Urine Test Will Soma Show Up Basically The Same As Oxycodone.if Not How Long Does It Take To Get The Soma Out Of Your System?

Joy French Says:

had neck fusion in 2003.Have been taking soma since then and my DR changed it to valium.I have had to take my soma.Have a urine drig test in a few days.Will the soma show up .PLEASE HELP

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1wbrockstar Says:

The soma wont show up on regular drug screens....valium and zanax(Benzodiazepines) can and will show up for weeks in drug screens instead of 3-5 days like other pills....Make sure u dont take valium in the future unless the script is currently valid....Ur safe for the somas though

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Bryan Says:

Soma will only show up in GC/MS testing and unless you work a very important job for the government or are on probation you dont need to worry.

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LuLu Says:

Soma will stay in your system between 2 and 4 days depending on your fluid intake. And only if soma is specifically asked for on the drug test

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flipnastys sis Says:

Joy French...chill you are cool dont worry about the soma ...it WILL NOT SHOW they have to run a test just for soma PERIOD , i know from probation monthly an rehab weekly test ...you are ok i promise!

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southren girl Says:

I have to know if soma shows up in parole drug test bc i got a test nxt week

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pilldocthe realist Says:

No soma doesn't show up in drug test so don't worry and don't let them trick you by them saying they showed up cause they love doing that cause most people don't know how the test work and get scared and tell them when they have no idea I get tested twice every month an I take somas everyday when I have um and never once have they said it showed up an my test are meant to find any and every thing drug wise in me so somas isent even consider a serious drug even thou there stronger than any. muscle relax out there and habit forming. Your fine keep taking your sons but I tell your doc.why did he take you off knowing they cause withdrawls

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DummyMe Says:

How long does it take for 1 bag of heroin to be undetectable in a Urine screen ? Havent used in 6 mths and relapsed ,, I beat myself up over it. Weight 165,,and did urinate 2 times prior to test. Did bag at 7pm Sunday and had urine at 7:15 AM Monday . Also will it come up as opiate like percs etc. or Heroin if done at a Methadone clinic ?

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Kimmi Says:

Hi ...how long does soma last in your body? Im prescribed soma but my pcp ordered me to stop and will test for soma. Flexeril does not help. I've had 18 surgeries. Five neck and Harrington Rod also a rod in my neck. She promise to help me after discharge from 2nd knee replacements. She thinks I have a dependency problem. I've never had a problem weaning off any meds because I go thru so many surgeries and still want to be able to take then after having surgeries. I'm pissed that the fellows and my pcp thinks I have a dependency problem. She met me after I came off of oxycontin and oxycodone. What's her problem. Looking for new doc. Sigh

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EvilKnievel Says:

Soma Absolutely Metabolizes as Me probate and DEFINITELY will test POSITIVE IF TESTED FOR IT OR METABOLITES! Usual period for flushing from urine is 2-7 days, but every person varies. Longer for hair, 30 days. About same 2-7 for saliva. It is SCHEDULE IV (4) Federally, and in almost every state now. I Know From Experience, and almost just got kicked from my Pain Management due to a Random Test! Unfortunately, it is the only muscle relaxer which works for me! Multiple accidents, back injuries, surgeries, broken bones and totaled joints. It is a SHAME in AMERICA that we are NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE THE ONLY EFFECTIVE MEDICATION!!! I do not abuse my meds, but Soma is the only one which works... I had some left from previous doctors, and only take it when the cramps become too severe to handle - like total back and legs rigidity. Only question is, what is the best flush for Soma and it's Metabolites? Niacin? Note: with Soma, it's the Metabolites that get tested for, and show up easily! THIS IS FROM ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, AND NOT CONJECTURE!

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EDDY Says:

Soma breaks down in the Liver to a controlled substance called Milltown. So much bad information about non testing for Soma. It is the #1 abused muscle relaxer in America

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voodoo Says:

I took 3 somas before going to work. Then they pooped a drug test on me. WILL IT SHOW UP?

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tslice Says:

Yes soma will show up at the lab for sure...they look for metabolites...not parent drug

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Magical Says:

YES, soma shows up. It's one drug that stands alone and has its own test. Same thing happened to me I got switched from soma to valium and they don't work so I take the soma instead. Just stop taking the soma 2-7 days before your pee test, soma is short lived and is out of the system in 2-7 days, I have even taken them up till 2 days before my UA, just drank tons of fluid to flush system and I passed and my liver is all jacked up doesn't function properly.

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AB Says:

Soma (carisoprodol) will NOT show up on any standard drug test for employment, probation/parole, etc. It would have to be specifically tested for which is rare and expensive.

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EDDY Says:

Soma is one of the most abused medicines in America. It will show up on tests that look for Soma

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smarter than you Says:

You are all ignorant drug addicts that keep real pain patients from obtaining what they need to get thru their daily lives. Soma is a muscle relaxer dumb ass not a pain medication and had nothing todo with benzo because those are for aanxiety. Get a freaking medical book.

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Magicalgenie Says:

Glad someone else has said what I have. All these freakin junkies ruin it for those of us that REALLY need them. Like myself I'm in screaming pain daily due to stage 4 terminal cancer, but pain management keeps trying to cut me down because some son of a b**** got busted for abusing or selling their meds. Makes me sick not to mention pisses me off, I feel if your that big of a junkie hit the street and stop wasting the doctors time and making it virtually impossible for the REAL patients!

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AMY Says:


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Just wanted to say that my Doctor had me on valium & xanax because the valium is used also for muscle spasms so they are not just used for anxiety & that came straight out of my Docs mouth

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whiplash Says:

You will show hot for opiates. That's why methadone clinics use it for heroin addiction because it shows up as only methadone that's how they catch u cheating.

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