Usage Of Zincovit In Addition To Krimson For Pcos

Vam Says:

Actually I have pcos. Doctor prescribed me krimson along with zincovit. At one place I read that krimson shouldn't be used with additional hormonal contraceptives. Should it be ok if I use zincovit along with krimson. I'm literally confused with this, plz help me.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Vam! How are you?

Zincovit isn't a hormonal contraceptive, it is a nutritional supplement that contains vitamins and nutrients that are vital to your overall health. The NIH warns that it can cause nausea, in some people that take it, due to its potency.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Vam Says:

Tq version for your help. Yeah this information is very helpful for me.Thank you so much for replying me.

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Vam Says:

Tq mam for the previous reply. But a question is nagging me behind all the time. Hormonal tablets like krimson had a side effect of wait gain. At one place I read that a person with pcos should eat once every 3-4hrs. Doesn't overeating cause wait gain?. Then why do we have to eat for once every 3-4 hrs? Could you plz answer my question....

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