Ultram Vs Vicodin And Ultracet

Hazel Wells Says:

What is the difference in these drugs and which gives the most pain relief. I was taking Vicodi 5-500 and Ultraset 325 mgs now they have me on Ultram 50mg but don't know if I should take more than one at a time or what..Please respond...

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Vickie Wade Says:

Is it safe t take two ultram 50 mg.HCL

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Zoe' Says:

been taking ultram 50mg for about ayear now for back pain. moderate relief. obviously, vicodin, percocet really take pain away, but impossible to lead normal life. always need more. i've found taking a pain reliever with them helps, like tylenol, advil. it gives the ultram a kick start. my doctor told me to do so, as ultram contains no acetominaphine it is safe

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Tricia Says:

yes, i have taken 2 ultram on several occasions, and i am doing fine.

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Li Says:

You should take the amount prescribed by your doctor. Every person is different, you don't know how taking 2 will affect you. At least consult your doctor first.

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mj Says:

white round hard pill;AN 627 printed on one side only

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