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Urimax to help with urination?

I am 76 years old, and I was told I have a sugar problem. I am to go for urination after every half an hour. How do I make it normal? A doctor advised me to take Urimax-D. ## Urimax is used in men to help relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, like painful urination or difficulty while passing urine.

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Urimax D Tablet

I Have been using Urimex D from the last three years. The problem is controlled to some extent. Please guide me. ## Urimax-D contains Tamsulosin and Dutasteride, it is used to treat bladder and prostate disorders. What type of problem where you having and what has your doctor advised? ## I have low bloodcount.I am taking Urimax D.Can it cause low blood count ## I start taking Dutasteride only for 4 years but recent months, I have to go urinating 2-3 times every night and 5-6 times at day time I always take 0.5 mg of above drugs in every morning so I would like to know whether I should take Dutasteride + Tamsulosin 0.4 mg or not. I need your kind suggestion. ## Prostate enlarged 39cc how long I will take urimax D tablet ## I am taking Tamdura 0.4 mg . Its working well. but just i want to...

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How long one can use URIMAX 0.4

I am taking URIMAX0.4 for last 3 years continuously.I find it very useful. But I am not getting answer to my question that how long one can take it. After how much time I will have to increase the dose? Will it create any serious problem due to prolonged use? I am of 62 years. I am suffering from BPH since 2002. ## Urimax contains the active ingredient Tamsulosin, it is used to treat the symptoms associated with BPH, such as the frequent urge to urinate. As to how long it is used, that really depends on your condition, since most cases are usually ongoing. Your doctor should be monitoring you to make sure it is still needed, according to any change in your condition. A dosage increase would also depend on that. There is no definite way to say it will need to be increased after any certa...

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Can Veltam be substituted for Urimax 0.4mg?

My husband is 90 and has been taking Urimax 0.4mg. His psa is 3.31mg... The doctor says he can switch to Veltam-F for 30 days... His hands and legs have been shaky & unsteady for the past two days since he started on Veltam... Is this a side effect of Veltam? ## He should follow his doctor's instructions regarding which medication to take. Is he having tremors, or just feeling unsteady? Weakness, and dizziness can be a side effect of this medication, which contains Finasteride, and Tamsulosin. He may also experience nausea, headache, and changes in urination. Is he on any other medications? ## i'm taking urimax 0.2.but its not in my local market right now.may i take veltan 0.2 instead of urimax

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What time of the day should Urimax 0.4 be taken?

I have been taking Urimax 0.4 for some months now, but a new problem has started. After driving for roughly two hours or so or sitting for two hours or so, then as and when I stand up, my urge to urinate becomes intense and also there is some leakage of drops if I do not urinate urgently. What can be done and what is the right time to take this or the new medicine prescribed? Also, I am taking Telma 40 H for hypertension. In the mornings, I feel tired instead of feeling fresh. Has Hydrochlorodithiazide to do with urimax 0.4. Though no test has been undertaken by me recently, but I feel that sodium level becomes low by taking Hydrochlorodithiazide and urimax 0.4. Please advice what should be done? ## I am 69 yrs having B P H and taking Urimax F for the last about 10 years and the recent ...

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For How Long Urimax 4mg Can Be Taken Continuously

For treatment of BPH I am taking Urimax .4mg for last one month. For how long shall i continue to take the medicine, one tab per day, for more improvement. ## Hi, Riten! You should take it for however long your doctor has instructed you to do so. Urimax contains the active ingredient Tamsulosin and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and diarrhea. Learn more Urimax details here. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## I have been using medicines like urimax for my prostrate enlargement for the last two years. how long should i require to continue with this medicine ## For one month i've been using urimax o, 2mg. How long i should continue this tab for my urine obstruction due to muscle tightness in urethra? Should I go for dilatation and is there any...

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(1) Why should Silodal be preferable to Urimax? (2) Can Silodal 8mg ( one caps. daily) be replaced by Silodal 4mg ( 2 caps daily taken at the same tim? (3) Is it O.K. if Silodal is taken immediately after dinner ((say 8 P.M.) instead of 10 P.M.? (4) Does Silodal also effects in reducing the size of enlarged prostat (BPH)? ## Ina e got prostatate problem it’s enlarged & is 32.2 mg Tle urologist doctor has prescribed silodal - D 4 and taken it for 15 days but no relief in urine speed. Can I take it for much longer period and it does have any side effect.

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Substitute For Urimax

For the last four years I have been using Urimax-D but this medicine is very expensive for me. I am looking for a generic substitute for it. ## Urimax D is very costly and also spurious strips are being sold. So I want substitute brands which are somewhat cheaper as well as genuine. Please advise. ## I've been taking urimax-d for 4 years as a treatment for prostate enlargement, psa increase, less urine control & frequent urination. Side effects are now appearing such as dizziness, stomach abnormality, constipation, less eating. Is there an ayurvedic substitute for urimax-d? ## Urimax D tablets taken for prostate enlargement is a costly affair. Can anyone suggest a generic substitute? ## I am using URIMAX D for prostate enlargement, but it is expensive. Please suggest an alternat...

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Enlarged prostate treatments

My father is 63 yrs old. His prostate size is 71 cc. Will Urimax .4 mg help to reduce the size? Please reply. Regards ## Also looking for treatment for BPH. My prostate in considerably enlarged and is pressing against the bladder and causing difficulty urinating. Also have small floating bladder stone. What are the ingredients of HP8 and what is the cost for a 30 day supply? ## I have an enlarged prostate and want to know if it's curable by taking certain medications or if I have to go through with surgery? ## No surgery! Take 150 mg zinc picolinate, 1500 mg spirulina, 50 my lycopene, 10000 units vitamin D3 and 320 mg saw palmetto daily and in 2 - 3 months your prostate will be smaller and PSA lower. Crocos

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Can urimax .4 mg be taken by women?

I am a 49 year old women who is facing a problem of frequent urination only while sitting down for a length of time. The doctor has prescribed urimax 0.4 mg once a day for one month? Should I take the medicine as prescribed? I am not diabetic. ## Hello, Shelly! How are you? Yes, Urimax can be taken by both men and women. It contains the active ingredient Tamsulosin, which works by relaxing the bladder neck muscles. Learn more Urimax details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, unusual weakness and trouble sleeping. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My wife is suffering from recurrent UTI and frequent urination, she has been prescribed Urimax 0.4 mg tabs along with niftran 100mg. She is having severe back pain, urination and swelling of face in the morni...

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How long should use urimax 0.4?

I want clear reply as I find it good at present as I switched from contiflo. An unbiased reply from you will be very much appreciated. As on today I am continuing the same. ## Sir, since a long time whenever I go for urinating,Before start of urinating I have to wait for 2-3 minutes.Then starts urine with a thin & slow flow. Some time it has burning sensations inside of my penis. Recent past my general physician prescribed me urimax 0.4 mg / day. But I did not start yet that medicine. I am 65+ years old and till date I am not a diabetic patient but I am a chronic bronchial asthma patient since a long time. I am taking seroflo 250 and livilin inhaler. Since a long time since I was 42 years in age it has been observed that there is erectile dysfunction. A general physician advised me ...

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Medicines I am taking

I am a heart patient - had CABG about 14 years ago. Medicines I am taking are : Deplatt CV 20 (1 tab daily), Monotrate OD 50 (1 tab daily), Valzaar 80 (2 tabs daily), Nebicard 10 (1 tab daily), Flavedon MR 35 mg (2 tabs daily); for prostrate problem, I am taking Urimax 0.4 (1 tab daily); for arthritis, I am taking Folitrax 7.5 (1 tab weekly). Along with these I am taking Cobadex Czs (1 tab daily) and Folvite 5 (1 tab daily). Is Folvite 5 necessary? I understand Cobadex Czs also has 'Folic acid'. Is any of these medicines superfluous? I am 64 years old.

Equivalent of Cobadex Czs

The said medicine is not available in the Indian market. I am a heart patient - had CABG about 14 years ago. Medicines I am taking are : Deplatt CV 20 (1 tab daily), Monotrate OD 50 (1 tab daily), Valzaar 80 (2 tabs daily), Nebicard 10 (1 tab daily), Flavedon MR 35 mg (2 tabs daily); for prostrate problem, I am taking Urimax 0.4 (1 tab daily); for arthritis, I am taking Folitrax 7.5 (1 tab weekly). Along with these I am taking Cobadex Czs (1 tab daily) and Folvite 5 (1 tab daily). Is Folvite 5 necessary? I understand Cobadex Czs also has 'Folic acid'. Is any of these medicines superfluous? I am 64 years old.

urmimax d side effects

Are there any side effects if we use Urimax-d and Remylin-d for a long time? ## Are there any side effects if I take remlin d for 8 months? ## How long can I take Urimax D for? I have hypertension and have been taking Urimax D for the last two and a half years.

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What Is The Purpose Of Taking Tab Urimax D By Cipla

On verifying my urine test, I was asked to meet an Urologist who after checking me prescribed 'Urimax-D' for 3 months. When I enquired about this tablet and side effects if any, he gave a negative reply and informed me that after 3 months the case would be reviewed. Hence, I want to know for which purpose this medicine has been prescribed. ## After using Urimax D tablet by cipla for three months I am having irritation on my both the eyes. Eye specialist says that the tamsulosin in the tablet may harden my cataract which is in a very early state.He asked me to use an eye drop but the irritation still persists. The tablet contains butsteride apart from Tamsulosin. Is butasteride contains any steroid. Kindly give me light in this respect. ## I am taking one tab natrilix sr in the m...

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how long to use urimax d

I have been using urimax d for several years. It has made the flow normal but I like to give up using it. When I gave it up I felt urine flow not normal. I am 77+ and physically weak. Hence shall I continue for life long? ## I have little bit enlarged bladder for past many years. Two years back, I went to Urologist for consultation as frequency of urination was more.He advised capsule Urimax 0.4mg @ one /day after meals. I continued the medication for few months and then left. My problem was reduced to great extent during that period. Now, the night frequency of urination has increased. I want to start taking same meditation again at same rate. Will it be OK ? and how long? ## No problem. Continue this medication. ## You should continue the medication for as long as your doctor instruct...

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When Is Silodal Taken?

I am 87 years old . Have ben on Urimax 0.4mj for nealy a decade. Recent ultrasound showed retension of urine is nearly 50%.So I am advised to stop Urimax and take Silodal 8mg once every night 10 P.M.. Why should Silodalbe preferable to Urimax.? Should Urimax be taken in the nightbefore going to bed? I have been taking it at 4-5 P.M. ## It may simply be that after so many years, your body has gotten used to the Tamsulosin in the Urimax, so it's just no longer helping you. Learn more Urimax details here. When that happens, it is usually necessary to switch to a different medication, which in this case is the Silodosin in the Silodal. Learn more Silodal details here. As to the time to take it, I have no specific information on that, but it's usually best to follow your doctors inst...

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Urimax-D dosage and side effects

After I have started taking Urimax D at bedtime I have insomnia. Is it normal? Can I take the tablet in the morning? ## After taking urimax-D after dinner I seem to have lost sleep. Is this the side affect ? Can I take it in the morning after breakfast? I am 80 yrs old. ## My father had a prostate problem last 2yrs.n his age 71.n prostate size is 43.7gm.it is safe for him to taken urimax d-0.4gm tablet??I hope you respond my question. Thanks ## Can I take urimax D in the morning after breakfast or after lunch, because I am drinking alcohol at night? ## I have a high psa level 9.27. After USG it is noticed that I have an enlarged prostate. The doctor prescribed me to take urimax 0.4 mg once daily at bed time. Shall I take Urimax D instead of urimax 0.4mg for better result. ## I have burn...

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Doctor, So far I am using Proscar and Omnic .Proscar not available Avodart and Omnic was taken for prostate enlargement.Now Avodart and omnic also not available, I am taking Dutas and Veltam. Last week checked doctor and needs to be operated said, but I have no frequent urination,no urge of urination but erectile dysfunction is there.Then Doctor prescribed Urimax D for me. So far I have not taken Urimax D.But I want to exhaust the medicine of Dutas and Veltam. Now Doctor suggested me to take "Him plasia" during morning, I find after taking this medicine, urine flow with pressure and there is no urge of urination. Infact Doctor suggested to take Him plasia in order to discontinue Veltam medicine after the performance. Whether to dis continuie the Veltam/ Dutas medicine? I have to...

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substitute medicine for urimax

I am using Flotral D for the last five years. It is very effective for my prostate growth problems. But now I am experiencing back pain and pain over joints. Now as advised by a doctor I checked the Vitamin -D level. It is too low as 9.6ng/mL against the required level of above 30ng/mL. whether the use of flotral -D has any role in this

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