take Carni q tablet is it useful for me plz suggest me

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Chunky Says:

A per I know, L-carnitine works as a fat mobiliser. I am preparing for bodybuilding competitions. Can, I take carni-Q tablets in last month/week before my stage show. Will it work or I have to opt for different fat burners.

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D Says:

I am using Carni q tablet for overall fat loss as I am a competing bodybuilder... Is it safe to use this product for the above mentioned purpose? If so, at what dosage?

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Thakur Says:

Yes it will work. It helps to convert the unsaturated stored fat into energy. Go for it.

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Tt Says:

I am suffering from low count. My doctor advised for carni q tablet for one month and then paternia xt for 4 months and again carni q for one month. As I understand, both have different effects. Why he is prescribing one by on

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Crystal Says:


Carni-Q Tablet is a combination of medicines used in the treatment of nutritional deficiencies. It is also used to treat male infertility. It supplements the deficient nutrients and increases the quantity and motility of sperms.

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