Urimax-d Dosage And Side Effects

Subrata Says:

After I have started taking Urimax D at bedtime I have insomnia. Is it normal? Can I take the tablet in the morning?

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Jonny Smith Says:

After taking urimax-D after dinner I seem to have lost sleep. Is this the side affect ? Can I take it in the morning after breakfast? I am 80 yrs old.

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Maina Says:

My father had a prostate problem last 2yrs.n his age 71.n prostate size is 43.7gm.it is safe for him to taken urimax d-0.4gm tablet??I hope you respond my question. Thanks

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gopal Says:

Can I take urimax D in the morning after breakfast or after lunch, because I am drinking alcohol at night?

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Bapi Says:

I have a high psa level 9.27. After USG it is noticed that I have an enlarged prostate. The doctor prescribed me to take urimax 0.4 mg once daily at bed time. Shall I take Urimax D instead of urimax 0.4mg for better result.

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Arun Kr Sen Says:

I have burning sensation during urination and urine does not clear in onetime, my house physician prescribed 1 tab Urimax D at bed time for 3 months.Already taken for 3 weeks but burning sensation is still there ,is there anything to worry about?

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Bapi Says:

Shall I take Urimax D instead of Urimax 0.4 for my enlarged prostate? I am 65 years old. In the meantime, I have been Urimax 0.4 mg once at bed time for the last 2 months. Kindly give your valuable advice. Before 2 months, my psa level was 9.27. But I have no urination problem.

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Kanai maity Says:

I am a bph patient for 4 years with Urimax D. No urination problem since. Can i take this med without turpentine for lifelong?

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Guruprasad Says:

I have been taking urimax D for 3 months. My urine flow is normal, but now there is pain in my genitals sometimes. Can I take paracetamol for the pain along with urimax D?

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Bapi Says:

I am not a diabetic patient and my blood pressure is normal. I have no urination problem. Only I have enlarged prostate with a high PSA. I am taking Urimax D once at night everyday. Kindly give your valuable advice whether I will continue for another 3 months or more.


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