Ultram Dosage And Side Effects


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Pam Says:

Would you please send me all the information on Ultram? Side effects, usage and symptoms..

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tina Says:


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Verwon Says:

Ultram Information

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Verwon Says:

As to pictures, Ultram is a name brand for the drug Tramadol, there are, literally, thousands of Pharmaceutical Companies that manufacture generic version of drugs after they have been released from their proprietary patent.

Therefore, it is impossible to provide you will pictures of all possible Ultram pills in existence. There no guidelines that require all drugs with the same active ingredients to all look the same. The color, shape and size are all up to the whit and whim of the manufacturer.

The only regulations from the FDA require that all drugs manufactured and/or sold in the US must have unique imprints for identification purposes. Even these, however, will vary within each manufacturers product line according to the dosage.

So sorry, we cannot show you images of all Ultram/Tramadol pills that are out there. Sorry.

If you have something and you wish to confirm what it is, please list the shape, color and imprint code and I will gladly look it up for you.

It is also rude to hijack someone else's post, in the future, please make your own post for information, thank you!

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wondering Says:

Will ultram cause depression to worsen.

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ChooChooFuzzyButt Says:

Look, I thought I was going nuts, off the rails loony a few months back after stopping Ultram (was only on it for a few months) because I had become horribly depressed. After talking to friends that are pharmacists, they told me that Ultram/Ultracet/Tramadol has or acts like an antidepressant & I can assure you that getting off of them & out of the muck & mire of depression took 3 months. I lost my Summer to getting off this medication. Funny thing is that, for me, it did nothing for pain & I was tired of taking something which wasn't working. If this medication does help you, stay on the prescribed dose & go on with your life. Please don't stop taking them without titrating down because the depression is crippling!

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